Gil Scott-Heron - Nothing New bell-end

November 22, 2016
Having read the comments below I am absolutely at a loss as to what to say.i came on here wanting to comment on the dvd that came with the lp which has (for me) so much more value for the reason that we get to know a bit about the man himself.a truly genuine,kind,once-in-a-generation human being."if you could help someone,why wouldn't you?" And on that dvd is the head of xl records,chocking back the tears at points.and below I'm seeing comments like 'quick buck'.
I just don't know what to think,all I know is the man was a musical genius,and a genuine humanitarian.

Gil Scott-Heron - Nothing New martingg

October 25, 2015
This is what gives the Record Store Day such a bad name. In 2014 released as a "strictly limited edition" only to be re-released one year later with a DVD. At least they could have offered the buyers from 2014 a download of the movie.

Gil Scott-Heron - Nothing New Jusdeep

June 3, 2016
That's annoying news martingg. I take it this is the (supposedly) limited to 50 copies, letterpressed sleeve that XL were selling at Independent Label Market? Or possibly that's another quick buck they made.