Patti Smith - Horses JacquesdeVilliers

January 25, 2016
edited over 3 years ago
Anyone heard this and can comment on the quality of the pressing? It's available in a local store pretty cheap, but if it's subpar I'd rather just wait until I can get my hands on a second-hand copy of a good older pressing. Seems from the credits as though they went back to the original LP mastering but would be good to hear the opinion of someone who's actually listened to it.

Patti Smith - Horses b.mursa95

January 6, 2017
It's a pretty decent repressing. Well worth picking up if you find it cheap.

Patti Smith - Horses whirligig69

December 28, 2016
Have. Mine is excellent too. No nasty pops or clicks nice heavy vinyl.


Patti Smith - Horses nabuchodinosaurus

November 24, 2016

It sounds very well. A very good edition of this classic album. The disc is flat & heavy, no clicks or pops. 0 flaw! They sell it in an antistatic sleeve. I appreciate that as well

Patti Smith - Horses hermetic_zeal

October 29, 2016

My copy is absolutely fantastic. Nice flat vinyl, no clicks or pops and sound is unbelievable!! Worth every penny, and I only paid a tenner!!