Lipelis - Lipelis Edits as reviewed by eliascarella

February 5, 2021
The whole record slams. B1 is my own personal favorite, so sweet !

Lipelis - Lipelis Edits Squidlid

November 25, 2020
edited 5 months ago
Reiterating the obvious but It's Alright is the clear favourite for me it's a mad mix of Disco, Acid & ridiculous ,rude, sexy lyrics! The rest of the 12" is great but that one is an amazing head trip & great to dance to.

Lipelis - Lipelis Edits TheRarityCollection

March 7, 2020
edited 3 months ago

B1 at 45 RPM and slowed down to 126-128 BPM is just amazing for a Dj Set and a real nice edit to enjoy at normal speed. Weirdshit is simply the SHIT. And B2 is an acid funky groove that will make every dancefloor just go nuts: eargasms assured. It's alright, to (dance) all night!