Stray Cats - "Live" Struttin' as reviewed by coffeebrew

October 10, 2016

This is an odd ball cut and paste of various live performances. Mastered by Steve Hoffman, Licensed by Trojan Recordings, and marketed by DCC Compact Classics. I have heard good sounding work from at least the names of Steve Hoffman and DCC. However this is not a well thought out release. Maybe just a limitation of budget and or with the mixing equipment at the time. Also what I find really weird is they included the same exact song, named slightly different (Make Up Your Mind & Please Make Up Your Mind) twice. I compared them both and I'm 99.99% sure it's from an identicle performance except for a small difference in amplification levels. Even stranger is it's just a longer version of Double Talkin Baby. Which makes me wonder what the heck is up here? I suppose it could have been a licensing issue with the song itself and not being able to use the name or original version of Double Talkin' Baby at the time. Maybe they put it on twice as some sort of a snub statement. There is definitely something strange about this release of songs. As far as the performances from the Cats go it is a no brainier to get this because no matter what they do or how the sound sounds on record "they" being the the coolest cats on the fence, are what makes this release worth having. The Stray Cats are timeless and are forever a huge part of music history in my book and they will always be to me (and a lot of fans), very cool and amazing artists. Everything they do is top notch!!! This release is odd from a technical standpoint in it's sound and compilation, but still very very cool to have in your collection. If anything it looks the part in it's big cat spotted disc and media vibe. I love it regardless because it is the Stray Cats! :)

Stray Cats - "Live" Struttin' Durango55

October 13, 2018
Totally agree with your review of this release - it really is quite an odd duck. Regarding the mislabelling of "Double Talkin' Baby' as "Make Up Your Mind" and "Please Make Up Your Mind", I suspect it's less of a licensing issue and more just plain sloppines.. "Too Hip, Gotta Go" is mistitled as "Gotta Go".

Very strange about the duplication of "Double Talkin' Baby" on this disc. itd be nice if the volume levels are the songs were better balanced across the disc.

That being said, I enjoyed this CD as a budget item, but it's nothing I'd pay anywhere near the price of a professionally produced CD.