GoodiepalCollected Works

Label:Vukzid – VUKZID06
41 x File, MP3, 192 kbps
2 x File, WMA, 250 kbps
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Abstract, Neofolk, Future Jazz, Speech, Experimental, Downtempo, New Beat


VUKZID06.1: Narc Beacon
1-1Mainpal Inv.Stomp Naffer1:47
1-2Mainpal Inv.Lick Lick Flick Flick2:45
1-3Gamers In ExileMy Robotic Skills Have Failed2:55
1-4GoodiepalIcon Dub3:51
1-5Mainpal Inv.Kirby's Dream Land3:30
1-6Mainpal Inv.Chupa Chups2:38
1-7Mainpal Inv.Flap Nipper0:45
1-8GoodiepalFlap Nipper0:45
1-9GoodiepalCarl Bergstrøm-Nielsen Cut4:22
1-10Mainpal Inv.Nokia2:25
1-11Mainpal Inv.Oil Pumper2:03
1-12Mainpal Inv.Crash Lat2:25
VUKZID06.2: Rare Tracks
2-1Goodiepal3 X Falco Punishment4:00
2-2GoodiepalGoodiepal's _ _ _ _ s (edit)3:25
2-6GoodiepalBody Toaster5:20
2-7GoodiepalUntitled (Spy vs. Spy)1:28
VUKZID06.3: Mort Aux Vaches
3-1Gæoudjiparl*Stomp Naffer13:42
3-2Gæoudjiparl*My Robotic Skills Have Failed9:36
3-3Gæoudjiparl*Icon Dub6:31
3-4Gæoudjiparl*Chupa Chups4:53
3-5Gæoudjiparl*Flap Nipper6:08
3-6Gæoudjiparl*Flap Nipper3:38
3-7Gæoudjiparl*Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen Cut11:34
3-9Gæoudjiparl*Crash Låt5:06
3-10Gæoudjiparl*Five Inch Vinyl (A Side)1:40
3-11Gæoudjiparl*Five Inch Vinyl (B Side)1:17
VUKZID06.4: Selected Adverts & Videos
4-1Gæoudjiparl*Synth Advert (For Max)1:55
4-2Gæoudjiparl*Synth History (For Max)2:48
4-3Gæoudjiparl*A Message For Max0:42
4-4Gæoudjiparl*Hacker Pack #01 (Advert)4:04
4-5Gæoudjiparl*Hacker Pack #02 (Advert)2:35
Video 1GoodiepalVVMT24 Promo2:59
Video 2GoodiepalMechanical Birds2:52


collected by: James Layland kirby

Part 1 is Narc Beacon.
Part 3, tracks 1-9, is Mort Aux Vaches.

Video 1 is the Goodiepal demonstrating the packaging of Vvmt24.
Video 2 is a demonstration of the Goodiepal's mechanical birds (
Both included videos are in Windows Media format, and are also available in Windows Media and Quicktime format on

All of Part 2 and tracks 1-9 of Part 3 are only titled with track numbers.



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    Wanted: Students - Goodiepal Radical Computer Music Course – Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra Education – Chicago - Saturday, October 18th. Please pass this on if you know anyone who would be interested. Gaeoudjparl will be lecturing live from London via the internet to a core group of up to 20 students plus a general audience. The entire event will be streamed live on the i^3 website i3hypermedia (dot) com

    I^3 hypermedia is a progressive production and post-production house dedicated to creating new types of visualization and storytelling models. The innovative techniques used in projects such as B-17: A Mini Epic and Greater Than Less Than: Level (youtube(dot)com/bseventeen) have set into motion the Hyper-Cinema™ method being developed at I^3 by Arturo Cubacub and Sarah Weis. On Feb. 29th - March 2nd they hosted the first quadrennial (international | independent | interstitial) festival, celebrating work created in the spaces between established genres, formats and mediums.

    Potential students (of any age or background) should write to info(at)i3hypermedia(dot)com to secure a spot.

    Contact kay(at)i3hypermedia(dot)com with additional questions or to schedule an interview.
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      Edited 17 years ago

      Oh, this V/Vm distributed MP3 Collection holds so many untitled and wrongly credited tracks that I have decided to try to clear out the mess a bit. I have broken this comment down into four parts like the download and will go through it bit by bit.

      Part 1 is the album Narc Beacon released by Dat Politics' label Ski-pp in 2001. All 12 tracks are there with correct names etc. so it's not that complicated.

      Part 2 is where complications start! In the Zip-file we find 12 untitled tracks but I have tried to put names on them and it goes as this: 2-1 is a stripped down version of the "3 X Falco Punishment" track by Goodiepal and Steuea released on the 2x7"-vinyl by V/Vm (VVMT0010) in 2000. 2-2 is actually, as far as I'm aware, not done by Goodiepal but by V/Vm and is called "Goodiepal's _ _ _ _ s (edit)," it appears on the Sick Love CD (OFFAL03). 2-3, 2-4 and 2-5 must remain "untitled" since I have no idea what they are. 2-6 is an old Goodiepal track called "Body Toaster" from 1996 released on Multiplex Records (MUPL019). 2-7, I have no idea what this is but I tried to run it backwards and now it sounds like the soundtrack from the C64 "Spy vs. Spy" game. In that case I will not call it a Goodiepal track, maybe V/Vm did it? 2-8, 2-9, 2-10 and 2-11 was the 2000 Datanom MP3 release distributed from the Datamusik website. Datanom first tried to charge money for the files and then later gave them away for FREE. 2-12 here again, I really don't think this is done by Goodiepal! Actually, I think I did hear it on a Rephlex compilation for many years ago but I might be wrong, it's an IDM version of the Michael Gordon Oldfield tune "Tubular Bells".

      Part 3 is the 2005 Mort Aux Vaches collection of live recordings originally put out by Staalplaat, and here it gets really confusing since the track titles are the same as on Narc Beacon though the tracks are not the same. Very irritating for my Itunes playlists, there is a few comments on the Mort Aux Vaches complications here at this Discorgs link Mort Aux Vaches

      Part 4 is called "Selected Adverts" and this is not entirely true since 4-1 and 4-2 is the Mort Aux Vaches 5"vinyl, which was released in 2005 as an "add on vinyl" for the CD. There is info about this one at this link Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra 4-3 is the Anthony Manning intro to the Mechanical Birds film and Goodiepal actually uses this sound file at the Mort Aux Vaches CD, when he summons the birds. 4-4 and 4-5 is the "Hacker Pack" MP3 adverts and finally the last 3 files, which is 4-6, 4-7 and 4-8, are the MP3 propaganda Goodiepal made in 2005, when he did sell a Synthesizer called the Inet Synth from a fake company called Key2sound.

      Last words, yes sorry for all this but this download have made a few Goodiepal fanatics, like myself, mad since it was so obscure to find out what was actually in the Zip-files. So I spend a weekend and went through all the files, hope it's for some use.


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