Ram Trilogy - Molten Beats as reviewed by scoundrel

July 20, 2015

The straight up rhythms that kick off Ram Trilogy's MOLTEN BEATS, in the form of "Evolution," showcase some fine drum 'n' bass production. The darker atmosphere that starts off "Chase Scene" carries into the twisty melody, while "Gridlock" carries a bit of mystery in its groove. All throughout, though, the snares are crisp and quick and the beats and sharply honed, and are also adept and using more industrial tones too, as on "Time Chamber." They bring a growling aggression to "Iron Lung" and a density to "Flip The Traps." By the time the closer, "System Error (Y2K)," rolls around, you know you've been in good hands.

Ram Trilogy - Molten Beats as reviewed by Komakino

October 1, 2009
edited over 8 years ago
For me, the highlight[s] of this album are the initial first few tracks (as is generally the case with many drum and bass artist albums). 'Evolution', 'Gridlock' (both containing, as a rarity, female vocals, albeit somewhat unintelligibly), 'No Reality' and the standout 'Human Future' all lock into the future tech/darkstep/sci-fi niche, yet also have (as do all the twelve tracks on the album) a stone-cold groove about them, giving them a funkiness that isn't immediately apparent on initial exposure.

Ram Trilogy - Molten Beats as reviewed by iqoruvuc

January 5, 2007
edited over 6 years ago

This album captivates the Drum n Bass of my era: solid beat/bass driven music that moved the dancefloors. Not as seminal as Ed Rush & Optical's Wormhole, but not as cold either, and the one I listened to more.

Many good tracks on here with Mind Overload, Terminal 2 and Snake Bite being the highlights for me