Future (4) - DS2 480bears

August 27, 2020
u scammers are crazy with these prices. go to your local record store and get this for $30 - $40

Future (4) - DS2 movceo

February 10, 2021
It's a terrible pressing too, definitely not worth the prices it's going for right now. IMO

Future (4) - DS2 john.wilhelm

September 2, 2020
I’m happy for you if you’re able to swing by a record store and pick it up at retail price, i havent been able to do so and ive been looking for a minute. maybe im blind over here but if i cant find it id imagine theres some people in the same boat as myself

Future (4) - DS2 480bears

August 30, 2020
look at the sell history. it was being sold for 30 - 40 just a few months ago. these online sellers are taking advantage of a perceived lack. nothing new with discogs.

Future (4) - DS2 480bears

August 30, 2020
why'd I see it for $35 CAD at a record store early this year then? artificial inflation

Future (4) - DS2 john.wilhelm

August 29, 2020
its sold out everywhere bruh, has been for a minute.

Future (4) - DS2 yespietcan

August 18, 2020
Looking for this one in Europe. Could trade a black Pray for Paris or a Grey Price Of Tea In China.

Future (4) - DS2 brandonbohan

October 5, 2020
do you still wanna trade?I have a near mint copy

Future (4) - DS2 ricstultz

May 14, 2020
The sound on this release in exceptional, very defined with a window rattling low end. The printed inner sleeves have some cool imagery/photos. Highly recommended. Classic Future.

Future (4) - DS2 alexvangelderen

May 5, 2016
Yeah - both disks came with a slight warp - doesn't affect play unless you listen closely but really unacceptable for the price I paid