Big Black - Atomizer Dyes

October 13, 2015
On the B side of my copy, instead of "Fists of Love", it says "Fists of Live".Has anybody else noticed this on their copy?

Big Black - Atomizer Essential_Vinyl

December 8, 2015
Yes I just bought a copy tonight and it has the misprint. Awesome.

Big Black - Atomizer evaunit-420

November 1, 2015
Same, I thought I was the only one as well.

Big Black - Atomizer Valas

October 24, 2015

Yeah same here.

Big Black - Atomizer SplendorGeometryczny

September 22, 2015
Worth replacing if I have original pressing in good condition? Is remastering noticable?

Big Black - Atomizer Essential_Vinyl

December 8, 2015
It sounds great. Maybe worth adding to your set? I'm not getting rid of my original copy.

Big Black - Atomizer birdspanker

September 25, 2015
For what it's worth, I've only ever heard Atomizer via the Rich Man's 8 Track Tape CD and this pressing sounds absolutely phenomenal in comparison to that.

Big Black - Atomizer SBMJake

September 24, 2015
Wouldn't say it's "worth replacing", seeing as how this doesn't really have any special features, but I know someone who says the reissue sounds great and highly recommends it.