Small Island Pride, Lord MelodyTaxi Driver / Booboo Man

Label:Cook – 30721
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Country:Trinidad & Tobago
Genre:Reggae, Folk, World, & Country


ATaxi Driver
BBooboo Man


Some copies come in original Cook sleeve.


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    Taxi Driver Small Island Pride, 1956

    Great use of double-entendre in which the courtship ritual is expressed in automotive terms. The pace of the calypso rises to fever pitch until the young lady and her car both catch fire.This on has an old time sound. Instumentation is limited to acoustic guitar, bass, and maracas. The guitar strums with a pan-Caribbean rhythmic feel reminiscent of Jamaican mento, Guyanese badji [Bhagee], and other related rural west Indian Song and dance styles.

    Well, last year at Venezuela/Boys, I bounce with a senorita

    Yes, she wanted a taxi driver/To drive her out when she in for pleasure

    Boys, I sent her My application/And she send me her regulation she say, "You car is a Ford/It don't respect Highway Code

    It does skid when it overload"

    Oh, But she give me a chart

    Telling me to drive it fast/Don't mind if it out of gas

    If the radiator start to boil/Do, don't stop, let water wash

    Down the coil.

    Well, as a driver with wide experience/Boys, I send this car for inspection

    I give the mechanic man my instruction/To check up from

    Diff to the pistons

    I even beg him plug the muffler/Because I done know these old

    Fords love to backfire

    I beg him clip some of the wires tha it mightn't cause no fire

    Boy, and plug the radiator/Because I done know all my charge

    Is to drive she fast

    Don't mind if she out of gas

    But if she radiator staart to boil/Do, don't stop, let the water

    Overflow the coil.

    Well, the car came back from inspection/I told her Monday is


    She told me, "No, honey wait until Wednesday/I want to fix

    The springs in my upholstrey

    Because when we start this fast driving/And my car start over


    The slightest jerk affect my brain/My back might get strain

    And then I feel an afterpain."

    But I told her, "No, I driving far/Don't mind if you out of gas

    But if your radiator start to boil/Do, don't stop, let the water

    tear loose the coil."

    Well, the car came back from inspection/Boys, we went out on


    You know she drive ten miles and a quarter/I told her top,

    Turn this wheel over

    Boys, is now I start my fast driving/A lot of funny things start


    You know the wires cross one another/The water hose bust

    Loose the radiator

    Well, boys, the gearbox started a grinding/This gear so hard I

    Can't get it go in

    So I pull out my gear lever/Water fly through she muffler

    Aand the whole car went on fire

    If you hear her: "Stop, driver, not so fast"/I said, "Why?" She

    Said, "The car out of gas"

    I said, "Girl, your piston still pitching oil/And why the hell water can't wash the coil?
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      Emory Cook (1913-2002) was an audio engineer and inventor who used his "Sounds of our Times" and "Cook" record labels to demonstrate his philosophy about sound, his recording equipment, and his manufacturing techniques. From 1952 to 1966, Cook recorded, manufactured, and distributed some of the highest quality audio recordings in the world. The 140 titles on Cook Records include European and American concert music, U.S. and Caribbean popular and traditional music, as well as mechanical and natural sounds. read more <


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