Convextion - Untitled as reviewed by Soultronic

June 3, 2017
edited about 1 year ago

Class act EP. Detroit techno with that typical convextion "feel". Ondes is a nice laid back spacer in what some might call "Basic Channel style", i'd call it convextion style. If anyone deserves his own style, it's convextion.
Spice Tea indeed has that typical dutch swing (Rachmad/Nouhan) and is a very decent 909 techno effort. Gray Sky Warm Car brings that real melancholic "Detroit" feel. Really nice track. But..., the pearl of pearls, a jam for utter techno purists, Stiletto Caress (For Yvette), a track only played by true and proper DJs. Maybe one of the best techno jams ever produced. Ever.

Convextion - Untitled as reviewed by telephase

November 24, 2004
edited over 13 years ago

Side A is a great roller coaster ride of Steve Rachmad style melodic techno. Side B is more on the Basic Channel minimal style. Recommmended.