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    The Cure - Greatest Hits Rarities album cover

    The CureGreatest Hits Rarities

    Label:Not On Label (The Cure) – none
    20 x File, MP3, Compilation
    Style:Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, New Wave


    1The CureBoys Don't Cry (Chestnut Studio Demo 27th May 1978)2:42
    2The CureA Forest (Instrumental Session 04.01.80)6:04
    3Robert SmithLet's Go To Bed (Playground Studio Demo 82)3:56
    4The CureLet's Go To Bed (12" Duke Remix 82)6:07
    5The CureThe Lovecats ('TC & Benny' 12" Remix 91)4:36
    6The CureThe Caterpillar (Live In The UK Early 1984)4:08
    7The CureIn Between Days (Fitz Studio Demo 84)2:45
    8The CureClose To Me (Fitz Studio Demo 84)4:07
    9The CureWhy Can't I Be You? (Beethoven St Studio Demo 06.86)2:16
    10Robert SmithJust Like Heaven (Instrumental Home Demo 85)2:22
    11Robert SmithLullaby (Instrumental Home Demo 88)2:18
    12The CureLovesong (Instrumental Demo 09.88)3:39
    13Robert SmithPictures Of You (Instrumental Home Demo 88)4:45
    14Simon GallupHigh (Instrumental Home Demo 90)5:19
    15The CureFriday I'm In Love (Live At The Kilburn National May 1992)3:25
    16Simon GallupMint Car (Instrumental Home Demo 94)3:29
    17Robert SmithWrong Number (Instrumental Home Demo 06.97)5:17
    18The CureWrong Number ('Warm Vocal' Remix 97)5:28
    19Robert SmithCut Here (Instrumental Home Demo 97)4:38
    20The CureJust Say Yes (Early Version 99)4:34

    Companies, etc.


    Official free download on "" micro site at the time of the release of the Greatest Hits album.
    No more available.

    Track 1 later available on "Three Imaginary Boys" Deluxe Edition 2004.
    Track 3 same version of "Temptation Two" on "Pornography" Deluxe Edition 2005 but with keyboards and without lyrics.
    Track 5 later available on "Mixed Up" Deluxe Edition 2018.
    Track 8 same version of "Close To Me (Fitz/F2 Studios Demo)" on "The Head On The Door" Deluxe Edition 2006 but without lyrics.
    Track 12 later available on "Disintegration" Deluxe Edition 2010.
    Track 13 same version of "Pictures Of You (RS Home Demo (Instrumental)" on "Disintegration" Deluxe Edition 2010 but with full intro.
    Two links linked to the stars of the site said "The Walk" and "Never Enough" but the real linked files were the second versions of "Let's Go To Bed" and "Wrong Number"

    Notes from the microsite:
    Boys Don't Cry (Chestnut Studio demo 27th May 1978)
    Hear the original group demo recorded @ Chestnut Studio Surrey 27th May 1978 - other songs recorded this day: It's Not You/10:15 Saturday Night/Fire In Cairo.

    A Forest (instrumental session 04.01.80)
    Hear the instrumental group rehearsal session recorded on 2-track reel to reel at my mum and dads house 4th January 1980 (a friday night!) - other songs worked out in rehearsal that day: Seveteen Seconds/Play For Today/M/In Your House/Another Journey By Train/At Night - (NB. The following friday we went through: Secrets/The Final Sound/Untitled (A Reflection)... and that was pretty much that!)

    Let's Go To Bed (Playground Studio demo 82)
    Hear my original instrumental demo idea (originally called 'Temptation) recorded sometime mid 1982 - almost certainly @ the Playground Studio London with Mike Hedges during some 'downtime'...

    Let's Go To Bed (12" Duke remix 82)
    Hear the 12" 'Duke' remix 1982... but hummm... I have no idea who the 'Duke' in question is!

    The Lovecats ('TC & Benny' 12" remix 91)
    Hear the 'TC & Benny' 12" remix - I Think this was done for the 'Mixed Up' album... but once again I have no idea who did it - and there are no more clues on the cassette box!

    The Caterpillar (live in the UK early 1984)
    Hear The Top band live onstage somewhere in the UK early 1984... it's an encore... and I fear I'm very very drunk!

    In Between Days (Fitz Studio demo 84)
    Hear the original group demo (originally called 'B2 - are you taping?') - original group recorded @ Fitz Studio London in late 1984 - has a "doo doo doo doo off the top of my head" vocal all the way through!

    Close To Me (Fitz Studio demo 84)
    Hear the original group demo (originally called 'A2 - Chirpy DMC') - recorded @ Fitz Studio London in late 1984 - another demo with a "doo doo doo doo off the top of my head" vocal all the way through!

    Why Can't I Be You? (Beethoven St Studio demo 06.86)
    Hear the original instrumental group demo (originally called 'Stolen Robin #1'!) recorded @ Beethoven St Studio London June 1986.

    Just Like Heaven (instrumental home demo 85)
    Hear my instrumental home demo (originally called 'Shivers') - Recorded early 1985.

    Lullaby (instrumental home demo 88)
    Hear my instrumental home demo (originally called 'RS3 Arched') - recorded 1988 - (NB. according to the cassette box this song was destined for a Robert Smith solo album to be called... 'Wild Mood Swings'! The best laid plans etc etc... )

    Lovesong (instrumental demo 09.88)
    Hear the original instrumental group demo (originally called 'S2') - recorded @ Boris' house in Devon September 1988.

    Pictures Of You (instrumental home demo 88)
    Hear my instrumental home demo (originally called 'XP') - recorded 1988.

    High (instrumental home demo 90)
    Hear Simon's instrumental home demo (originally called 'Anniversary') - recorded 1990.

    Friday I'm In Love (live at The Kilburn National May 1992)
    Hear the Wish Band live onstage @ The Kilburn National May 1992 - a very early airing for this song!

    Mint Car (instrumental home demo 94)
    Hear Simon's instrumental home demo recorded 1994.

    Wrong Number (instrumental home demo 06.97)
    Hear my instrumental home demo (originally called 'A Thought') - recorded June 1997.

    Wrong Number ('Warm Vocal' remix 97)
    Hear the 16B (crossed line) 'Warm Vocal' remix and additional production by Omid Nourizadeh 21st August 1997 - a version by Omid that was never used.

    Cut Here (instrumental home demo 97)
    Hear my instrumental home demo (originally called 'B46 v.3') - recorded 1997.

    Just Say Yes (early version 99)
    Hear an early version of this song recorded during the 'Bloodflowers' sessions @ St Catherines Court Bath 1999 - engineered by Paul Corkett - a slightly different vibe!


    vikkthor's avatar
    hey were released with poor bitrate at 160 kbps. Jut Say Yes 1999 version is way better than the official one release on greatest hits
    bobbydriver's avatar
    Track 10 Just Like Heaven Demo is not the same as the one on KMKMKM unless my ears are broken?

    I would add that Track 15 Friday I'm In Love - Live sounds identical (albeit a brighter mix) to the version on the Show live album, which was allegedly recorded in Michigan, so could also be wrongly titled
    steve.cureboi's avatar
    Most of the song names are wrong. Tracklist should be.
    1. “Boy’s Don’t Cry” (Original group demo 1978) !!On 3IB deluxe!!
    2. “A Forest” (Group rehearsal 1980)
    3. “Let’s Go to Bed” (Original instrumental demo 1982)
    4. “Let’s Go to Bed” (12″ Duke Remix)
    5. “The Lovecats” (TC & Benny 12″ Remix outtake from Mixed Up)
    6. “The Caterpillar” (Live 1984)
    7. “Inbetween Days” (Original group demo 1984)
    8. “Close to Me” (Original group demo 1984) !!On THOTD deluxe!!
    9. “Why Can’t I Be You?” (Demo)
    10. “Just Like Heaven” (Instrumental home demo 1985) !!On KMKMKM deluxe!!
    11. “Lullaby” (Instrumental home demo 1988)
    12. “Lovesong” (Original instrumental group demo 1988) !!On Disintegration deluxe!!
    13. “Pictures of You” (Instrumental home demo 1988) !!On Disintegration deluxe!!
    14. “High” (Demo)
    15. “Friday I’m in Love” (Live 1992)
    16. “Mint Car” (Simon Gallup’s home instrumental demo 1994)
    17. “Wrong Number” (Instrumental home demo 1997)
    18. “Wrong Number” (Warm Vocal Mix)
    19. “Cut Here” (Instrumental home demo 1997)
    20. “Just Say Yes” (Early version 1999)
    timmd154's avatar
    Anyone have a copy of this they can share via download?