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    Charlie ParkerComplete Savoy & Dial Sessions

    Label:Definitive Records (2) – DRCD44402
    8 x CD, Compilation, Reissue, Remastered


    Session No. 1 [Savoy] With Clyde Hart, Tiny Grimes, Jimmy Butts, Doc West (WOR Studios, New York, September 15, 1944)
    1-1Tiny Grimes QuintetTiny's Tempo (Master Take)
    Written-ByT. Grimes*
    1-2Tiny Grimes QuintetI'll Always Love You Just The Same (Master Take)
    Written-ByHart*, Grimes*
    1-3Tiny Grimes QuintetRomance Without Finance (Master Take)
    Written-ByT. Grimes*
    1-4Tiny Grimes QuintetRed Cross (Master Take)
    Written-ByC. Parker*
    1-5Tiny Grimes QuintetTiny's Tempo3:02
    1-6Tiny Grimes QuintetTiny's Tempo3:02
    1-7Tiny Grimes QuintetI'll Always Love You Just The Same2:59
    1-8Tiny Grimes QuintetRomance Without Finance3:08
    1-9Tiny Grimes QuintetRomance Without Finance1:02
    1-10Tiny Grimes QuintetRomance Without Finance3:09
    1-11Tiny Grimes QuintetRomance Without Finance0:45
    1-12Tiny Grimes QuintetRed Cross3:17
    Session No. 5 [Savoy] With Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Argonne Thornton, Curley Russell, Max Roach (WOR Studios, New York, November 26, 1945)
    1-13Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Warming Up A Riff (Master Take)2:36
    1-14Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Billie's Bounce (Master Take)3:09
    1-15Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Now's The Time (Master Take)3:16
    1-16Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Thriving From A Riff (Master Take)2:56
    1-17Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Meandering (Master Take)3:18
    1-18Charlie Parker's Reboppers*KoKo (Master Take)2:53
    1-19Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Billie's Bounce2:43
    1-20Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Billie's Bounce1:44
    1-21Charlie Parker's Re-BoppersBillie's Bounce3:07
    1-22Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Billie's Bounce1:39
    1-23Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Now's The Time0:21
    1-24Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Now's The Time0:38
    1-25Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Now's The Time3:08
    1-26Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Thriving From A Riff3:00
    1-27Charlie Parker's Reboppers*Thriving From A Riff0:24
    1-28Charlie Parker's Reboppers*KoKo0:39
    Session No. 7 [Dial] With Dizzy Gillespie, Lucky Thompson, George Handy, Arvin Garrison, Ray Brown, Stan Levey (Electro Broadcasting Studios, Glendale, California, February 5, 1946)
    1-29Dizzy Gillespie JazzmenDiggin' Diz (Master Take)
    Written-ByG. Handy*
    Session No. 8 [Dial] With Miles Davis, Lucky Thompson, Arvin Garrison, Dodo Marmarosa, Vic McMillan, Roy Porter (Radio Recorders Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, March 28, 1946)
    2-1Charlie Parker Septet*Moose The Mooche (Master Take)3:03
    2-2Charlie Parker Septet*Yardbird Suite (Master Take)2:55
    2-3Charlie Parker Septet*Ornithology (Master Take)
    Written-ByHarris*, Parker*
    2-4Charlie Parker Septet*A Night In Tunisia (Master Take)
    Written-ByGillespie*, Paparelli*
    2-5Charlie Parker Septet*Moose The Mooche2:59
    2-6Charlie Parker Septet*Moose The Mooche2:55
    2-7Charlie Parker Septet*Yardbird Suite2:39
    2-8Charlie Parker Septet*Ornithology2:59
    2-9Charlie Parker Septet*Ornithology3:18
    2-10Charlie Parker Septet*A Night In Tunisia0:50
    2-11Charlie Parker Septet*A Night In Tunisia3:02
    Session No. 9 [Dial] With Howard McGee, Jimmy Bunn, Bob Kesterton, Roy Porter (C.P MacGregor Studio, Hollywood, July 29, 1946)
    2-12Charlie Parker Quintet*Max Making Wax (Master Take)
    Written-ByO. Pettiford*
    2-13Charlie Parker Quintet*Lover Man (Master Take)
    Written-ByDavis*, Sherman*, Ramirez*
    2-14Charlie Parker Quintet*The Gypsy (Master Take)
    Written-ByB. Reid*
    2-15Charlie Parker Quintet*Bebop (Master Take)
    Written-ByD. Gillespie*
    Session No. 13 [Savoy] With Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Tommy Potter, Max Roach (Harry Smith Studios, New York City, May 8, 1947)
    2-16Charlie Parker All Stars*Donna Lee (Master Take)2:21
    2-17Charlie Parker All Stars*Chasin' The Bird (Master Take)2:32
    2-18Charlie Parker All Stars*Cheryl (Master Take)2:49
    2-19Charlie Parker All Stars*Buzzy (Master Take)2:19
    2-20Charlie Parker All Stars*Donna Lee0:14
    2-21Charlie Parker All Stars*Donna Lee2:47
    2-22Charlie Parker All Stars*Donna Lee2:21
    2-23Charlie Parker All Stars*Donna Lee2:25
    2-24Charlie Parker All Stars*Chasin' The Bird2:41
    2-26Charlie Parker All Stars*Chasin' The Bird0:19
    2-27Charlie Parker All Stars*Cheryl2:47
    2-28Charlie Parker All Stars*Buzzy2:46
    2-29Charlie Parker All Stars*Buzzy0:32
    2-30Charlie Parker All Stars*Buzzy2:27
    2-31Charlie Parker All Stars*Buzzy0:18
    Session No. 11 [Dial] With Errol Garner, Red Callender, Doc West, Earl Coleman (C.P MacGregor Studio, Hollywood, California, February 19, 1947)
    3-1Charlie Parker Quartet*This Is Always (Master Take)
    Written-ByWarren*, Gordon*
    3-2Charlie Parker Quartet*Dark Shadows (Master Take)
    Written-ByS. Henry*
    3-3Charlie Parker Quartet*Bird's Nest (Master Take)2:45
    3-4Charlie Parker Quartet*Cool Blues (Master Take)3:05
    3-5Charlie Parker Quartet*This Is Always3:10
    3-6Charlie Parker Quartet*Dark Shadows3:14
    3-7Charlie Parker Quartet*Dark Shadows2:58
    3-8Charlie Parker Quartet*Dark Shadows2:51
    3-9Charlie Parker Quartet*Bird's Nest2:51
    3-10Charlie Parker Quartet*Bird's Nest2:50
    3-11Charlie Parker Quartet*Cool Blues1:57
    3-12Charlie Parker Quartet*Cool Blues2:22
    3-13Charlie Parker Quartet*Cool Blues2:47
    Session No. 12 [Dial] With Howard McGee, Wardell Gray, Dodo Marmarosa, Barney Kessel, Red Callender, Don Lamond (C.P MacGregor Studio, Hollywood, February 26, 1946)
    3-14Charlie Parker's New StarsRelaxin' At Camarillo (Master Take)3:01
    3-15Charlie Parker's New StarsCheers (Master Take)
    Written-ByH. McGhee*
    3-16Charlie Parker's New StarsCarvin' The Bird (Master Take)
    Written-ByH. McGhee*
    3-17Charlie Parker's New StarsStupendous (Master Take)
    Written-ByH. McGhee*
    3-18Charlie Parker's New StarsRelaxin' At Camarillo2:58
    3-19Charlie Parker's New StarsRelaxin' At Camarillo2:58
    3-20Charlie Parker's New StarsRelaxin' At Camarillo2:54
    3-21Charlie Parker's New StarsCheers3:10
    3-22Charlie Parker's New StarsCheers3:03
    3-23Charlie Parker's New StarsCheers3:01
    3-24Charlie Parker's New StarsCarvin' The Bird2:44
    3-25Charlie Parker's New StarsStupendous2:55
    Session No. 14 [Savoy] With Miles Davis, John Lewis, Nelson Boyd, Max Roach (Harry Smith Studios, New York City, August 14, 1947)
    4-1Miles Davis All StarsMilestones (Master Take)
    Written-ByMiles Davis
    4-2Miles Davis All StarsLittle Willie Leaps (Master Take)
    Written-ByMiles Davis
    4-3Miles Davis All StarsHalf Nelson (Master Take)
    Written-ByMiles Davis
    4-4Miles Davis All StarsSippin' At Bells (Master Take)
    Written-ByMiles Davis
    4-5Miles Davis All StarsMilestones0:08
    4-6Miles Davis All StarsMilestones2:46
    4-7Miles Davis All StarsLittle Willie Leaps0:35
    4-8Miles Davis All StarsLittle Willie Leaps3:10
    4-9Miles Davis All StarsHalf Nelson2:52
    4-10Miles Davis All StarsSippin' At Bells0:57
    4-11Miles Davis All StarsSippin' At Bells0:05
    4-12Miles Davis All StarsSippin' At Bells2:28
    Session No. 15 [Dial] With Miles Davis, Duke Jordan, Tommy Potter, Max Roach (WOR Studios, New York City, October 28, 1947)
    4-13Charlie Parker Quintet*Dexterity (Master Take)2:58
    4-14Charlie Parker Quintet*Bongo Bop (Master Take)2:45
    4-15Charlie Parker Quintet*Dewey Square (Master Take)3:06
    4-16Charlie Parker Quintet*The Hymn (Master Take)2:27
    4-17Charlie Parker Quintet*Bird Of Paradise (Master Take)3:11
    4-18Charlie Parker Quintet*Embraceable You (Master Take)3:20
    4-19Charlie Parker Quintet*Dexterity2:57
    4-20Charlie Parker Quintet*Bongo Bop2:46
    4-21Charlie Parker Quintet*Dewey Square3:30
    4-22Charlie Parker Quintet*Dewey Square3:03
    4-23Charlie Parker Quintet*The Hymn2:30
    4-24Charlie Parker Quintet*Bird Of Paradise3:05
    4-25Charlie Parker Quintet*Bird Of Paradise3:07
    4-26Charlie Parker Quintet*Embraceable You3:40
    Session No. 16 [Dial] With Miles Davis, Duke Jordan, Tommy Potter, Max Roach (WOR Studios, New York City, November 4, 1947)
    5-1Charlie Parker Quintet*Bird Feathers (Master Take)2:50
    5-2Charlie Parker Quintet*Klact-oveeseds-tene (Master Take)3:05
    5-3Charlie Parker Quintet*Scrapple From The Apple (Master Take)2:56
    5-4Charlie Parker Quintet*My Old Flame (Master Take)
    Written-ByJohnston*, Coslow*
    5-5Charlie Parker Quintet*Out Of Nowhere (Master Take)
    Written-ByHeyman*, Green*
    5-6Charlie Parker Quintet*Don't Blame Me (Master Take)
    5-7Charlie Parker Quintet*Klact-oveeseds-tene3:05
    5-8Charlie Parker Quintet*Scrapple From The Apple2:38
    5-9Charlie Parker Quintet*Out Of Nowhere4:03
    5-10Charlie Parker Quintet*Out Of Nowhere3:03
    Session No. 19 [Savoy] With Miles Davis, John Lewis, Curley Russell, Max Roach (Harry Smith Studios, New York City, September 18, 1948)
    5-11Charlie Parker All Stars*Barbados (Master Take)2:28
    5-12Charlie Parker All Stars*Ah-Leu-Cha (Master Take)0:53
    5-13Charlie Parker All Stars*Constellation (Master Take)2:29
    5-14Charlie Parker All Stars*Parker's Mood (Master Take)3:04
    5-15Charlie Parker All Stars*Barbados2:39
    5-16Charlie Parker All Stars*Barbados0:46
    5-17Charlie Parker All Stars*Barbados2:35
    5-18Charlie Parker All Stars*Ah-Leu-Cha0:38
    5-19Charlie Parker All Stars*Constellation0:23
    5-20Charlie Parker All Stars*Constellation2:33
    5-21Charlie Parker All Stars*Constellation2:07
    5-22Charlie Parker All Stars*Constellation0:23
    5-23Charlie Parker All Stars*Parker's Mood0:05
    5-24Charlie Parker All Stars*Parker's Mood3:25
    5-25Charlie Parker All Stars*Parker's Mood0:12
    5-26Charlie Parker All Stars*Parker's Mood2:14
    Session No. 17 [Dial] With Miles Davis, J.J. Johnson, Duke Jordan, Tommy Potter, Max Roach (WOR Studios, New York City, December 17, 1947)
    6-1Charlie Parker Quintet*Drifting On A Reed (Master Take)3:01
    6-2Charlie Parker Quintet*Quasimodo (Master Take)2:58
    6-3Charlie Parker Quintet*Charlie's Wig (Master Take)2:45
    6-4Charlie Parker Quintet*Bongo Beep (Master Take)3:05
    6-5Charlie Parker Quintet*Crazeology (Master Take)3:02
    6-6Charlie Parker Quintet*How Deep Is The Ocean? (Master Take)
    Written-ByI. Berlin*
    6-7Charlie Parker Quintet*Drifting On A Reed2:57
    6-8Charlie Parker Quintet*Drifting On A Reed2:57
    6-9Charlie Parker Quintet*Quasimodo2:56
    6-10Charlie Parker Quintet*Charlie's Wig2:50
    6-11Charlie Parker Quintet*Charlie's Wig2:50
    6-12Charlie Parker Quintet*Bongo Beep3:04
    6-13Charlie Parker Quintet*Crazeology1:04
    6-14Charlie Parker Quintet*Crazeology0:35
    6-15Charlie Parker Quintet*Crazeology3:05
    6-16Charlie Parker Quintet*How Deep Is The Ocean?3:06
    Session No. 18 [Savoy] With Miles Davis, Duke Jordan, Tommy Potter, Max Roach (United Sound Studios, Detroit, Michigan, December 21, 1947)
    6-17Charlie Parker's All Stars*Another Hair Do (Master Take)2:40
    6-18Charlie Parker's All Stars*Bluebird (Master Take)2:52
    6-19Charlie Parker's All Stars*Klaunstance (Master Take)2:43
    6-20Charlie Parker's All Stars*Bird Gets The Worm (Master Take)2:37
    6-21Charlie Parker's All Stars*Another Hair Do0:17
    6-22Charlie Parker's All Stars*Another Hair Do0:46
    6-23Charlie Parker's All Stars*Another Hair Do1:06
    6-24Charlie Parker's All Stars*Bluebird2:55
    6-25Charlie Parker's All Stars*Bird Gets The Worm3:01
    6-26Charlie Parker's All Stars*Bird Gets The Worm0:13
    Session No. 20 [Savoy] With Miles Davis, John Lewis, Curley Russell, Max Roach (Harry Smith Studios, New York City, September 24, 1948)
    7-1Charlie Parker All Stars*Perhaps (Master Take)2:34
    7-2Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke (Master Take)2:44
    7-3Charlie Parker All Stars*Steeplechase (Master Take)3:12
    7-4Charlie Parker All Stars*Merry-Go-Round (Master Take)2:24
    7-5Charlie Parker All Stars*Perhaps2:09
    7-6Charlie Parker All Stars*Perhaps0:29
    7-7Charlie Parker All Stars*Perhaps2:09
    7-8Charlie Parker All Stars*Perhaps0:20
    7-9Charlie Parker All Stars*Perhaps0:40
    7-10Charlie Parker All Stars*Perhaps2:24
    7-11Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke0:05
    7-12Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke1:16
    7-13Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke0:53
    7-14Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke0:06
    7-15Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke2:57
    7-16Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke0:07
    7-17Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke1:00
    7-18Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke0:05
    7-19Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke3:06
    7-20Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke0:36
    7-21Charlie Parker All Stars*Marmaduke0:50
    7-22Charlie Parker All Stars*Steeplechase
    7-23Charlie Parker All Stars*Merry-Go-Round2:24
    Session No. 4 [Comet] With Dizzy Gillespie, Flip Philips, Red Norvo, Teddy Wilson, Slam Stewart, Specs Powell or J.C. Heard (WOR Studios, New York City, June 6, 1945)
    7-24Red Norvo And His Selected SextetHallelujah (Master Take)
    Written-ByGrey*, Robin*, Youmans*
    7-25Red Norvo And His Selected SextetGet Happy (Master Take)
    Written-ByArlen*, Koehler*
    7-26Red Norvo And His Selected SextetSlam Slam Blue (Master Take)
    Written-ByR. Norvo*
    7-27Red Norvo And His Selected SextetCongo Blues (Master Take)
    Written-ByS. Stewart*
    7-28Red Norvo And His Selected SextetHallelujah4:11
    7-29Red Norvo And His Selected SextetHallelujah4:03
    7-30Red Norvo And His Selected SextetGet Happy4:03
    7-31Red Norvo And His Selected SextetSlam Slam Blues5:06
    7-32Red Norvo And His Selected SextetCongo Blues1:06
    7-33Red Norvo And His Selected SextetCongo Blues1:17
    7-34Red Norvo And His Selected SextetCongo Blues4:01
    7-35Red Norvo And His Selected SextetCongo Blues3:54
    Session No. 2 [Guild] With Dizzy Gillespie, Clyde Hart, Remo Palmieri, Slam Stewart, Cozy Cole (New York City, February 28, 1945)
    8-1Dizzy Gillespie SextetGroovin' High (Master Take)
    Written-ByD. Gillespie*
    8-2Dizzy Gillespie SextetAll The Things You Are (Master Take)
    8-3Dizzy Gillespie SextetDizzy Atmosphere (Master Take)
    Written-ByD. Gillespie*
    Session No. 3 [Guild] With Dizzy Gillespie, Al Haig, Curley Russell, Sid Catlett, Sarah Vaughan (New York City, May 11, 1945)
    8-4Dizzy Gillespie All Stars Quintet*Salt Peanuts (Master Take)
    VocalsDizzy Gillespie
    Written-ByGillespie*, Clark*
    8-5Dizzy Gillespie All Stars Quintet*Shaw 'Nuff (Master Take)
    Written-ByParker*, Gillespie*
    8-6Dizzy Gillespie All Stars Quintet*Lover Man (Master Take)
    VocalsSarah Vaughan
    Written-ByDavis*, Sherman*, Ramirez*
    8-7Dizzy Gillespie All Stars Quintet*Hot House (Master Take)
    Written-ByT. Dameron*
    Session No. 6 [Bel-Tone] With Dizzy Gillespie, Jack McVea, Dodo Marmarosa, Slim Gaillard, Slam Brown, Zutty Singleton (Hollywood, Los Angeles, December 29, 1945)
    8-8Slim Gaillard And His OrchestraDizzy's Boogie (Master Take)
    Written-ByS. Gaillard*
    8-9Slim Gaillard And His OrchestraFlat Foot Floogie (Master Take)
    Written-ByGreen*, Stewart*, Gaillard*
    8-10Slim Gaillard And His OrchestraPoppity Pop (Master Take)
    Written-ByS. Gaillard*
    8-11Slim Gaillard And His OrchestraSlim's Jam (Master Take)
    VoiceCharlie Parker
    Written-ByS. Gaillard*
    8-12Slim Gaillard And His OrchestraDizzy's Boogie3:14
    8-13Slim Gaillard And His OrchestraFlat Foot Floogie2:45
    Session No. 10 - At Home - Jam Session With Russ Freeman, Arnold Fishkin, Jimmy Pratt (Chuck Kopely's Apartment, Hollywood, February 1, 1947)
    8-14Charlie Parker, Russ Freeman, Arnold Fishkin, Jimmy PrattBlues (Master Take)1:49
    8-15Charlie Parker, Russ Freeman, Arnold Fishkin, Jimmy PrattYardbird Suite (Master Take)2:14
    8-16Charlie Parker, Russ Freeman, Arnold Fishkin, Jimmy PrattLullaby In Rhythm, Part 1 (Master Take)
    Written-ByGoodman*, Profit*, Sampson*, Hirsch*
    8-17Charlie Parker, Russ Freeman, Arnold Fishkin, Jimmy PrattLullaby In Rhythm, Part 2 (Master Take)
    Written-ByGoodman*, Profit*, Sampson*, Hirsch*
    8-18Charlie Parker, Russ Freeman, Arnold Fishkin, Jimmy PrattHome Cooking I: Opus (Master Take)
    Written-ByH. McKusick*
    8-19Charlie Parker, Russ Freeman, Arnold Fishkin, Jimmy PrattHome Cooking II: Cherokee (Master Take)
    Written-ByR. Noble*
    8-20Charlie Parker, Russ Freeman, Arnold Fishkin, Jimmy PrattHome Cooking III: I Got Rhythm (Master Take)
    Written-ByG. & I. Gershwin*

    Companies, etc.



    20 recording sessions from 1944 to 1948.
    Each session is included in its entirety, master takes first, before alternate takes, incomplete takes and false starts.

    ℗ & © 2001 by Disconforme.
    Comes in a slip case which includes two 4-CDs jewel cases and a 24-page booklet.
    A 6-panel booklet with detailed credits is also inserted in each 4-CDs jewel case.
    Those infos are replicated and completed by liners notes and photographies on the main 24-page booklet.
    There is no track # 2-25 on the tracklist above, as on release. And durations come from computer, there is none on release.

    This version is a reissue of Charlie Parker - The Complete Savoy And Dial Studio Recordings 1944-1948 which has same material but with tracks sequenced differently.

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode (Text): 8 436006 494024
    • Other (Cat. # CDs 1 to 4): DRCD11183
    • Other (Cat. # CDs 5 to 8): DRCD11184
    • Depósito Legal (Back of slipcase): D.L.AND.271-2001
    • Depósito Legal (Back of CDs 1 to 4 jewel case): D.L.AND.280-2001
    • Depósito Legal (Back of CDs 5 to 8 jewel case): D.L.AND.281-2001
    • Matrix / Runout (CD1): DRCD 11183 CD1 MPO IBERICA 7-6-01/01 2109356
    • Matrix / Runout (CD2): DRCD 11183 CD2 MPO IBERICA 7-6-01/01 2109357
    • Matrix / Runout (CD3): DRCD 11183 CD3 MPO IBERICA 7-6-01/01 2109358
    • Matrix / Runout (CD4): DRCD 11183 CD4 MPO IBERICA 7-6-01/01 2109359
    • Matrix / Runout (CD5): DRCD 11184 CD1 MPO IBERICA 8-6-01/01 2109337
    • Matrix / Runout (CD6): DRCD 11184 CD2 MPO IBERICA 8-6-01/01 2109338
    • Matrix / Runout (CD7): DRCD 11184 CD3 MPO IBERICA 8-6-01/02 2109339
    • Matrix / Runout (CD8): DRCD 11184 CD4 MPO IBERICA 8-6-01/01 2109340
    • Mastering SID Code (All CDs): IFPI L034
    • Mould SID Code (All CDs): IFPI 1317

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