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Prince & The Revolution*Purple Rush

Label:Sabotage Records (2) – none
Series:Purple Rush
Box Set, Unofficial Release
6 x CD, Compilation, Reissue, Unofficial Release
4 x CD, Compilation, Reissue, Unofficial Release
4 x CD, Compilation, Reissue, Unofficial Release
4 x CD, Compilation, Reissue, Unofficial Release
4 x CD, Compilation, Reissue, Unofficial Release
6 x CD, Compilation, Unofficial Release
4 x CD, Compilation, Unofficial Release
Genre:Electronic, Rock, Funk / Soul, Non-Music, Pop, Stage & Screen
Style:Funk, Synth-pop, Score, Interview, Spoken Word, Dialogue


Purple Rush 1
Rehearsals & Concerts 1983-85
Arena, Long Beach, CA, March 10th 1985
1-1Prince And The RevolutionIntro0:40
1-2Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy5:18
1-3Prince And The RevolutionDelirious2:55
1-4Prince And The Revolution19995:50
1-5Prince And The RevolutionLittle Red Corvette3:51
1-6Prince And The RevolutionTake Me With U3:51
1-7Prince And The RevolutionYankee Doodle Dandy3:48
1-9Prince And The RevolutionDo Me, Baby2:06
1-10Prince And The RevolutionIrresistible Bitch5:40
1-11Prince And The RevolutionHow Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?6:25
1-12Prince And The RevolutionLet's Pretend We're Married2:31
1-13Prince And The RevolutionInternational Lover1:07
1-14Prince And The RevolutionGod7:48
1-15Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue4:33
1-16Prince And The RevolutionDarling Nikki3:27
Bonus Track
1-17Sheila E.Oliver's House12:49
Rehearsal From May/ June 1984 For The June 7th Concert At First Avenue, Mpls, MN (#1)
2-1Prince And The RevolutionFree4:39
2-2Prince And The RevolutionErotic City8:30
2-3Prince And The RevolutionSomething In The Water (Does Not Compute)14:43
2-4Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry9:22
2-5Prince And The RevolutionIrresistible Bitch7:50
2-6Prince And The RevolutionGotta Shake This Feeling12:36
2-7Prince And The RevolutionNoon Rendezvous19:39
Two Rehearsals From The Summer Of 1984
3-1Prince And The RevolutionBilly
Soloist [Guitar]Prince
3-2Prince And The RevolutionStrange Relationship5:55
3-3Prince And The RevolutionFeline33:13
Purple Rain Tour Rehearsal From Late October 1984
4-1Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy5:59
4-2Prince And The RevolutionDelirious4:16
4-3Prince And The Revolution19995:33
4-4Prince And The RevolutionLittle Red Corvette3:05
4-5Prince And The RevolutionFree2:45
4-6Prince And The RevolutionFather's Song0:47
4-7Prince And The RevolutionGod13:30
4-8Prince And The RevolutionAmerica The Beautiful
Composed ByTraditional
4-9Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue5:41
4-10Prince And The RevolutionDarling Nikki (Intro)0:24
4-11Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry (Intro) / The Beautiful Ones8:00
4-12Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry9:58
Purple Rain Studio Rehearsal, Summer 1983
5-1Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy3:40
5-2Prince And The RevolutionG-Spot4:32
5-3Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U5:20
5-4Prince And The RevolutionCan't Stop This Feeling I Got2:10
5-5Prince And The RevolutionElectric Intercourse (Take 1)4:31
5-6Prince And The RevolutionElectric Intercourse (Take 2)4:59
5-7Prince And The RevolutionPurple Rain7:32
5-8Prince And The RevolutionThe Bird18:50
Bonus Track
5-9Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U26:19
Material For And From The Movie Purple Rain, 1983/84
6-1Dez DickersonModernaire4:01
6-2Prince And The RevolutionGod (12" Instrumental)7:40
6-3Michel ColombierLove Theme From 'Purple Rain'3:16
6-4Michel ColombierRare Music From 'Purple Rain'7:41
6-5Wendy* & Lisa*Interview1:35
6-6Prince And The RevolutionPurple Rain Overdub Outtake11:30
6-7Michel ColombierLake Minnetonka4:37
6-8Michel ColombierI Like Your Song Too3:20
6-9Michel ColombierTrack 30:21
6-10Michel ColombierPrince's Theme / First Avenue3:55
6-11Michel ColombierThe Bitches Are Okay0:49
6-12Michel ColombierJoin Morris' Group1:08
6-13Michel ColombierAlley1:55
Purple Rain Instrumental Score
6-14Michel ColombierUntitled0:14
6-15Michel ColombierUntitled0:46
6-16Michel ColombierUntitled1:07
6-17Michel ColombierUntitled1:33
6-18Michel ColombierUntitled1:29
6-19Michel ColombierUntitled1:14
6-20Michel ColombierUntitled1:08
6-21Michel ColombierUntitled1:05
6-22Michel ColombierUntitled1:53
6-23Michel ColombierUntitled0:35
6-24Michel ColombierUntitled1:00
6-25Michel ColombierUntitled4:37
6-26Michel ColombierUntitled1:49
6-27Michel ColombierUntitled0:50
6-28Michel ColombierUntitled1:49
6-29Michel ColombierUntitled0:59
6-30Michel ColombierUntitled1:57
6-31Michel ColombierUntitled1:27
6-32Michel ColombierUntitled0:58
Purple Rush 2
The Second Coming (Rehearsals 1982-1984)
Piano Session #1, 1982
7-1PrincePiano Improvisation4:45
7-2PrinceI Love You7:14
7-3PrincePurple Music16:28
Piano Session #2, 1983
7-4Prince17 Days6:36
7-5PrincePurple Rain1:21
7-6PrinceA Case Of You1:56
7-7PrinceMary Don't You Weep4:52
7-8PrinceStrange Relationship2:46
7-9PrinceInternational Lover4:00
7-11PrinceCold Coffee & Cocaine5:35
The Family Rehearsal #2, Summer 1984
7-13Prince And The RevolutionThe Screams Of Passion8:34
7-14Prince And The RevolutionBodyheat1:41
Rehearsal, Summer 1983
8-1Prince And The RevolutionThe Bird22:43
8-2Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star5:20
8-3Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star4:36
8-4Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star4:10
8-5Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy3:21
8-6Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy3:42
8-7Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue3:48
8-8Prince And The RevolutionG-Spot4:52
8-9Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U5:20
8-10Prince And The RevolutionInstrumental2:23
8-11Prince And The RevolutionElectric Intercourse5:09
8-12Prince And The RevolutionElectric Intercourse5:05
8-13Prince And The RevolutionPurple Rain7:48
Rehearsal For The August 3rd 1983 1st Avenue Concert, Late July 1983
Part 1
9-1Prince And The RevolutionAfrica Talks To You / Catch A Falling Star / All Could Have Danced All Night
Vocals [Sung By]Matt Fink
9-2Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy5:06
9-3Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy4:50
9-4Prince And The RevolutionWhen U Were Mine2:24
9-5Prince And The RevolutionA Case Of U2:07
9-6Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue7:09
9-7Prince And The RevolutionDelirious3:53
9-8Prince And The RevolutionElectric Intercourse7:09
9-9Prince And The RevolutionAutomatic6:52
9-10Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U2:09
9-11Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star4:41
9-12Prince And The RevolutionLittle Red Corvette2:39
Purple Rain Tour Rehearsal (#4), Nov./Dec. 1984
10-1Prince And The RevolutionDirty Mind14:49
10-2Prince And The RevolutionI Wanna Be Your Lover13:59
10-3Prince And The RevolutionSexy Dancer1:26
10-4Prince And The RevolutionI Wanna Be Your Lover / Dirty Mind7:21
10-5Prince And The RevolutionDo Me Baby0:56
10-6Prince And The RevolutionI Wanna Be Your Lover7:07
10-7Prince And The RevolutionDo Me Baby1:57
10-8Prince And The RevolutionDirty Mind1:29
10-9Prince And The RevolutionDirty Mind / I Wanna Be Your Lover1:53
10-10Prince And The RevolutionDirty Mind / I Wanna Be Your Lover1:29
10-11Prince And The RevolutionDirty Mind / I Wanna Be Your Lover1:34
10-12Prince And The RevolutionDo Me Baby0:47
10-13Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy / The Beautiful Ones3:23
Rehearsal For The August 3rd '83 1st Avenue Concert, Late July 1983
Part 2
10-14Prince And The RevolutionPurple Rain9:22
10-15Prince And The RevolutionD.M.S.R.8:15
Purple Rush 3
The Third Shot (Rehearsals 1984)
Rehearsal For The June 7th 1984 1st Avenue Concert#2, May/June 1984
11-1Prince And The Revolution17 Days5:03
11-2Prince And The RevolutionWhen We're Dancing Close And Slow5:58
11-3Prince And The RevolutionFree5:15
11-4Prince And The RevolutionErotic City6:16
11-5Prince And The RevolutionErotic City7:59
11-6Prince And The RevolutionIrresistible Bitch10:07
11-7Prince And The RevolutionIrresistible Bitch4:39
11-8Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry11:50
11-9Prince And The RevolutionPossessed3:38
11-10Prince And The RevolutionPossessed6:10
11-11Prince And The RevolutionAll Day, All Night4:47
11-12Prince And The RevolutionSomething In The Water (Does Not Compute)5:58
Rehearsal For The June 7th 1984 Concert #3, May/June 1984
12-1Prince And The Revolution17 Days5:36
12-2Prince And The RevolutionOur Destiny3:30
12-3Prince And The RevolutionRoadhouse Garden1:00
12-4Prince And The Revolution17 Days5:38
12-5Prince And The RevolutionOur Destiny2:41
12-6Prince And The RevolutionRoadhouse Garden3:46
12-7Prince And The RevolutionAll Day, All Night4:44
12-8Prince And The RevolutionFree4:49
12-9Prince And The RevolutionErotic City / All The Critics Love U In New York6:54
12-10Prince And The RevolutionSomething In The Water (Does Not Compute)11:19
12-11Prince And The RevolutionIrresistible Bitch5:47
12-12Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry8:28
12-13Prince And The RevolutionPossessed8:16
Purple Rain Tour Rehearsal #1, October 15th 1984
Part 1
13-1Prince And The RevolutionErotic City11:12
13-2Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy / Drum Rehearsal2:10
13-3Prince And The RevolutionConcert Intro / Let's Go Crazy5:44
13-4Prince And The RevolutionDelirious2:58
13-5Prince And The Revolution1999 / Yankee Doodle Dandy5:36
13-6Prince And The RevolutionLittle Red Corvette4:07
13-7Prince And The RevolutionFree3:15
13-8Prince And The RevolutionFather's Song1:30
13-9Prince And The RevolutionGod7:24
13-10Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue3:43
13-11Prince And The RevolutionDarling Nikki3:29
13-12Prince And The RevolutionThe Beautiful Ones6:45
13-13Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry13:40
13-14Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U3:45
Purple Rain Tour Rehearsal #3, Nov./Dec. 1984
14-1Prince And The RevolutionAnother Lonely Christmas (Instrumental)4:12
14-2Prince And The RevolutionAnother Lonely Christmas (Instrumental)1:24
14-3Prince And The RevolutionWhen Saints Go Marchin' In6:56
14-4Prince And The RevolutionAnother Lonely Christmas (Instrumental)4:52
14-5Prince And The RevolutionAnother Lonely Christmas22:54
14-6Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy (Instrumental)0:45
14-7Prince And The RevolutionInstrumental Jam1:53
14-8Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy (Instrumental)3:04
The Family Rehearsal #1, Summer 1984
14-9Prince And The RevolutionMutiny13:21
14-10Prince And The RevolutionDesire6:23
Purple Rain Tour Rehearsal #1, October 15th 1984
Part 2
14-11Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star12:32
Purple Rush 4
The Final Seduction (Rehearsals & Concerts)
Purple Rain Tour Rehearsal #5, 1985
15-1Prince And The RevolutionBedtime Story10:02
15-2Prince And The RevolutionDo Me, Baby1:55
15-3Prince And The RevolutionBaby, Baby, Baby3:02
15-4Prince And The RevolutionG-Spot6:11
15-5Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy9:58
15-6Prince And The RevolutionUntitled Guitar3:19
15-7Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry / Drum Pattern Check4:26
15-8Prince And The RevolutionDrum Check0:48
15-9Prince And The RevolutionA Love Bizarre5:28
'White Girls' Rehearsal, 1983
15-10Prince And The RevolutionWhite Girls27:12
The Family Rehearsal, Summer 1985
16-1The Family (2)Susannah's Pajamas4:14
16-2The Family (2)River Run Dry2:10
16-3The Family (2)High Fashion / The Pink Panther Theme6:58
16-4The Family (2)Nothing Compares 2 U5:42
16-5The Family (2)The Screams Of Passion5:34
16-6The Family (2)Mutiny3:23
16-7The Family (2)River Run Dry2:48
16-8The Family (2)Nothing Compares 2 U2:04
16-9The Family (2)Desire3:40
16-10The Family (2)High Fashion5:45
16-11The Family (2)The Pink Panther Theme
Composed ByHenry Mancini
16-12The Family (2)The Screams Of Passion5:12
16-13The Family (2)Mutiny Jam9:28
16-14The Family (2)Yes Jam19:57
The Omni, Atlanta, GA, January 4th 1985
17-1No ArtistAudience1:50
17-2Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy6:26
17-3Prince And The RevolutionDelirious2:59
17-4Prince And The Revolution19995:45
17-5Prince And The RevolutionLittle Red Corvette4:06
17-6Prince And The RevolutionTake Me With U / Controversy3:36
17-7Prince And The RevolutionYankee Doodle Dandy2:34
17-8Prince And The RevolutionFree2:38
17-9Prince And The RevolutionDo Me, Baby2:08
17-10Prince And The RevolutionHow Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?3:37
17-11Prince And The RevolutionTemptation2:56
17-12Prince And The RevolutionLet's Pretend We're Married4:45
17-13Prince And The RevolutionFather's Song1:35
17-14Prince And The RevolutionGod8:16
17-15Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue4:33
17-16Prince And The RevolutionDarling Nikki3:58
17-17Prince And The RevolutionThe Beautiful Ones6:20
17-18Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry8:40
18-1Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U3:46
18-2Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star23:50
18-3Prince And The RevolutionPurple Rain18:39
Bonus Tracks
18-4Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U4:31
18-5Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star (Edit)9:28
18-6Prince And The RevolutionTake Me With U4:42
18-7Prince And The RevolutionPurple Rain6:33
18-8Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star6:43
Purple Rush 5
The Ultimate Temptation (Concert 1983-85)
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, August 3rd 1983
19-1Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy4:36
19-2Prince And The RevolutionWhen You Were Mine2:23
19-3Prince And The RevolutionA Case Of U2:36
19-4Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue6:36
19-5Prince And The RevolutionDelirious4:32
19-6Prince And The RevolutionElectric Intercourse5:26
19-7Prince And The RevolutionAutomatic5:53
19-8Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U2:10
19-9Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star4:52
19-10Prince And The RevolutionLittle Red Corvette3:42
19-11Loyce HoultonSpeech1:16
19-12Prince And The RevolutionPurple Rain13:34
19-13Prince And The RevolutionD.M.S.R.8:01
Piano Session #2, 1983
19-14PrinceCold Coffee & Cocaine5:34
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, June 7th 1984
20-1Prince And The Revolution17 Days5:25
20-2Prince And The RevolutionOur Destiny3:10
20-3Prince And The RevolutionRoadhouse Garden4:45
20-5Prince And The RevolutionAll Day, All Night5:40
20-6Prince And The RevolutionFree4:37
20-7Prince And The RevolutionNoon Rendezvous9:05
20-8Prince And The RevolutionErotic City7:53
20-9Prince And The RevolutionSomething In The Water (Does Not Compute)10:08
20-10Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry12:01
20-11No ArtistHappy Birthday0:35
20-12Prince And The RevolutionIrresistible Bitch5:47
20-13Prince And The RevolutionPossessed5:40
Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY, March 30th 1985
21-1Prince And The RevolutionIntro0:47
21-2Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy5:05
21-3Prince And The RevolutionDelirious2:51
21-4Prince And The Revolution19995:51
21-5Prince And The RevolutionLittle Red Corvette3:38
21-6Prince And The RevolutionTake Me With U4:57
21-7Prince And The RevolutionYankee Doodle Dandy3:52
21-8Prince And The RevolutionInterlude2:53
21-9Prince And The RevolutionDo Me Baby2:00
21-10Prince And The RevolutionIrresistible Bitch1:52
21-11Prince And The RevolutionPossessed4:25
21-12Prince And The RevolutionHow Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?5:03
21-13Prince And The RevolutionTemptation2:15
21-14Prince And The RevolutionLet's Pretend We're Married2:11
21-15Prince And The RevolutionInternational Lover1:44
21-16Prince And The RevolutionGod7:41
21-17Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue4:27
21-18Prince And The RevolutionDarling Nikki3:57
21-19Prince And The RevolutionInterlude1:04
21-20Prince And The RevolutionThe Beautiful Ones5:24
22-1Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry8:56
22-2Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U3:24
22-3Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star10:51
22-4Prince And The RevolutionPurple Rain18:49
7th Street Entry / First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, October 25th 1984
22-5Prince And The RevolutionAfrica Talks 2 U6:50
22-6Prince And The RevolutionErotic City3:40
22-7Prince And The RevolutionMutiny3:57
22-8Prince And The RevolutionBlues In G / "First Avenue Blues"5:04
22-9Prince And The RevolutionInstrumental Jam7:14
Purple Rush 6
Let The Good Tapes Roll (Rehearsals & Concerts)
Beverly Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, August 20th 1983
23-1James BrownIntroduces B.B. King / B.B. King Intro2:38
23-2B.B. King & The B.B. King Orchestra*Let The Good Times Roll3:48
23-3B.B. King & The B.B. King Orchestra*Guess Who1:51
23-4B.B. King & The B.B. King Orchestra*The Thrill Is Gone5:45
23-5Danny Ray (3)Introduces James Brown1:20
23-6James Brown & The J.B.'s Internationals*The Payback2:50
23-7James Brown & The J.B.'s Internationals*Doing It To Death4:21
23-8James Brown & The J.B.'s Internationals*Prisioner Of Love4:05
23-9James Brown & The J.B.'s Internationals*Georgia4:45
23-10James Brown & The J.B.'s Internationals*Get On The Good Foot0:52
23-11James Brown & The J.B.'s Internationals*I Got The Feelin'2:39
23-12James Brown & The J.B.'s Internationals* Feat. Michael Jackson & PrinceIt's A Man's Man's Man's World11:12
James Brown & The J.B.'s Internationals*Medley(13:02)
Level Up23-13.1Hot Pants
Level Up23-13.2Cold Sweat
Level Up23-13.3I Can't Stand Myself
Level Up23-13.4Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
Level Up23-13.5Please, Please, Please
Level Up23-13.6Jam 80
Level Up23-13.7Sex Machine
23-14James Brown & The J.B.'s Internationals* Feat. B.B. King & The B.B. King Orchestra*Sweet Little Angel3:32
23-15James Brown & The J.B.'s Internationals* Feat. B.B. King & The B.B. King Orchestra*Jam 802:42
23-16James BrownDoing It To Death1:32
1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, May 16th 1983
23-17No ArtistPrince Announced0:47
23-18Prince & Jah Wobble And The Invaders Of The Heart*Cloreen Bacon Skin8:40
1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, October 25th 1984
24-1Sheila E.Shortberry Strawcake4:47
24-2Sheila E.The Belle Of St. Mark4:38
24-3Sheila E.Noon Rendezvous5:07
24-4Sheila E.Oliver's House9:53
24-5Sheila E.Erotic City7:01
24-6Sheila E.Converses With Audience3:19
24-7Sheila E.Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar4:20
24-8Sheila E.The Glamorous Life9:19
24-9Sheila E. Feat. PrinceToo Sexy14:11
Nice, France, October 27th 1985
24-10Steven Fargnoli Interviews PrinceInterview17:19
Prom Center, St. Paul, MN, June 7th 1985
25-1Prince And The RevolutionA Love Bizarre6:05
25-2Prince And The RevolutionMutiny14:24
25-3Sheila E.Drum Solo1:36
25-4Prince And The RevolutionSometimes It Snows In April5:28
25-5Prince And The RevolutionIrresistible Bitch7:25
25-6Prince And The RevolutionPossessed / Cloreen Bacon Skin4:46
25-7Prince And The RevolutionThe Bird
Featuring, SaxophoneEric Leeds
25-8Prince And The RevolutionDrawers Burnin'3:29
25-9Prince And The RevolutionHolly Rock
Featuring, TimbalesSheila E.
1st Avenue / 7th Street Entry, July 11th 1985
25-10No ArtistSheila E. & Prince Announced0:16
25-11Prince & Sheila E.Girls & Boys4:20
25-12Prince & Sheila E.Holly Rock4:33
1st Avenue / 7th Street Entry, July 11th 1985
25-13No ArtistSheila E. & Prince Announced0:16
25-14Prince & Sheila E.Girls & Boys4:25
25-15Prince & Sheila E.Holly Rock4:46
The Palace, Los Angeles, CA, July 26th 1984
26-1Sheila E.Westwood One Intro0:17
26-2Sheila E.Shortberry Strawcake5:37
26-3Sheila E.The Belle Of St. Mark6:28
26-4Sheila E.Noon Rendezvous7:38
26-5Sheila E.Oliver's House6:45
26-6Sheila E.Too Sexy8:35
26-7Sheila E.Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar4:38
26-8Sheila E.The Glamorous Life8:02
26-9Sheila E.Introducing The Belle Of St. Mark0:10
De Maasport, Den Bosch, NL, October 6th 1984
26-10Sheila E.The Belle Of St. Mark6:52
26-11Sheila E.Noon Rendezvous7:42
26-12Sheila E.The Glamorous Life9:04
26-13Sheila E.Too Sexy5:22
26-14Sheila E.Christmas Message0:12
Rehearsal Outtake 1984
27-1Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U (Extended)
Guest, PercussionSheila E.
Interview With Wendy & Lisa
27-2Wendy* & Lisa*Interview4:26
1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, August 13th 1985
27-3The Family (2)Susannah's Pajamas2:57
27-4The Family (2)Yes3:03
27-5The Family (2)River Run Dry1:58
27-6The Family (2)Desire3:37
27-7The Family (2)High Fashion3:51
27-8The Family (2)Family Jam / The Pink Panther Theme4:08
27-9The Family (2)Nothing Compares 2 U6:41
27-10The Family (2)The Screams Of Passion5:27
27-11The Family (2)Mutiny / Holly Rock9:34
27-12No ArtistDJ & PA Track1:10
1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, August 14th 1984
28-1Prince And The RevolutionGet Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine
28-2Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy
28-3Prince And The RevolutionDelirious
28-4Prince And The Revolution1999
28-5Prince And The RevolutionLittle Red Corvette
28-6Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue
28-7Prince And The RevolutionDarling Nikki
28-8Prince And The RevolutionThe Beautiful Ones
28-9Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry
28-10Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star
28-11Prince And The RevolutionPurple Rain
Saturday Night Live, October 16th 1985
28-12Sheila E.A Love Bizarre
28-13Sheila E.Holly Rock
Purple Rush 7
The Demos & Outtakes
The Demos & Outtakes, 1983-1985 [I] Sessions
29-1Prince And The RevolutionErotic City (Long Version)8:43
29-2PrinceThe Beautiful Ones6:03
29-3Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue7:29
29-4Prince And The RevolutionDarling Nikki4:13
29-5Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U3:16
29-6Prince And The RevolutionBaby, I'm A Star4:50
29-7Prince With ApolloniaTake Me With U4:53
29-8Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue14:03
29-9Prince And The RevolutionElectric Intercourse4:46
29-10David Coleman (2), Suzie Katayama, Novi NovogPurple Rain (Instrumental)
ConductorLisa*, Wendy*
29-11Prince And The RevolutionAll Day, All Night5:57
29-12Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue0:36
The Demos & Outtakes, 1983-1985 [I] Sessions
30-1Prince And The RevolutionDarling Nikki4:14
30-2Prince And The RevolutionErotic City6:47
30-3Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue12:03
30-4PrinceTraffic Jam1:07
30-5PrincePossessed (Instrumental)7:26
30-6PrinceDarling Nikki0:50
30-7Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue11:44
30-9Apollonia 6Manic Monday2:50
30-10PrinceA Million Miles (I Love You)2:02
30-11Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue (Edit)3:53
The Demos & Outtakes, 1983-1985 [I] Sessions
31-1Vanity 6Vibrator
Narrator, Voice ActorVanity
Voice ActorJamie Starr, Jill Jones
31-2Vanity 6Vibrator
Voice ActorVanity
31-4PrinceUntitled Instrumental4:42
31-5Vanity 6Sex Shooter7:00
31-6PrinceWet Dream Cousin (Instrumental)4:41
31-7PrinceUntitled Instrumental4:38
31-8Prince And The RevolutionThe Dance Electric11:40
31-9PrinceThe Bird
Lead VocalsMorris Day
VoiceJamie Starr
31-11PrinceLust U Always (Instrumental)10:29
31-12PrinceLust U Always0:17
The Demos & Outtakes, 1983-1985 [I] Sessions
32-1The Family (2)Mutiny
Featuring, VocalsPrince
32-2The Family (2)Desire
Featuring, VocalsPrince
32-3PrinceHigh Fashion5:10
32-4The Family (2)Susannah's Pajamas3:59
32-5The Family (2)Nothing Compares 2 U4:39
32-6The Family (2)Yes6:27
32-7The Family (2)Feline (Instrumental)4:10
32-8The Family (2)Miss Understood
Vocals [Sung By]Susannah Melvoin
32-9Sheila E.Toy Box (Instrumental)6:22
32-10Prince100 MPH3:18
32-11MazaratiJerk Out7:06
32-12Mazarati100 MPH7:24

Companies, etc.


The tracklist omit often 'The' from the titles or incorporate minor descriptive informations [like '#1', '#2' '#3', 'incl.' etc. which aren't parts of the songs nor the titles] the most meanderings appear as follows:

• Purple Rush 1

1-8 is listed as 'Prince Speaks'
1-11 is listed as 'How Come U Don't Call Me'
6-4 are audio extractions from the movie 'Purple Rain'
6-14 is the audio from BBC's "I Love 1985" - part 6 of the 2001 television mini-series that examines the pop culture of the 1980s
6-7 to 6-32 are outtakes recorded for the film score taken from a cassette

[Note: it's not known which title belongs to which track, in the booklet they appear in the following context:]

"These Are the individual titles of Colombier’s instrumental pieces, as registered in Washington by means of 45-Minute cassette: Purple Intro; I Like Your Song too; Family Dispute; First Avenue; The Bitches Are Okay; I. D. S. Center; Lake Minnetonka; Puppets; A Little Song And Dance; Thinking About Buying A Guitar; Argument; Join Morris’ Group; Let’s Go Baby (parts I, II and III); Alley; Underpass; Home Again; Light Switch; Suicide; Sheet Music; Memories; Backstage."

• Purple Rush 2

9-1 is a description: 'Band rehearses loosely, plays parts of...'
10-13 is listed as 'Let's Go Crazy / The Beautiful Ones-synth'

Purple Rush 3

13-7 is listed as 'Free (with long intro)'
14-1 is listed as 'Another Lonely Christmas (instrumental try-out)'
14-2 is listed as 'Another Lonely Christmas (keyboard bassline)'
14-3 is listed as 'When Saints Go Marchin' In (vox rehears.)'
14-4 is listed as 'Another Lonely Christmas (keyboard, bass, guitar)'
14-5 is listed as 'Another Lonely Christmas (all instr. & vocals)'
14-6 is listed as 'Let's Go Crazy (instrumental try out)'
14-7 is listed as 'Instrumental Jam ('sleazy' part of Baby I'm A Star)'
14-8 is listed as 'Let's Go Crazy (instrumental try out II)'

• Purple Rush 4

15-6 is listed as 'Heavily distorted guitar'
15-7 is listed as 'When Doves Scream/Drum pattern check'

17-14 is listed as 'God / Prince taking a bath'
18-4 & 18-5 are from 'Washington, DC, November 1984'
18-6 is from 'Houston, TX, January 1985'
18-7 is from the 'AMA's, January 28th 1985'
18-8 is listed as 'aired incompletely; Grammy Awards, February 26th 1985'

• Purple Rush 5

19-11 is listed as 'Short Speech (Loyce Houlton, Artistic Director, MDT)' [Minnesota Dance Theatre]
20-4 is listed as 'Prince speaks'

• Purple Rush 6

23-1 to 23-16 is the audio track from a TV broadcast known as 'HBO Special: James Brown and B.B. King Live at the Beverly 1983' [without the part of Prince's performance]
24-10 is the audio track of a TV interview, first aired on MTV on November 15th 1985
25-10 to 25-12 the liner-notes explain that the tracks are from a '4daFunk' release
25-13 to 25-15 are [not listed but mentioned in the liner notes] the same tracks taken from 'M.P.L.S.'
26-9 & 26-14 are pirated from Another Lonely Christmas [26-9 is listed erroneously as 'Sheila E's Message to Japan']

• Purple Rush 7

"this volume contains Prince songs for the album Purple Rain, for Jill Jones, Apollonia 6, Vanity 6, André Cymone, The Time, The Family, Sheila E, Mazarati & for other projects"

"Songs for the Purple Rain album: Disc 1, Tracks 1-10 & 12; Disc 2, Tracks 1-3, 5-8 & 11" [= 29-1 to 29-10 & 29-12; 30-1 to 30-3, 30-5 to 30-8 & 30-11]

"Songs for Jill Jones: Disc 1, Track 11" [= 29-11]
"Songs for Apollonia 6: Disc 2, Tracks 9, 10" [= 30-9 & 30-10]
"Songs for Vanity 6: Disc 3, Tracks 1-7" [= 31-1 to 31-7]
"Songs for André Cymone: Disc 3, Track 8" [= 31-8]
"Songs for The Time: Disc 3, Tracks 9, 10" [= 31-9 & 31-10]
"Songs for The Family: Disc 4, Tracks 1-8" [= 32-1 to 32-8]
"Songs for Sheila E: Disc 4, Track 9" [= 32-9]
"Songs for Mazarati: Disc 4, Tracks 10-12" [= 32-10 to 32-12]
"Other: Disc 2, Track 4, Disc 3, Tracks 11, 12" [= 30-4 & 31-12]

29-3 is listed as 'Computer Blue (#4; Sunset Sound Edit Vers.)'
29-8 is listed as 'Computer Blue (#3; Sunset Sound Version)'
28-9 is a rehearsal
29-12 is the so called 'Hallway Speech', a part extracted from track 29-8
30-3 is listed as 'Computer Blue (#2; Sunset Sound Verison)'
30-4 is only a sample of the full track which remains unreleased. It's taken from a demo tape
30-6 is only the ending of the original album track [listed as 'Mirror Message'] played first backwards following by the original run, stitched together
30-7 is listed as 'Computer Blue (#1; St. Louis Park Verison)'
30-11 is a fan-made edit of a '#2; Sunset Sound Version'

[All the versions of 'Computer Blue' appear with fan made version numbers and subtitles - which are simply the names of their recording locations]

31-4 Is often erroneously referred as 'Climax' or 'Jamming Till The Dawn'
31-7 is only the bass track of 31-4
31-12 is only a sample of the full track which remain unreleased. It's taken from the same demo tape as 30-4
32-10 is listed as '100 M.P.H. (Vocal Version Prince)'
32-12 is listed as '100 M.P.H. (Long Vocal Version Mazarati)'

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Other (Catalognumber, Purple Rush 1): SAB 128/129/130/142/143/144
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 1): SAB 128
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 2): SAB 129 B
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 3): SAB 130 B
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 4): SAB 142
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 5): SAB 143
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 6): SAB 144 B
  • Other (Catalognumber, Purple Rush 2): SAB 173-176
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 7): SAB 173
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 8): SAB 174
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 9): SAB 175
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 10): SAB 176
  • Other (Catalognumber, Purple Rush 3): SAB 177-180
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 11): SAB 177
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 12): SAB 178
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 13): SAB 179
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 14): SAB 180
  • Other (Catalognumber, Purple Rush 4): SAB 181-184
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 15): SAB 181
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 16): SAB 182
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 17): SAB 183
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 18): SAB 184
  • Other (Catalognumber, Purple Rush 5): SAB 218-221
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 19): SAB 218
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 20): SAB 219
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 21): SAB 220
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 22): SAB 221
  • Other (Catalognumber, Purple Rush 6): SAB 354-359
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 23): SAB 354
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 24): SAB 355
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 25): SAB 356
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 26): SAB 357
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 27): SAB 358
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 28): SAB 359
  • Other (Catalognumber, Purple Rush 7): SAB 360-363
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 29): SAB 360
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 30): SAB 361
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 31): SAB 362
  • Other (Catalognumber, Disc 32): SAB 363
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): SAB 128
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): SAB 129 B
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3): SAB 130 B
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4): SAB 142
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 5): SAB 143
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 6): SAB 144 B
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 7): SAB 173
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 8): SAB 174
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 9): SAB 175
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 10): SAB 176
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 11): SAB 177
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 12): SAB 178
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 13): SAB 179
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 14): SAB 180
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 15): SAB 181
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 16): SAB 182
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 17): SAB 183
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 18): SAB 184
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 19): SAB 218
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 20): SAB 219
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 21): SAB 220
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 22): SAB 221
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 23): SAB 354
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 24): SAB 355
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 25): SAB 356
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 26): SAB 357
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 27): SAB 358
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 28): SAB 359
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 29): SAB 360
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 30): SAB 361
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 31): SAB 362
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 32): SAB 363


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