Harmonia - Complete Works giullare

December 11, 2020
this BOX cds is in a NEW REMASTERING???or is always the same?

Harmonia - Complete Works autobein

November 5, 2015
How is the quality on Live 1974? I bought one copy few years ago and the sound quality is horrible.


Harmonia - Complete Works Vermontvinyl

March 23, 2016
Quality is great on this release! Live 1976 is unreal. Get this!

Harmonia - Complete Works mojo_navigator

December 18, 2015
There is a review of the vinyl box set on Dusted Magazine where the reviewer complains about a lot of the things we do regarding poorly done vinyl releases but says that no such problems plague this set. Of course we don't know until we actually hear it, but its rare for a reviewer to talk about vinyl quality so I think there's a strong chance that this was done right

Harmonia - Complete Works Bradx

November 27, 2015
edited over 5 years ago
Yes, the vinyl of that album was terrible. I took mine back and got the cd instead which sounds perfect.
I don't know what the vinyl is like in this box set. I hear a lot of bad pressings these days so don't hold out that much hope.

Harmonia - Complete Works SigueSigueVinyl

October 30, 2015

Very nice box set from one of my favourite krautrock protagonists. Also good to know to own something "complete", so that there will be no more to come - except we begin to discuss releases like in the comment :-). A good unboxing video will be found here: