SPK - Factory nativewaiter

November 27, 2017
Why does this show up as being their first single/EP release when it obviously isn't?

SPK - Factory im11age

December 9, 2017
Well..there is a lot of dubious info here isn't there written by someone who obviously doesn't own it or have much clue...I have to doubt that this copy that is listed for such a piddly sum must not be the 'real deal' either..after all, re-issues were released with the SPK box put out by VOD several years back, so it may very well have been one of them eh? ( These early SPK eps are like THE MEGA rarities among any early noise/industrial release after all! )

SPK - Factory im11age

July 18, 2017
Comment on sale price: This 'highway robbery' of a deal, shows either seller had no idea what they had, or it must have been really beat-up. Regardless, an unbelievable deal for someone! Otherwise, this just isn't in all probability, going to ever happen with this record.

SPK - Factory impulsemanslaughter

November 26, 2017
“Record and paper sleeve are in good shape. been in a cupboard for 15 years. Some lite crackle at the beginning of each side.” Record & sleeve VG+

SPK - Factory el-haych

November 12, 2017
OR it was from the 7" box set listed as this?!!