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October 21, 2017
I can provide scans of the inserted booklet "Dokument I", so if interested just pm me.

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May 11, 2016
Garageland Records was my shop in Bristol back in the day. Mike Wilkins came into the shop (then in Princess Victoria St, Clifton Village) with a few crates of records he wanted to sell from his time working at Industrial Records and playing in the IOU era SPK. It was a remarkable assortment of oddities and collectibles from the early days of Industrial and experimental recordings. I remember it included his own copy of the TG 24hrs cassette box set with artwork all signed to him. As a bonus it included a number of extra cassettes that never made it to the other boxes. There were aussie originals of the SPK 7" singles. I seem to recall multiple copies of the TG 'The Kill' & Death Factory 'original' 1st pressings. There were multiple copies of all the early industrial recordings with test presses and mocked up artwork etc...A real treasure trove
Then he said he had 23 original pressings of IOU still in the pressing plant delivery box. As it was 10 years after the original release he was interested in putting these out with an updated version of the document to reflect what had changed in the intervening 10 yr period. He gave each it's own handmade cover and numbered them 1-23. I seem to remember he kept No1 for himself. Though he may still live in Bristol I never saw him again for the remaining 10yrs or more that I had the shop.
As an aside to this and as a result of suddenly un-earthing all these little treasures and word spreading among kindred spirits, I was paid a visit by Bristol's other maverick....Philip Best of Consumer Electronics & Whitehouse notoriety. On hearing there was an interest and people prepared to pay good money for rare electronica in he strolled with a box full of all the original Whitehouse albums. That really was a strange few months and happy memories.

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January 15, 2014
edited over 5 years ago
The comment from Knuckles is misleading. The version with the black cover is the original issue from 1981 with a different cover than the 1985 issue on Normal. Mike Wilkins did make an additional 23 copies in 1991 each with a different collaged cover and insert, though there is not a specific Discogs page for it. The Dokument 1 insert was apparently issued with all the copies on Side Effects though it is hard to come by. Amazing LP.

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January 9, 2015

Unfortunately, my comment was for the old discogs entry for the issue of 23. With the shifting around and merging of pages, my redundant comment now seems incorrect for this particular entry.

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February 24, 2003

These were made by Mike Wilkins, former member, who sold them through Garageland Records, Bristol in the early 90s and was, to my knowledge, the only port of distribution for this issue.