Nový SvětMono

Label:Reue Um Reue – RUR040
Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, C40


A1Fácil Caer4:29
A2Perfetta Solitudine5:17
A5Nada Nuevo2:24
B4Tierras Secas3:03
B5Feliz Cumple, J.4:49


C40 professional Chrome Plus tape - silk-screened smoky transparent shell - in brad pak + hand-numbered insert - limited edition of 200 copies



  • dionisisth's avatar
    Edited 4 years ago
    One of the most important contemporary music releases ever made..To those who have not listened to it i say to you "I pity you, and yet i envy you at the same time"..My pity goes for, you still haven't listend to this, and my envy goes for the first time that you will listen to it.
    Be it five years since it's release, this has aged well, or not aged at all..Take your pick..This record came out aged as the finest wine, because Novy Svet did all the aging process when they recorded it for you and took away the element of time required for it..
    Wether you listen to it for the first, or the uptenth time, this is as fresh as blossoms and yet as old as the finest wine..Sweet as the memory of your first love's kiss and bitter like the feelling of loss that comes when realising what this world is all about, or isn't.
    It seems like this, is the destilation of everything they did up till that moment of recording this..All the unfinished, half finished, and complete pieces of music they made pour into this one..
    If i was at gunpoint, and i had to choose a dozen albums to go with for ther rest of my life, hand in heart, this would be one of them..
    Having seen them perform live and thus totaly agnowleging the full spectrum of power of their music, i can appreciate this even more..Would really like a vinyl cut of this, but still i am happy with my tape as it is..This is the stuff that dreams are made of.
    • dalakouras's avatar
      From Reue Um Treue: Seven years after "Todas Las Últimas Cosas", NOVY SVET are back with a conceptual album – an epitaph, really – using mostly analogue radio frequencies, sampled from an old kitchen wireless shortly before the Austrian broadcasters went fully digital. Out of those sonic remnants of the past, NS distilled ten beautifully sad, urgent and heavy requiems commemorating the end of an era and paying a last tribute to a modus operandi that has always been at the heart of the band's work. Warm, muffled lo-fi emoscapes, glitched-out trap beats and the unmistakable Spanish vocal lament of J.W. create such an overwhelmingly dreamy ambience that it feels like floating through fuzzy halos and foggy flares, adrift along the passing memories of a long forgotten summer, the ghostly shadows of something that won't be again... and that maybe never was. Pushing NOVY SVET to the next level, this album is definitely the most emotional to date and the perfect soundtrack for those desperately longing.
      • claudiaemc's avatar
        Edited 7 years ago
        Sencillamente encantador, cada canción completa delicadamente un todo en la manera que mejor saben hacerlo.
        • ptv023's avatar
          Absolutely stunning work that deserves wider recognition. Grab it while still in print!


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