Sir Simon Rattle, Igor StravinskyStravinsky: The Firebird - Petrushka - The Rite Of Spring - Pulcinella - Apollo - Symphonies

Label:EMI Classics – 50999 2 42754 2 2
4 x CD, Compilation, Stereo, Box Set
Style:Modern, Neo-Classical


The Firebird
A1Introduction - Kashchei's Enchanted Garden - Appearance Of The Firebird Pursued By Ivan Tsarevich6:21
A2Dance Of The Firebird - Ivan Tsarevich Captures The Firebird - Supplications Of The Firebird - Appearance Of Thirteen Enchanted Princesses11:09
A3The Princesses' Game With The Golden Apples (Scherzo)2:40
A4Sudden Appearance of Ivan Tsarevich - The Princesses' Khorovod (Round Dance) - Daybreak - Ivan Tsarevich Enters Kaschei's Palace - Magic Carillon, Appearance Of Kashchei's Guardian Monsters And Capture Of Ivan Tsarevich - Arrival Of Kashchei The Immortal - Kashchei's Dialogue With Ivan Tsarevich - Intercession Of The Princesses - Appearance Of The Firebird12:52
A5Dance Of Kashchei's Retinue Under Firebird's Spell - Infernal Dance Of All Kashchei's Subjects5:23
A6Lullaby (Firebird) - Kashchei's Awakening - Kashchei's Death - Complete Darkness 5:45
A7Disappearance Of The Palace And Dissolution Of Kashchei's Enchantments - Animation Of The Petrified Warriors. General Thanksgiving3:12
Scherzo À La Russe (For Jazz Band)
A8Scherzo À La Russe3:51
Four Studies
Scherzo À La Russe (Orchestral Version)
A13Scherzo À La Russe3:59
Apollo Tableau I (Prologue)
B1Naissance D'Apollon5:14
Apollo Tableau II (Firebird)
B2Variation D'Apollon (Apoloon Et Les Muses)2:59
B3Pas D'Action (Apollon Et Les Muses: Callipoe, Polymnie Et Terpsichore)4:15
B4Variation De Calliope (L'Alexandrin)1:25
B5Variation De Polymnie1:12
B6Variation de Terpsichore1:39
B7Variation D'Apollon2:35
B8Pas De Deux (Apollon Et Terpsichore)3:50
B9Coda (Apollon Et Les Muses)3:25
Le sacre Du Printemps (Première Partie: L'Adoration De La Terre)
B11Introduction - Les Augures Printaniers - Danses Des Adolescentes - Jeu De Rapt8:01
B12Ronde Printanières - Jeu De Cités Rivales - Cortège Du Sage6:16
B13Le Sage - Danse De La Terre 1:33
Le sacre Du Printemps (Seconde Partie: Le Sacrifice)
B15Cercles Mystérieux Des Adolescentes3:27
B16Glofication De L'Élue - Évocation Des Ancêtres- Action Rituelle Des Ancêtres6:03
B17Danse Sacrale (L'Élue)5:01
Petrushka (1947 Version): Premier Tableau
C1Fête Populaire De La Semaine Grasse7:19
C2Le Tour De Passe-Passe - Dance Russe2:35
Petrushka (1947 Version): Deuxième Tableau
C3Chez Petrushka4:35
Petrushka (1947 Version): Troisième Tableau
C4Chez Le Maure - Danse De La Ballerine 3:36
C5Valse: La Ballerine Et Le Maure3:13
Petrushka (1947 Version): Quartrième Tableau
C6Fête Populaire De La Semaine Grasse1:11
C7Danse De Nounous2:40
C8Paysan Et L'Ours1:17
C9Bohémian Et Marchand Malhonnêtte1:05
C10Danse Des Cochers Et Des Palefreniers2:06
C11Les Déguisés1:33
C12Le Rixe: Le Maure Et Petrushka0:48
C13Mort De Petrushka0:55
C14Police Et L'Enchanteur - Vocifération Du Double De Petrushka2:06
Symphony In Three Movements
C15I. ♩= 1609:39
C16II. Andante (♪ = 76) - Interlude (L'Istesso Tempo)5:44
C17III. Con Moto (♩ = 180)6:06
Symphonies Of Wind Instruments (1920 Original Version)
C18Symphonies Of Wind Instruments9:48
Pulcinella - Ballet Avec Chante
D2Mentre L'Erbetta Pasce L'Agnella (Tenor)8:57
D3Contento Forse Vivere (Soprano)4:56
D4Con Queste Paroline (Bass)3:16
D5Sento Dire No'Nce Pace (Trio)2:13
D6Una Te Falan Zemprece (Tenor)4:17
D7Se Tu M'Ami (Soprano)3:21
D9Variation 10:49
D10Variation 23:17
D11Pupillette Fiamette (Trio)4:18
Suite No.1
D12I. Andante1:24
D13II. Napolitana1:12
D14III. Española1:14
D15IV. Balalaïka0:59
Suite No. 2
D16I. Marche1:31
D17II. Valse1:52
D18III. Polka0:51
D19IV. Galop 1:45
Ebony Concerto
D21I. Allegro Moderato3:03
D22II. Andante2:30
D23III. Moderato3:25
Agon (Excerpts)
D27Four Duos0:32
D28Four Trios2:21



Disc 1 - Recorded 16-17 October 1987 at the Arts Centre, Warwick. Monitored using B&W loudspeakers. © 1989.

Disc 2 - Recorded 19-21 December 1987 (Tracks 11 - 17) and 30 April and 1 May 1988 (Tracks 1 - 16) at the Arts Centre, Warwick. Monitored using B&W loudspeakers. © 1989.

Disc 3 - Recorded 13-4 October 1986 (Tracks 1 - 17) at the Arts Centre, Warwick. © 1988; and 20-22 September 2007 (Track 18) at Philharmonie, Berlin. ©2007.

Disc 4 - Recorded 28-29 March 1977 and 3 January 1978 at Henry Wood Hall, Northern Sinfonia Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne (Tracks 1 - 11) © 1978/1986; and 3 January 1978 at Henry Wood Hall, Northern Sinfonia Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne (Tracks 12 - 19) © 1978/1987; and 4 - 6 October 1990 at the Arts Centre, Warwick (Track 20) © 1993; and 3 January 1987 at CTS Studios, Wembley, London (Tracks 21 -23) ©1987; and 9 -15 July and 8 - 12 August 1995 at Symphony Hall, Birmingham (tracks 24 - 28) ©1996.

Comes with a 28 page booklet in english, german and french.

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