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    Duke EllingtonAnniversary - 13 Volumes Box Set

    Label:Musisoft – MJCD 1300, Musisoft – CC 811
    Series:Masters Of Jazz (2)
    13 x CD, Compilation


    Disk 01 - Ballads / MJCD 1301(1:00:29)
    Level Up1-01All Too Soon3:22
    Level Up1-02I Got it Bad (and That Ain't Good)3:21
    Level Up1-03Solitude3:04
    Level Up1-04Mood Indigo2:48
    Level Up1-05Dusk3:21
    Level Up1-06After All3:22
    Level Up1-07Moon Mist3:02
    Level Up1-08Finesse2:43
    Level Up1-09Serenade to Sweden3:26
    Level Up1-10Black Butterfly2:43
    Level Up1-11Lost in Meditation2:59
    Level Up1-12Blue Light2:47
    Level Up1-13Please Forgive Me3:04
    Level Up1-14Prelude to a Kiss3:00
    Level Up1-15Mighty Like the Blues2:39
    Level Up1-16I Never Felt That Way Before3:02
    Level Up1-17You Never Know the Things You Miss1:43
    Level Up1-18In A Sentimental Mood3:02
    Level Up1-19A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing3:20
    Level Up1-20Violet Blue3:10
    Disk 02 - Blues / MJCD 1302(1:00:26)
    Level Up2-01Things Ain't What They Used to Be3:20
    Level Up2-02Across the Track Blues3:01
    Level Up2-03C Jam Blues2:42
    Level Up2-04Blues2:47
    Level Up2-05Main Stem2:51
    Level Up2-06Blues3:00
    Level Up2-07Yellow Dog Blues2:55
    Level Up2-08Blues With a Feeling3:15
    Level Up2-09Saratoga Swing2:49
    Level Up2-10Beggar's Blues3:20
    Level Up2-11Sweet Chariot2:57
    Level Up2-12Bundle of Blues3:13
    Level Up2-13Blue Feeling3:15
    Level Up2-14Indigo Echoes2:52
    Level Up2-15Jeep's Blue2:57
    Level Up2-16Mobile Blues2:33
    Level Up2-17Subtle Lament3:05
    Level Up2-18Beale Street Blues2:55
    Level Up2-19Memphis Blues3:03
    Level Up2-20Royal Garden Blues3:24
    Disk 03 - Composer / MJCD 1303(1:15:41)
    Level Up3-01Ko Ko2:48
    Level Up3-02Concerto for Cootie3:25
    Level Up3-03Sepia Panorama5:13
    Level Up3-04Tootin' Through the Roof2:54
    Level Up3-05Battle of Swing2:58
    Level Up3-06I Let a Song go Out of my Heart3:10
    Level Up3-07Creole Rhapsody8:37
    Level Up3-08Slippery Horn3:07
    Level Up3-09Daybreak Express2:57
    Level Up3-10Saddest Tale3:19
    Level Up3-11Showboat Shuffle3:04
    Level Up3-12Braggin' in Brass2:46
    Level Up3-13Dimineundo in Blue, Transblucency, Crescendo in Blue9:52
    Level Up3-14Blue Serge3:24
    Level Up3-15In a Mellow Tone3:20
    Level Up3-16Black Brown and Beige (Excerpts Of) Work Song-Come Sunday9:07
    Level Up3-17Happy Go Lucky Local5:29
    Disk 04 - Dance / MJCD 1304(1:02:46)
    Level Up4-01Caravan2:52
    Level Up4-02Conga Brava2:59
    Level Up4-03Moonlight Fiesta [Porto-Rican Chaos]2:56
    Level Up4-04Snake Hip Dance2:46
    Level Up4-05Breakfast Dance3:08
    Level Up4-06Maori (A Samoan Dance)3:07
    Level Up4-07Admiration3:13
    Level Up4-08That Lindy Hop2:57
    Level Up4-09Truckin'3:01
    Level Up4-10Skrontch2:46
    Level Up4-11Swingtime in Honolulu2:57
    Level Up4-12I'm Slappin' Seventh Avenue (With the Sole of My Shoe)2:40
    Level Up4-13Hip Chic2:59
    Level Up4-14Lambeth Walk2:31
    Level Up4-15Empty Ballroom Blues2:27
    Level Up4-16Flaming Sword3:11
    Level Up4-17Bakiff4:24
    Level Up4-18Moon Over Cuba3:15
    Level Up4-19Black Brown and Beige, (Excerpt Of) Three Dances4:38
    Level Up4-20Liberian Suite, (Dance No. 3)3:48
    Disk 05 - Friends / MJCD 1305(1:09:52)
    Level Up5-01Hot and Bothered with Lonnie Johnson3:19
    Level Up5-02Accordion Joe with Joe Cornell3:01
    Level Up5-03Three Little Words with The Rhythm Boys3:07
    Level Up5-04St. Louis Blues with Bing Crosby4:32
    Level Up5-05Diga Diga Doo with The Mills Brothers4:32
    Level Up5-06I Can't Give You Anything But Love with Ethel Waters3:07
    Level Up5-07My Old Flame with Mae West3:18
    Level Up5-08Blues (Big City Blues) with Billie Holiday2:28
    Level Up5-09I Cover the Waterfront with Billie Holiday3:04
    Level Up5-10Tonight I Shall Sleep (With a Smile on My Face) with Tommy Dorsey3:02
    Level Up5-11I Can't Believe That You are in Love With me with Anita O'Day5:29
    Level Up5-12Metronome All-Out with Metronome All Star Band4:19
    Level Up5-13Long, Long Journey with Louis Armstrong4:35
    Level Up5-14Honeysuckle Rose with Django Reinhardt3:41
    Level Up5-15I Fell and Broke My Heart with Woody Herman2:42
    Level Up5-16Jazz Cocktail with Benny Carter3:14
    Level Up5-17Blue Skies with Mary Lou Williams3:13
    Level Up5-18Hollywood Hangover with Buck Clayton3:42
    Level Up5-19My Honey's Lovin' Arms with Dick Vance3:12
    Level Up5-20The C Jam Blues with Woody Herman3:28
    Disk 06 - Jungle / MJCD 1306(1:04:57)
    Level Up6-01Prologue to Black and Tan Fantasy2:38
    Level Up6-02New Black and Tan Fantasy2:42
    Level Up6-03Mooche3:15
    Level Up6-04Saturday Night Function3:09
    Level Up6-05Mississippi Moan3:29
    Level Up6-06Jungle Jamboree3:05
    Level Up6-07Haunted Nights3:19
    Level Up6-08Jungle Nights in Harlem2:56
    Level Up6-09Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie3:01
    Level Up6-10Jungle Blues3:04
    Level Up6-11Echoes of the Jungle3:30
    Level Up6-12Baby, When You Ain't There2:47
    Level Up6-13Dear Old Southland3:35
    Level Up6-14New East St. Louis Toodle-Oo3:05
    Level Up6-15Delta Mood2:49
    Level Up6-16Dooji Wooji2:59
    Level Up6-17Way Low4:07
    Level Up6-18Gathering in a Clearing3:11
    Level Up6-19Liberian Suite - Excerpt Dance No 55:12
    Level Up6-20Air-Conditioned Jungle2:54
    Disk 07 - Ladies / MJCD 1307(1:13:30)
    Level Up7-01Sophisticated Lady2:53
    Level Up7-02Dinah Lou2:26
    Level Up7-03Lady Who Couldn't be Kissed2:45
    Level Up7-04Gal from Joe's3:00
    Level Up7-05Dinah's in a Jam2:52
    Level Up7-06Lady in Blue2:56
    Level Up7-07Country Gal3:00
    Level Up7-08Warm Valley3:15
    Level Up7-09Chloe3:27
    Level Up7-10John Hardy's Wife3:31
    Level Up7-11Clementine2:58
    Level Up7-12Brown-Skin Gal (In the Calico Gown)3:13
    Level Up7-13Sentimental Lady (I Didn't Know About You)3:03
    Level Up7-14Blue Belles of Harlem5:23
    Level Up7-15Lily Belle3:00
    Level Up7-16Lady of the Lavender Mist3:18
    Level Up7-17Women (They'll Get You)3:18
    Level Up7-18Brown Betty5:51
    Level Up7-19The Tattooed Bride13:11
    Disk 08 - New York / MJCD 1308(1:01:44)
    Level Up8-01Harlem Air Shaft3:00
    Level Up8-02Sidewalks of New York3:15
    Level Up8-03Uptown Downbeat3:26
    Level Up8-04Harlem River Quiver (Brown Berries)2:49
    Level Up8-05Harlemania3:00
    Level Up8-06Harlem Flat Blues3:07
    Level Up8-07Wall Street Wail2:59
    Level Up8-08Blue Harlem2:55
    Level Up8-09Drop Me off in Harlem3:00
    Level Up8-10Harlem Speaks3:08
    Level Up8-11It Was a Sad Night in Harlem3:09
    Level Up8-12Scattin' at the Kit Kat2:46
    Level Up8-13 Sugar Hill Shim Sham2:37
    Level Up8-14Harmony in Harlem3:11
    Level Up8-15Boys from Harlem2:19
    Level Up8-16Cotton Club Stomp2:51
    Level Up8-17Carnegie Blues2:55
    Level Up8-18Park at 106th2:27
    Level Up8-19New York City Blues3:12
    Level Up8-20Manhattan Murals5:28
    Disk 09 - Pianist / MJCD 1309(1:12:53)
    Level Up9-01Black Beauty3:04
    Level Up9-02A Swampy River2:52
    Level Up9-03Fast and Furious (Lot’s O’ Fingers)2:52
    Level Up9-04Mood Indigo/Solitude3:09
    Level Up9-05Sophisticated Lady/In a Sentimental Mood3:08
    Level Up9-06Swing Baby Swing (Love in My Heart)2:37
    Level Up9-07Informal Blues2:45
    Level Up9-08Mr. J.B. Blues3:06
    Level Up9-09Dear Old Southland3:20
    Level Up9-10Solitude3:32
    Level Up9-11Frankie and Johnny2:41
    Level Up9-12Jumpin' Room Only2:37
    Level Up9-13Dancers in Love2:23
    Level Up9-14Minor Goes Muggin'3:05
    Level Up9-15Tonk2:49
    Level Up9-16Drawing Room Blues3:41
    Level Up9-17There Was Nobody Looking3:10
    Level Up9-18New York City Blues4:54
    Level Up9-19Clothed Woman4:40
    Level Up9-20New World A-Comin'12:14
    Disk 10 - Portraits / MJCD 1310(1:06:49)
    Level Up10-01Black Beauty (Portrait of Florence Mills)2:54
    Level Up10-02Gypsy Without a Song3:02
    Level Up10-03Old King Dooji2:35
    Level Up10-04Portrait of the Lion2:32
    Level Up10-05Little Posey2:43
    Level Up10-06Weely (Portrait of Billy Strayhorn)3:02
    Level Up10-07Jack the Bear3:12
    Level Up10-08Bojangles2:54
    Level Up10-09Portrait of Bert Williams3:21
    Level Up10-10Menelik: The Lion of Judah3:21
    Level Up10-11Poor Bubber3:23
    Level Up10-12Fancy Dan4:12
    Level Up10-13Jennie2:21
    Level Up10-14Unbooted Character3:28
    Level Up10-15Hearsay or Orson Welles5:00
    Level Up10-16Beautiful Indians, Pt. 1: Hiawatha2:43
    Level Up10-17Beautiful Indians, Pt. 2: Minnehaha2:58
    Level Up10-18Golden Feather2:51
    Level Up10-19Golden Cress3:01
    Level Up10-20Frankie and Johnny7:14
    Disk 11 - Soloists / MJCD 1311(1:04:15)
    Level Up11-01Sonny Greer - Liberian Suite: Dance No 53:10
    Level Up11-02Bubber Miley  - Doin' the Voom Voom3:12
    Level Up11-03Joe "Tricky Sam" Nanton  - Black and Tan Fantasy2:49
    Level Up11-04Harry Carney – Frustration2:50
    Level Up11-05Barney Bigard  - Clarinet Lament (Barney's Concerto)3:13
    Level Up11-06Johnny Hodges  - Mood to be Wooed4:26
    Level Up11-07Cootie Williams - Echoes of Harlem (Cootie's Concerto)3:06
    Level Up11-08Lawrence Brown  - Rose of the Rio Grande3:04
    Level Up11-09Rex Stewart - Morning Glory3:21
    Level Up11-10Harold Baker - Ain't Misbehavin'3:41
    Level Up11-11Billy Strayhorn - Passion Flower3:36
    Level Up11-12Jimmy Blanton - Pitter Panther Patter3:04
    Level Up11-13Ben Webster- Stardust4:19
    Level Up11-14Ray Nance - Take the "A" Train2:58
    Level Up11-15Jimmy Hamilton - Flippant Flurry2:53
    Level Up11-16Taft Jordan - Rugged Romeo3:04
    Level Up11-17Al Sears – The Suburbanite2:31
    Level Up11-18Oscar Pettiford  - Tip Toe Topic2:04
    Level Up11-19Tyree Glenn - Sultry Serenade3:07
    Level Up11-20Taft Jordan, Harold Baker, Ray Nance, Francis Williams, Cat Anderson - Blue Skies [Trumpet No End]2:32
    Disk 12 - Swing / MJCD 1312(1:01:17)
    Level Up12-01Cotton Tail3:13
    Level Up12-02It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)3:11
    Level Up12-03Jubilee Stomp2:38
    Level Up12-04Double Check Stomp2:56
    Level Up12-05Ring Dem Bells2:57
    Level Up12-06Lightnin'3:10
    Level Up12-07Jive Stomp2:48
    Level Up12-08Stompy Jones3:05
    Level Up12-09In a Jam3:01
    Level Up12-10Exposition Swing3:12
    Level Up12-11Chatterbox2:49
    Level Up12-12Buffet Flat2:27
    Level Up12-13Slap Happy2:48
    Level Up12-14Jazz Potpourri3:10
    Level Up12-15Riding on a Blue Note3:58
    Level Up12-16Squaty Roo2:26
    Level Up12-17Bli-Blip3:07
    Level Up12-18Rockin' in Rhythm3:55
    Level Up12-19Stomp, Look and Listen3:23
    Level Up12-20I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me2:53
    Disk 13 - Vocals / MJCD 1313(59:42)
    Level Up13-01Adelaide Hall - Blues, I Love to Sing3:13
    Level Up13-02Sonny Greer - Sloppy Joe3:17
    Level Up13-03Cootie Williams - She's Gone3:05
    Level Up13-04Ivie Anderson - Troubled Waters3:33
    Level Up13-05Ivie Anderson, Harry Carney, Hayes Alvis, Rex Stewart - I've Got to be a Rug Cutter2:36
    Level Up13-06Ivie Anderson - I'm Checkin' Out, Go'om Bye2:30
    Level Up13-07Jean Eldridge - Something to Live For2:49
    Level Up13-08Herb Jeffries  - Jump for Joy2:54
    Level Up13-09Ivie Anderson - Rocks in my Bed3:09
    Level Up13-10Ray Nance - Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me)3:22
    Level Up13-11Betty Roché - Go Away Blues2:05
    Level Up13-12Joya Sherrill - Everything But You3:03
    Level Up13-13Maria Cole, Joya Sherrill, Kay Davis - It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)3:03
    Level Up13-14Maria Cole - I Don't Mind3:08
    Level Up13-15Kay Davis, Joya Sherrill, Maria Cole, Al Hibbler - Solitude3:06
    Level Up13-16Marion Cox - St. Louis Blues3:00
    Level Up13-17Dolores Parker  - Once Upon a Dream3:01
    Level Up13-18Al Hibbler -  Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me3:07
    Level Up13-19Kay Davis - On a Turquoise Cloud3:24
    Level Up13-20I've Got to Be a Rug Cutter2:12

    Companies, etc.


    Artistic Director : Claude Carrière
    Produced by : Noël Hervé (for Musisoft)
    Special Thanks to : Jean Portier
    English Version : Martin Davies
    Transfers & Mastering : Christophe Hénault (studio Dante)

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode: 3356571130026


    pp_'s profile picture
    This 13 disc box set compiles 260 tracks covering three decades of his Duke Ellingtons recording career. Although recodring dates range from 1927 to 1948, the main focus here is clearly on Ellington's 40's output.

    Considering that this box set was sourced from 78s, sound quality is overall very nice. Luckily clean copies were used for tranfers. There's not really clicks or pops. Apart from some surface noise, there's really very little room for complaint. However mastering of this box set may divide opinions. It's clear that these tracks are needle drops. There is no doubt that the sound could be more crisp or detailed. I'm sure that there's more hi-fi sounding alternatives available of most of these recordings. Fortunately this box set wasn't botched with bad noise reduction, excessive compression or otherwise bad mastering. This box set is definitely a worthwhile alternative.

    Packaging is ok. Each CD is packed in 8 panel digipack with liner notes (French & English), track listing, recording details and personnel details. Accuracy of personnel details varies greatly. Sometimes every musician is listed while other times only soloists are mentioned.

    I find presentation of this box set mildly annoying. The material on compilation is divided thematically on different discs. Each of the discs is supposed to follow some kind of theme (e.g. ballads, blues, jungle etc.). In reality these themes are rather loose. Most of these song would have fit under various of these themes, so the discs aren't vastly different. This box set could have benefitted greatly from a different kind of presentation (e.g. chronological order).