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Book of 60 pages, comes with DVD. Limited edition of 300 copies, hand-numbered.

GROUND is an audiovisual performance in which graphite drawings are used as an interface to control several electronic instruments. Graphite is a conductor for electricity. By using it as a variable resistor the pitch, amplitude and sound color of sound generators can be controlled. The instrument offers a field of possibilities in which auditive and visual elements are interconnected. Drawing, erasing, touching and slowly or rapidly (re)positioning the instruments on the drawing have a direct auditive result. The work is an ongoing project by Dewi de Vree and Jeroen Uyttendaele.

This book is an overview of the last eight years of experimenting with different set ups of the work Ground, from playing/drawing on one large piece of paper to drawing in a book (collecting them as scores). Recently another iteration was added i.e. an instrument that can be played by anyone at home allowing for a direct relationship with the work.

GROUND is a co-production of iii and audioMER and made possible by generous support of the Creative Industries Fund NL

Recorded at Studio Loos, The Hague, July 2014

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