Chris Isaak - Forever Blue syntl

January 15, 2021
Is this not the first time on vinyl? Why is it labeled as a “reissue”?

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue as reviewed by ThuenteCollection

January 9, 2020
Just picked this up new at B&N today. !/2 price sale. It sounds excellent without any significant noise, listening critically with a nice pair of cans.

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue as reviewed by dreamritual

June 2, 2019
Picked this up new today. Sounds really nice. My copy is not warped, and sounds free of any noise, etc. I also have a perfect copy of San Fransisco Days, and like this album, really requires a clean copy due to how quiet and clean the music is. Overall, I would recommend this purchase.

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue KAP50

March 22, 2019
My copy is flat, quiet, close to perfectly-centered, and sounds terrific, with a couple of light ticks on Side 2 that are well within what's acceptable.

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue as reviewed by Texasbear

April 20, 2016

The Blue reissue of this album that I purchased, also at Barnes and Noble, has none of the issues that others are reporting at all. I don't have a $5,000 turntable, but I have a Music Hall 7.1 turntable with the acrylic platter upgrade and cork decoupler. I also have a $1,200 ClearAudio Maestro Ebony V2 cartridge and it is isolated on a Mapleshade 2 inch wood platform with the isoblocks. I also vacuum clean all my vinyl upon arrival home. New or used vinyl, as I learned the hard way, should always be cleaned first. I purchased a brand new copy of Interpool's "El Pintor" and I didn't clean it first. It completely ruined my $400 Ortofon cartridge that the turntable shipped with. The Interpool album literly had rings of vinyl still left in the grooves. So the lack of a good cleaning may be why some of the review here are negative ones. My copy sounds great and I usually only buy colored vinyl for the uniqueness of the pressing.

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue jon.scanlon

April 6, 2018
My copy is absolutely fine and sounds great - zero issues. Cleaned and carefully handled of course on a Pioneer PL50. Would recommend.

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue RLMetheny

January 18, 2016
I had a couple of serious pops on Side 1 also (Side 2 was OK)-
A firm cleaning got rid of them but overall, the quality of vinyl pressing is not what it used to be. I have seen this on many new pressings, esp the 180 g vinyl
Otherwise, great sounding record

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue Texasbear

April 20, 2016

I totally agree with your review. I try to buy my new vinyl from Europe as I think they take more pride in pressing new 180 gram vinyl. People are always complaining about jobs being outsourced to other countries, but the new European pressings are far superior to the new vinyl pressed in the US. Especially vinyl pressed at Pallas. The Analouge Production pressings are good and if I'm not mistaken, pressed in the US. But some of the others are just sloppy and rushed out like the Interpool album I mentioned above. There is no excuse for an LP to still have strings of vinyl stuck in the grooves.

Also, as you mentioned, cleaning is key for the best sound any vinyl LP has to offer. I've purchased MFSL vinyl with greasy fingerprints, there's sometimes dirt and dust in the grooves and worst case is just poor quality control like the Matador pressing.

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue mm420rbital

January 18, 2016
I feel that I must provide the other side to everyone's review of this pressing. This is by far my favorite of Isaak's albums and I've been waiting a long time to have this on wax so when I saw it was finally available I jumped on it. Got it at Barnes and Noble (I know, I know... Had a gift certificate) and was delighted to see a good quality and heavy translucent blue wax. Then I put it on the platter and much to my dismay the whole first side had the worst surface noise of any record I've heard in quite some time. I switched from my technic 1200 to my older and better sounding marrantz only to hear the same noises. I even went as far to exchange for another copy and experienced the same on a third turntable. Luckily side B has much less surface noise but it is definitely still there. I know that is some cases same runs of pressings turn out different where some might sound great and others are lousy (my examples are Ben Folds Five - self titled and Radiohead - Kid A where mine were flawless compared to many other complaints) so I'm glad to hear that others did get some good luck with decent pressings. It's great to see this gem finally on vinyl but is quite a shame that not all pressings turned out the same. Good luck to you!!

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue mgudites

January 4, 2016
Sound quality is excellent on this one. Nice blue pressing too!

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue jwbussmann

January 1, 2016

The reissue is very well done--highly recommended.

Chris Isaak - Forever Blue roshon55901

December 19, 2015

A beautiful see through blue record. Sounds great!