Baroness - Purple as reviewed by TheOtherAlphabet

November 28, 2017
I love Baroness and this is potentially my favorite album of theirs, but this pressing is a massive disappointment. Very muddy. Sounds like a blanket is over everything. I like having the record, as the artwork is beautiful, but I honestly prefer just listening to the MP3 version as for some reason it sounds much better to me.

I'm not saying don't buy, but don't expect a very engaging listening experience here even if you love the album.

Buy it in some form or another though! This is a future classic.

Baroness - Purple TheOtherAlphabet

March 20, 2020
Interesting take! Certainly could be a combination of my gear not jiving well with this particular mix. That said, I haven't heard a ton of instrument / vocal separation in any format of this record.

Baroness - Purple robatsgh

February 15, 2020
I'm sitting here and A/B comparing this Pallas pressing to a high-quality digital stream. The digital version has wider stereo separation, but the vinyl is smoother with a bit more warmth to it. I wouldn't call it muddy in comparison at all. That being said, I'm using an Ortofon 2m Blue which tends toward resolution and high end response rather than bass.

Baroness - Purple T.J.E

February 8, 2016
My A-side doesn't have a locked groove. Different pressing maybe?

Baroness - Purple rmaia

March 28, 2020
Mine doesn't have a locked groove either. Black, bought on release day at Rough Trade in Brooklyn as entry for their release concert.

Baroness - Purple Slayerkicksass

March 26, 2016
Its possible. I just bought mine from a reputable record store in Boston and mine has the locked groove

Baroness - Purple T.J.E

March 23, 2016
Just black.

(extra words to let me post it blah blah)

Baroness - Purple PoorCollectingMe

March 22, 2016
Which colour is the vinyl that doesn't have the locked groove?

Baroness - Purple PoorCollectingMe

December 31, 2015
Why is this listed as UK & US? Isn't this a US pressing, that happens to be on sale throughout the rest of the world as well? What's the UK part in this?