Repulsion - Horrified alcoholica

October 20, 2020
edited about 1 month ago
Absolutely essential masterpiece. As influential to death metal as it was to grind, although it has little in common with the boring and far past its expiry date grind scene of today, people should keep in mind that back then the boundary between genres was much more blurred. This album was praised and worshiped by the overlapping death, black, punk and grind scene and rightfully so.

Repulsion - Horrified CancerousTumor

February 5, 2018

Beyond increible and a truly crushing album from the true masters of sick grind.

Repulsion - Horrified rose1978

July 13, 2015
Essential recording - a powerful fist in the stomach of 'nu-metal-post-punk-softcore' fans. Original hardcore/grindcore album (& not death metal!), stays for decades in top of the lists, together with Napalm Death's historic 'SCUM' album.

Repulsion - Horrified as reviewed by death1

April 6, 2015
While technically released after the first two Napalm Death albums, Horrified by Repulsion was recorded in 1986, which technically makes it the first grindcore full length ever recorded. In the middle of Death Metal's development, Horrified mixes the speed and aggression of hardcore punk with raspy vocals, raw and gritty guitar tones and blast-beat drumming. As far as quality goes, Horrified is perhaps the greatest example of classic grindcore ever to be released. The songwriting is superb, every riff that zooms by is executed perfectly. Dispute grindcore's reputation as a "sloppy" genre, Repulsion are far from sloppy, they may be raw and ugly, but the skill of the musicians is unquestionable as every riff, kick, and growl is perfectly aligned with each other.

If you like both punk and death metal, this album is essential. If you only like one and not the other, try this album anyway, it's short (as all grindcore albums are), and the punk + death metal hybrid Repulsion crafted is thoroughly unique, and delievers something for both punk fans, and death metal fans.

Repulsion - Horrified Neonknightprowler

June 27, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
While I surely sympathize with everything you write bout the godly Repulsion, let's not derail here in full-on worship & euphoria and put it straight as it is: Slaughter of the Innocent was a DEMO & not an album recording. Released on vinyl as an "album" in 1989 by Jeff & Bill from Carcass (Necrosis), cos they liked that demo so much. So, it's not the first grind core album recorded. But, nevertheless, Repulsion are right up there at the top of grind core Olympus with Napalm Death & Terrorizer. Respect!

Repulsion - Horrified sumpfmuehle

February 23, 2017

Totally agree. And looking at the development of death metal, hardcore & crustpunk during the eighties I think Napalm Death and other bands that might be essential were not as distinctive in sound and lyrics as Horrified was then. So at least, Repulsion in 1986 sounded (!) much more like what grindcore will be than all the other bands bringing hardcore, crust, death, thrash and speed together.

So, stylewise you can't really name anything else than this album as starting point. Structurewise I would say, take:
– still this album
– Unseen Terror's "Human Error"
– Napalm Death's "Scum", and as an extra
– the first Peel Session from 1988 by Extreme Noise Terror.

That's the core of all grindcore, I find. And that's all but not sloppy. Well, Unseen Terror is a bit maybe. :)