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    Label:Twisted Records – TWSCD29
    CD, Album
    Style:Techno, Psy-Trance


    2Buffer Overdrive
    Written-ByChristof*, Frederic Holyszewski*
    3No More Ghosts
    Written-ByJoey*, Merv*
    4Next Stop
    5FM 17
    Written-ByMino Vaknin*
    6This Can't Be Real
    Written-ByFrederic Holyszewski*
    7Acid Drome
    Written-ByIan Ion
    8Side Effects
    Written-ByIan Ion
    9Voice Of
    Written-ByIan Ion, Xavier*

    Companies, etc.



    Mastered @ Henry Sonic Vista Mastering Studio.

    Distributed in the UK by SRD
    (P)&(C) 2006 Twisted Records Ltd.

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode: 6 30883 00422 4

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    • dustkickin's avatar
      Edited 3 years ago
      Can't believe this album is so underrated. Its a full-on / techno hybrid which may not pander much to Koxbox's 90s Goa originality and genius, but it makes for kick ass psytrance nonetheless.
      • psy-ivan's avatar
        Edited 8 years ago
        After seven years Koxbox came back with new album in 2006. Koxbox is well known as one of the pioneer Goa Trance acts, but project moved to other directions after 1997. While previous Koxbox album The Great Unknown from 1999 was mostly experimental electronic music, here we get Full On Psy-Trance with some Tech-Trance influences.
        Album starts with track called Crazy which is another version of track written with Tube that appeared on Chemical Playground compilation as Go Crazy earlier same year. While first version sounds like typical Tube track, this one is darker and less melodic. Decent track, but still nothing special.
        Following 5 tracks are generic Full On material even though some of them are produced with well known names like Transwave (Buffer Overdrive is their first track after many years), so they really don't deserve any attention. Good production with 0 ideas is the best way to describe them.
        Last 3 tracks are written with Ian Ion, former member of Koxbox, and here comes the best part of this album.
        Acid Drome is interesting track, it has pumping bass during whole time with best part around 5:30. However, track is too loud in my opinion.
        Without any doubt, the best track on this album is Side Effects, one of my favorite Tech-Trance tracks ever produced. Dark, consistent, serious work. Make sure to check Live Mix version from Twisted DVD which is even better than original!
        Ending track Voice Of was produced with Xavier Morel, one of leading Tech-Trance artists. As expected, this collaboration resulted in good track.

        I am sure that Frank E would have made successful comeback if he decided to release the EP with 4 tracks. But with bunch of fillers, 3/5 rating is the most this album can get.
        • fabriknos's avatar
          Edited 11 years ago
          I must admit, after 4 years of listening to this album on and off, it has really grown on me, and deserves a much better rating than the 3/5 I originally gave it. Now that full-on psytrance has become so commonplace, I can't help but go back to U-Turn and hear how the masters do it. I still don't think the first half of the album is groundbreaking by any means, or comparative to their work on previous albums, but when you're just looking at it for what it is, U-Turn is definitely a killer album full of dancefloor destroying tunes. Acid Drome is, of course, the highlight, not just because I'm a technohead but because it really is EVIL Koxbox like you've never heard them before. Dark, hard and unrelenting, just how I like it! I don't know if I could give it a 5/5, but 4 years later, it is easily a 4/5.
          • PavelZagalsky's avatar
            Edited 15 years ago
            Not an easy one to review...
            Very incoherent and more of a compilation than an album. In one hand Frank'e follows the trend and gives his interpretation of the Full-on genre in the first half of the album, than towards the middle of the album the sound becomes less intense but more intricate and than there are 3 tunes with Ian Ion that sound exactly like the Kox Box that I've learned to love.
            My personal opinion is that this is a totally worthy album. It has at least 5 excellent tracks that will surely blow any given dancefloor. Although it has absolutely no story or flow between tracks (only towards the end) and it surely doesn't get anywhere near the insanely high standards they have set with The Great Unknown, it still is a good purchase for home listener and essential for Dj's.
            • Skeleton-Man's avatar
              Edited 15 years ago
              Within the niche that Goa trance is Koxbox early on managed to create their own niche. Literally within seconds any learned listener can detect Forever After or Dragon Tales from the crowd – how many acts can you say that about? So how does Koxbox fare in 2006 with a sound much more reminiscent of other contemporary acts.

              Still like an act with a statement! True, Koxbox has embraced the full-on sound and in a sense become a follower rather than a leader, but if you’re worried that means Koxbox has abandoned offering something for the mind, you can rest assured that Koxbox is still ahead of the crowd. This is dance music, no doubt, but very intelligent so and packed with enough details and ideas to make this equally enjoyable at home.

              The first half of the album could possibly be characterized as intelligent full-on while the latter sticks to a more aggressive techno-true sound. With tracks 6 and 7 This Can’t Be Real and Acid Drome being the masterpieces here. I dare any dance floor not to move to this! And any psychohead not to start packing and enter spaceship psychedelia.

              Comparisons with Forever After and Dragon Tales are probably just as unavoidable as they are superfluous. Koxbox has long since turned a corner and even if their distinct characteristica is not as present as it used to be, Koxbox is still an act to watch out for. As I heard it stated somewhere: The ol’ man’s still showing the youngsters how it’s done +_+
              • Abasio's avatar
                Edited 15 years ago
                All in all I was impressed by this album & have listened to it a lot since I first got it. If you want another Dragon Tales or another Great Unknown then look elsewhere. As those two albums differed in style this is another complete overall of Koxbox's style. The 1st 6 tracks are very full on & most have the rolling baseline which is probably going to put of a lot of people. If you can get past your prejudices though you'll see that quality does indeed shine through & you can see that there can be very good fullon.
                The last three tracks have a different feel, more progressive sounding, if very very heavy sounding prog. I don't think these are as good as the earlier tracks so the album has a lopsided feel for me.
                Fullon/progressive with a very tech trance edge. It's a good album. If you don't have any preconceptions about this album you'll probably like it more.
                • DeathPosture's avatar
                  Edited 15 years ago
                  An absolutely essential Koxbox album which has immediately earned itself a place in the annals of psytrance history. As always the Koxbox sound has matured, evolved and sought new directions – which undoubtedly has left old-schoolers and purists disappointed. Not me though – I love how this album flirts both with disaster (full-on) and gives the finger to the same full-on crowd (techno) and still manages to pay homage to legacy of ancient goa trance at the same time.

                  There are no bad tracks here, but obviously some are better than others – and seen in that light I prefer the technoid tracks over the full-on ones… But as a whole this album works as the near-perfect entity underlining that Koxbox is still very much alive and well. Hats off to Frank’e + friends for creating something so special and eclectic. This will stand as a benchmark album for years to come. Trust me.

                  The stand-out tracks rub shoulders here and especially the second half is absolutely riddled with one monstrous track after the other… The star parade of guest stars all contribute interesting input and Frank’s touch is still as magical as it was back in 1991. The subtle, but lovely artwork also sends a friendly nod back to the artwork of 1995s Forever After. Well done Twisted Records for once again catapulting Koxbox right onto the psytrance A-list. This album is absolutely essential and I’ll give it my warmest recommendations… Enjoy!

                  Favourites: 2, 3(!!), 5(!!), 6, 7(!!), 8(!!), 9