Rune Lindbæk - Søndag as reviewed by scoundrel

November 6, 2004
edited over 12 years ago

A Norwegian summer in the 70s; there’s no other way to describe Rune Lindbaek’s album SONDAG. A funky and smooth cocktail, it bumps your consciousness and makes your booty do the hustle. “Ok, Kjor Romskip” starts the proceedings with a sultry, sinuous groove, while “Sin Zen” and “Kinka Bazara” go for a romantic stroll down the beach. “Junta Jaeger” throws in some disco-era strings, and “Krus Kontroll” is the sexiest ride in a drop-top Camaro that you’ve ever taken. But it’s the final track, “Sondags Beste,” that’s the killer. A true after-party song, it makes waking up with a hangover something beautiful.

Rune Lindbæk - Søndag Nexus-Six

December 12, 2011
Cool review scoundrel,nothing to add ;))