Barbara Mason - Another Man Hollydale

May 29, 2019
Was this sampled by Daft Punk for their track Oh Yeah?

Barbara Mason - Another Man ConsciousRythmZ

April 26, 2019
Great song, when I hear it now I just hear Biggie in the background! Life After Death (Another).

Barbara Mason - Another Man slambslambslamb

May 7, 2016
Really great track. I just wish the vocals weren't so homophobic in parts...

Barbara Mason - Another Man danric3895

November 4, 2020
The song is a sequel to She's Got the Papers (But I Got the Man) where the narrator takes a married man for herself, Another Man is where Karma finds her.
The tale is told from the point of view of a scorned straight woman who thought she was in a monogamous relationship but found out her man was cheating on her with another one, not only that but stealing her clothes to spice up the things between him and his lover, so, after going through so many hoops to get the man from the previous song, even allegedly paying for the divorce proceedings, she's understandably pissed.
She had no problem at all in wrecking a marriage and humiliating the wife in the previous song so she isn't the best person out there and I do agree that she isn't loving the fact that her man has another man but that's hardly homophobic for she's addressing her significant other and not gays in general and she even go as far as considering an open relationship and "share" the man, so if anything, the song is shockingly progressive for the 80's.
I'm as gay as they come and I LIVE for the juicy gossip in Barbara's songs, those aren't autobiographical, chill.

Barbara Mason - Another Man A-B-spinnerR

October 20, 2018
Really great track. I just wish the vocals weren't so homophobic in parts...

They are NOT homophobic. This is humour! Especially drag queens used to LOVE this tune.

Barbara Mason - Another Man NorthwaxRecords

February 25, 2015
B-side instrumental, a bit darker than any other west end release
imagine any detroit music producer has listened to that...

Barbara Mason - Another Man as reviewed by LoversRecords

August 4, 2010
Post-disco electro soul classic from Brenda Mason’s ‘Another Man’, and her story of her cheating gay boyfriend. Tough bassline and floaty keyboard melodies surround Babs’ rap lyrics and sing-along chorus.

Barbara Mason - Another Man as reviewed by

March 7, 2004
Very similar to the style of "Heat You Up (Melt You Down)" by Shirley Lites, only this is downtempo and the keyboards are more out of control that make it all the more powerful. Philadelphia soul singer Mason drew some heat over this one because men felt it was portrayed them as dogs who didn't care about their wives. Since it's release in 1983, it has become very popular and continues to be played on urban radio stations.