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The Stooges1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions

Label:Rhino Handmade – RHM2 7707, Elektra – RHM2 7707
7 x CD, Remastered
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
Style:Blues Rock, Garage Rock, Punk


1-1Fun House (Tape Glitch Fragment)0:22
1-2Studio Dialogue0:39
1-31970 (Incomplete)1:51
1-4Studio Dialogue0:20
1-51970 (Take 1)7:04
1-61970 (Take 2)3:08
1-7Studio Dialogue0:30
1-81970 (Take 3)7:35
1-91970 (Take 4)6:02
1-10Studio Dialogue0:14
1-11Loose (Demo)1:14
1-12Studio Dialogue0:06
1-131970 (Take 5)5:48
1-14Loose (Take 1 (Labeled As I'm Loose) (False Start))1:37
1-15Loose (Take 2)3:41
1-16Down On The Street (Take 1)2:06
1-17Studio Dialogue0:12
1-18Loose (Take 3)3:45
1-19Down On The Street (Take 2 (False Start))3:31
1-20Down On The Street (Take 3 (False Start))0:20
1-21Studio Dialogue0:34
1-22See That Cat (T.V. Eye)5:15
1-23Studio Dialogue0:11
1-241970 (Take 1)6:26
1-25Fun House (Take 1)10:03
1-26Studio Dialogue0:09
1-27Lost In The Future (False Start)0:27
1-28Studio Dialogue0:08
1-29Lost In The Future (False Start)1:10
2-1Lost In The Future (Take 1)5:41
2-2Studio Dialogue0:11
2-3Lost In The Future (Take 2 (False Start))1:21
2-4Lost In The Future (Take 3)4:35
2-5Studio Dialogue0:14
2-6Loose (Take1)3:38
2-7Studio Dialogue0:19
2-81970 (Take 1)6:17
2-9Loose (Take 2)3:41
2-10Loose (Take 3 (False Start))0:25
2-11Studio Dialogue0:32
2-12Loose (Take 4)3:38
2-13Studio Dialogue0:13
2-14Loose (Take 5)3:38
2-15Studio Dialogue0:07
2-16Loose (Take 6)3:42
2-17Loose (Take 7 (False Start))1:10
2-18Loose (Take 9)3:40
2-19Loose (Take 11)3:41
2-20Loose (Take 12)3:41
2-21Loose (Take 13)3:47
2-22Loose (Take 14)3:41
2-23Loose (Take 15)3:42
2-24Slide (Slidin' The Blues)4:35
2-25Studio Dialogue0:12
2-26Loose (Take 16)3:43
2-27Loose (Take 17 (False Start))0:27
2-28Loose (Take 18 (False Start))1:00
2-29Loose (Take 19)3:37
3-1Loose (Take 20)3:41
3-2Studio Dialogue0:20
3-3Loose (Take 21 (False Start))3:14
3-4Studio Dialogue0:43
3-5Loose (Take 22)3:40
3-6Studio Dialogue0:13
3-7Loose (Take 23)3:42
3-8Loose (Take 24)3:43
3-9Loose (Take 25 (False Start))3:13
3-10Loose (Take 26 (False Start))1:59
3-11Studio Dialogue0:13
3-12Loose (Take 27)3:37
3-13Loose (Take 28)3:36
3-14Down On The Street (Take 1)3:57
3-15Down On The Street (Take 2)4:11
3-16Down On The Street (Take 3)4:07
3-17Down On The Street (Take 4)4:15
3-18Studio Dialogue0:07
3-19Down On The Street (Take 5)4:14
3-20Studio Dialogue0:18
3-21Down On The Street (Take 6)4:26
3-22Down On The Street (Take 7 (False Start))0:17
3-23Down On The Street (Take 8)4:15
3-24Down On The Street (Take 9 (False Start))0:25
3-25Down On The Street (Take 10)4:24
3-26Down On The Street (Take 11 (False Start))0:40
3-27Studio Dialogue0:27
3-28Down On The Street (Take 12 (False Start))1:23
3-29Down On The Street (Take 13)4:00
3-30Down On The Street (Take 14 (False Start))2:10
3-31Down On The Street (Take 15)3:42
4-1T.V. Eye (Take 1)5:21
4-2T.V. Eye (Take 2 (False Start))4:28
4-3Slide (Slidin' The Blues)1:00
4-4T.V. Eye (Take 3)5:28
4-5T.V. Eye (Take 4 (False Start))0:33
4-6T.V. Eye (Take 5)5:54
4-7T.V. Eye (Take 6)5:43
4-8Studio Dialogue0:25
4-9T.V. Eye (Take 7)5:21
4-10T.V. Eye (Take 8)5:20
4-11Studio Dialogue0:16
4-12T.V. Eye (Take 9)4:17
4-13T.V. Eye (Take 10 (False Start))0:11
4-14T.V. Eye (Take 11)4:16
4-15T.V. Eye (Take 12)4:46
4-16T.V. Eye (Take 13)4:17
4-17T.V. Eye (Take 14)4:45
4-18Studio Dialogue0:17
4-191970 (Take 1)5:27
4-20Studio Dialogue0:12
4-211970 (Take 2)5:19
4-22Studio Dialogue0:09
4-231970 (Take 3)5:09
5-11970 (Take 4)5:44
5-2Studio Dialogue0:23
5-31970 (Take 5)5:24
5-41970 (Take 6 (False Start))1:00
5-51970 (Take 7)5:46
5-61970 (Take 8)5:17
5-7Fun House (Take 1 (False Start))3:09
5-8Fun House (Take 2)9:15
5-9Fun House (Take 3)11:19
5-10Studio Dialogue0:41
5-11Fun House (Take 4)8:24
5-12Fun House (Take 5)7:46
5-13Studio Dialogue0:38
5-14Dirt (Take 1)7:30
5-15Dirt (Take 2)7:04
6-1Dirt (Take 3)7:02
6-2Studio Dialogue0:30
6-3Dirt (Take 4)7:07
6-4Dirt (Take 5)6:39
6-5Dirt (Take 6)6:39
6-6Dirt (Take 7 (False Start))0:45
6-7Dirt (Take 8)6:51
6-8Dirt (Take 9)6:57
6-9Dirt (Take 10)7:09
6-10Dirt (Take 11 (False Start))0:07
6-11Dirt (Take 12)7:03
6-12Freak (Later Titled L.A. Blues (Take 1))17:25
6-13Freak (Later Titled L.A. Blues (Take 2))4:55
7-1Down On The Street (Mono Single Edit)2:47
7-2I Feel Alright (1970 (Mono Single Edit))3:18

Companies, etc.



Limited to 3000 numbered copies.
Tracks with the same title and take number are from different days of the recording session.

This Compilation ℗ & © 1999 Elektra Entertainment Group. Rhino Handmade, a suspiciously obnoxious division of Rhino Entertainment Company.

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
New Submission
1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions (142×File, MP3, Reissue, Remastered, 320kbps)Rhino Records (2), ElektranoneUS2005
1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions (7×CD, Remastered, Box Set, Reissue)Rhino Handmade, ElektraRHM2 7707US2010


waxthegroove's profile picture
why does it take 2 sound engineers to remaster it & if its not analogue it dont interest me i wanna read 3 words original sound recording vinyl lovers need it.ffs get in the groove & stop letting mr businessman decide what is best for your ears & their pockets because analogue mastered vinyl is best for your ears but not their pockets mp3 is though lol...
flipster's profile picture
this is some hotcha package of goodness if ever such an article existed through the whole history of the HEP world from the ancient hash eaters to the NOWness of NOW...funhouse spread to a gigantic six discs (full up to the brim discs, no rip off here, it's the real deal)...this is detroit and by logical extension amerikkka at the end of the sixties...the trials and tribulations of that decade, from civil rights / vietnam / and squares in suburbia to capitalism in general are channelled through the stooge mind, it's no accident this crew called themselves by that self deprecating name as all members of society are stooges of one description or another, from the cat who goes downtown to buy a little something and gets overcharged for shoddy goods to the pig on the street who thinks he's a valuable asset to the town (nowadays the pig knows he's just a donut eating fool with a gun who's only purpose is to keep the citizens in line, how many pig doing nothing is incalculable), everyone is a stooge for some part of the empire, propping up unquestioningly the new world order...intolerance is at the door battering heads and minds of the 'unconventional', the cacophonous sound of riot torn cities is raining down on the listener from the very beginning of disc one and it does not counter the proposition to cease until the end of the last disc, vietnam gunships prowl the skies as the stooge racket proceeds, heavy vibes are closing in as iggy yelps and gasps his way into getting loose in the funhouse in 1970, TV eyes are shaken from the dirt of LA blues, the stooges are lost in the future some where down on the street with guitars firing electric barbs of righteous mayhem into the waiting ether, drums are pounding the tribal teenage rhythms, repeating endless thuds that carry the disturbed missives into the world, a world going crazier by the minute all reflected in the stooge noise...saxophone blasts remind the recipient that jazz is never far from the surface of early stoogeness, like the MC5 these cats knew more about making an avant racket than the usual layabout on the corner, rock'n'roll was more than saturday night entertainment, it was salvation...this set is where the stooge dilettante has to move over for this is surely for the maniacs of stooge land, the cats who live the back alley life in search of the elusive freedom that is supposedly available for all humanity, not just the ruling elite...on each coaster there's a run through of the tunes, multiple takes piling up endlessly allowing the onlooker to gather in the vibe that was enveloping the studio during the funhouse days, the cats ploughing ever onward as if somehow knowing the importance of the resulting wax that would hopefully emerge, a wax that would stand tall in the annals off rocking and rolling (it would take a few decades but timelines are unimportant when a true zeitgeist expression is formulating)...low slung motor city fires are burning with exultant rage as progression is made through the set, amphetamine soundscapes litter the studio as the cats go in for the kill, to nail the perfect riff into the tapestry of rocking and have it last forevermore...thrust these discs into the playback machine and go wayback for eight hours and as beatlejohn once observed and remarked, 'take it brother and may it serve you well'...dig it...
crocus1's profile picture
this is a great box set indeed, but i have very mixed feelings about rhino (handmade) since i bought this limited numbered edition, that was said to really be strictly limited to 1000 (i think) - when after a while they re-released, countless unnumbered copies. it stunk. but the box set is great.
TheThirdOneNow's profile picture
The greatest box set ever made! Pure gold! ! !
Here, you can listen the organ version of "Down On The Street" mixed by Don Gallucci:
phildil's profile picture
This was a 7-Cd box set available only via mail order from the USA, supposedly featuring the entire sessions for the classic Funhouse LP. The initial run was 3000 copies but a second run was later made available and some tracks also turned up on separate reissues. Roland Worthington Hand is a made up name although for a time it was possible to email him via the Rhino Handmade website; I did this to query the high shipping rates on the box set and I received a suitably amusing reply.