Marilyn MansonMP3 Collection

Label:Digital Records (6) – none
2 x CDr, CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release, MP3, 224 kbps
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:Industrial, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Synth-pop, EBM


Portrait Of An American Family 1994
1-1Prelude (The Family Trip)
1-2Cake And Sodomy
1-4Organ Grinder
1-6Dope Hat
1-7Get Your Gunn
1-8Wrapped In Plastic
1-10Sweet Tooth
1-11Snake Eyes And Sissies
1-12My Monkey
1-13Misery Machine
Smells Like Children 1995
1-14The Hands Of Small Children
1-15Diary Of A Dope Fiend
1-16S----y Chicken Gang Bang
1-17Kiddie Grinder
1-18Sympathy For The Parents
1-19Sweet Dreams
1-20Everlasting C---sucker
1-21F--- Frankie
1-22I Put A Spell On You
1-23May Cause Discorolation Of The Urine Or Feces
1-24Scabs, Guys And Peanut Butter
1-25Dance Of The Dope Hats
1-26White Trash (Remix By Tondy F. Wiggins)
1-27Dancing With The One Legged
1-28Rock 'n' Roll Nigger
1-29(Bonus Track)
Antichrist Superstar 1996
1-30Irresponsible Hate Anthem
1-31The Beautiful People
1-32Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World
1-34Little Horn
1-38Mister Superstar
1-39Angel With The Scabbed Wings
1-41Antichrist Superstar
1-43Minute Of Decay
1-44The Reflecting God
1-45Man That You Fear
1-46Track 99
Remix & Repent 1997
1-47The Horrible People
1-48The Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance Mix
1-49Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World (Live in Utica, NY)
1-50Antichrist Superstar (Live in Hartford, CT)
1-51Man That You Fear (Acoustic Requiem)
Mechanical Animals 1998
1-52Great Big White World
1-53The Dope Show
1-54Mechanical Animals
1-55Rock Is Dead
1-57The Speed Of Pain
1-59I Want To Disappear
1-60I Don't Like The Drugs [But The Drugs Like Me]
1-61New Model No. 15
1-62User Friendly
1-63Fundamentally Loathsome
1-64The Last Day Of Earth
1-65Coma White
The Last Tour On Earth (Limited Edition CD1) 1999
1-66Inauguration Of The Mechanical Christ
1-67The Reflecting God
1-68Great Big White World
1-69Get Your Gunn
1-70Sweet Dreams Hell Outro
1-71Rock Is Dead
1-72The Dope Show
1-74I Don't Like The Drugs [But The Drugs Like Me]
1-75Antichrist Superstar
1-76The Beautiful People
1-77Irresponsible Hate Anthem
1-78The Last Day On Earth
1-79Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes
The Last Tour On Earth (Limited Edition CD2) 1999
1-80Coma White
1-81Get My Rocks Off
1-82Coma White Acoustic
1-83A Rose And Baby Ruth
Holy Wood (Japan) 2000
2-2The Love Song
2-3The Fight Song
2-4Disposable Teens
2-5Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)
2-6President Dead
2-7In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death
2-8Cruci-Fiction In Space
2-9A Place In The Dirt
2-10The Nobodies
2-11The Death Song
2-12Lamb Of God
2-13Born Again
2-14Burning Flag
2-15Coma Black (Eden Eye The Apple Of Discord)
2-16Valentine's Day
2-17The Fall Of Adam
2-18King Kill 33
2-19Count To Six And Die (The Vacuum Of Infinite Space...)
2-20The Nobodies (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)
2-21Mechanical Animals (Live) (Bonus Track)
A Tribute To Marilyn Manson 2002
2-22Coma White
PerformerApoptygma Berzerk
2-23Speed Of Pain
2-24Cake And Sodomy
2-25I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)
PerformerMindless Faith
2-26The Reflection God
PerformerHate Dept.
2-27Get Your Gunn
2-28Disposable Teens
PerformerImperious Rex
2-29New Model No 15
PerformerFred Coury
2-30Man That You Fear
PerformerDead Girls Corp
2-31Great Big White World
PerformerMaya Hyena
2-32Lunch Box
PerformerDoll Factory
2-33The Beautiful People
PerformerAleister Einstein
2-34Mechanical Animals
PerformerPure Drama
Dancing With The Antichrist 2002
2-35My Monkey (Strange Daze Remix)
2-37Good Son
2-38Man Son Of Sam
2-39Rock N Roll
2-40Same Strange Dogma (At Home Mix)
2-41TV TV
2-42Standing In Line
2-43Telephone (Reserved Sharge Remix)
2-446 Hard Months
2-45The Beautiful People (The Wwf Remix)
2-46The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix)
2-47Kinderfeld (Corn Mix)
2-48Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix)
2-49The Reflecting God (Dark View Mix)
The Golden Age Of Grotesque 2003
2-51This Is The New Shit
2-53Doll Dagga Buzz Buzz Ziggety Zag
2-54Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth
2-55The Golden Age Of Grotesque
2-57Ka Boom Ka Boom
2-60Para Noir
2-61The Bright Young Things
2-62Better Of Two Evils
2-64Obsequey (The Death Of Art)
2-65Tainted Love
Lest We Forget 2004
2-66The Love Song
2-67Personal Jesus
2-69The Fight Song
2-70Tainted Love
2-71The Dope Show
2-72This Is The New Shit
2-73Disposable Teens
2-74Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
2-77Rock Is Dead
2-78Get Your Gunn
2-79The Nobodies
2-80Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
2-81The Beautiful People
2-82The Reflecting God
Personal Jesus (Single) 2004
2-84Personal Jesus
2-85Mobscene Replet (Mix)
2-86Personal Jesus (Remix)
Eat Me, Drink Me 2007
2-87If I Was Your Vampire
2-88Putting Holes In Happiness
2-89The Red Carpet Grave
2-90They Said That Hell's Not Hot
2-91Just A Car Crash Away
2-92Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)
2-94Are You The Rabbit?
2-95Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery
2-96You And Me And The Devil Makes 3
2-97Eat Me, Drink Me

Companies, etc.


14 альбомов / 3 сингла / 12 час 32 мин

"16+" age restriction printed on front cover.

Release year mentioned as '2007' on back cover, but this version with age restriction was released after 2012.

Packaged in a 2xCD jewel case.
Full tracklist printed on inner side of front insert (for disk 1 - with track durations) and on back cover (for disk 2 - without track durations).

Discs contain shell with a player + m3u playlists

'Picture' folder contains an image gallery

On CD1 - all tracks in 224 kbps
On CD2 - 24 tracks in 192 kbps, 73 tracks in 224 kbps

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 4 602020 011965
  • Barcode (String): 4602020011965

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