Adele (3)Adele MP3 вкл. Новый Суперхит Skyfall

Label:Ice Records (4) – AR 2278
CD, CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release, MP3
Genre:Electronic, Jazz, Funk / Soul, Blues, Pop
Style:Soul-Jazz, Piano Blues, Neo Soul, Soundtrack, Progressive House, Electro


19 (2008)
1Adele (3)Daydreamer
2Adele (3)Best For Last
3Adele (3)Chasing Pavements
4Adele (3)Cold Shoulder
5Adele (3)Crazy For You
6Adele (3)Melt My Heart To Stone
7Adele (3)First Love
8Adele (3)Right As Rain
9Adele (3)Make You Feel My Love
10Adele (3)My Same
11Adele (3)Tired
12Adele (3)Hometown Glory
13Adele (3)Painting Pictures
14Adele (3)Now And Then
15Adele (3)That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On
19 Bonus CD - Acoustic Set Live From The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles (2008)
1Adele (3)Chasing Pavements
2Adele (3)Melt My Heart To Stone
3Adele (3)That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On
4Adele (3)Crazy For You
5Adele (3)Right As Rain
6Adele (3)My Same
7Adele (3)Make You Feel My Love
8Adele (3)Daydreamer
9Adele (3)Hometown Glory
10Adele (3)Many Shades Of Black
1988 (Remixes) (2008)
1Mick Boogie vs Adele (3)Chasing 1988: The Intro
Featuring6th Sense (2)
2Mick Boogie vs Adele (3)Day Dreams (nVMe Remix)
3Mick Boogie vs Adele (3)Tired (6th Sense Remix)
Remix6th Sense (2)
4Mick Boogie vs Adele (3)First Love (Remot Remix)
5Mick Boogie vs Adele (3)My Same (Garbs Remix)
6Mick Boogie vs Adele (3)Melt My Heart To Stone (Kickdrums Remix)
FeaturingBig Pooh
7Mick Boogie vs Adele (3)Cold Shoulder (Garbs Infinite Remix)
RemixGarbs Infinite
8Mick Boogie vs Adele (3)Right As Rain (nVMe Remix)
9Mick Boogie vs Adele (3)Make You Feel My Love (Remot Remix)
Cold Shoulder (Single) (2008)
1Adele (3)Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx Classic Remix)
RemixBasement Jaxx
2Adele (3)Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx Dub)
RemixBasement Jaxx
3Adele (3)Cold Shoulder (Rusko Remix)
Hometown Glory (Single) (2008)
1Adele (3)Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)
RemixHigh Contrast
2Adele (3)Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix Instrumental)
RemixHigh Contrast
Many Shades Of Black (Single) (2008)
1Adele (3)Many Shades Of Black
2Adele (3) & The RaconteursMany Shades Of Black
iTunes Live From SoHo (EP) (2009)
1Adele (3)Crazy For You (Live)
2Adele (3)Right As Rain (Live)
3Adele (3)Make You Feel My Love (Live)
4Adele (3)Melt My Heart To Stone (Live)
5Adele (3)Hometown Glory (Live)
6Adele (3)Chasing Pavements (Live)
7Adele (3)Fool That I Am (Live)
8Adele (3)That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On (Live)
Rolling In The Deep (Single) (2010)
1Adele (3)Rolling In The Deep (Explicit Version)
21 (2011)
1Adele (3)Rolling In The Deep
2Adele (3)Rumour Has It
3Adele (3)Turning Tables
4Adele (3)Don't You Remember
5Adele (3)Set Fire To The Rain
6Adele (3)He Won't Go
7Adele (3)Take It All
8Adele (3)I'll Be Waiting
9Adele (3)One And Only
10Adele (3)Lovesong
11Adele (3)Someone Like You
12Adele (3)I Found A Boy (Bonus Track)
13Adele (3)Turning Tables (Live Acoustic)
14Adele (3)Don't You Remember (Live Acoustic)
15Adele (3)Someone Like You (Live Acoustic)
21 Bonus CD - Target Deluxe Edition (2011)
1Adele (3)Need You Now (Live At CMT Artists Of The Year Awards)
Featuring, VocalsDarius Rucker
21 Bonus Tracks - Limited Edition (2011)
1Adele (3)If It Hadn't Been For Love
2Adele (3)Hiding My Heart
BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge (2011)
1Adele (3)Rolling In The Deap (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
2Adele (3)Don't You Remember (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
3Adele (3)Hometown Glory (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
4Adele (3)Promise This (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
5Adele (3)Chasing Pavements (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
6Adele (3)Someone Like You (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
iTunes Festival in London (2011)
1Adele (3)One And Only (Live)
2Adele (3)Don't You Remember (Live)
3Adele (3)Rumour Has It (Live)
4Adele (3)Take It All (Live)
5Adele (3)I Can't Make You Love Me (Live)
6Adele (3)Rolling In The Deep (Live)
Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2011)
1Adele (3)Hometown Glory
2Adele (3)I'll Be Waiting
3Adele (3)Don't You Remember
4Adele (3)Turning Tables
5Adele (3)Set Fire To The Rain
6Adele (3)If It Hadn't Been For Love
7Adele (3)My Same
8Adele (3)Take It All
9Adele (3)Rumour Has It
10Adele (3)Right As Rain
11Adele (3)One And Only
12Adele (3)Lovesong
13Adele (3)Chasing Pavements
14Adele (3)I Can't Make You Love Me
15Adele (3)Make You Feel My Love
16Adele (3)Someone Like You
17Adele (3)Rolling In The Deep
Rolling In The Deep (Single) (2011)
1Adele (3)Rolling In The Deep (Oktored Mix)
2Adele (3)Rolling In The Deep (Oktored Mix Instrumental)
Set Fire To The Rain (Single) (2011)
1Adele (3)Set Fire To The Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)
RemixThomas Gold
2Adele (3)Set Fire To The Rain (Thomas Gold Dub)
RemixThomas Gold
3Adele (3)Set Fire To The Rain (Moto Blanco Remix)
RemixMoto Blanco
4Adele (3)Set Fire To The Rain (Moto Blanco Edit)
RemixMoto Blanco
Greatest Hits (2012)
1Adele (3)Rolling In The Deep
2Adele (3)I'll Be Waiting
3Adele (3)Chasing Pavements
4Adele (3)Someone Like You
5Adele (3)Many Shades Of Black
6Adele (3)Set Fire To The Rain
7Adele (3)Make You Feel My Love
8Adele (3)Love Song
9Adele (3)Hometown Glory
10Adele (3)Rumour Has It
11Adele (3)Right As Rain
12Adele (3)Turning Tabels
13Adele (3)Melt My Heart To Stone
14Adele (3)One And Only
15Adele (3)Cold Shoulder
16Adele (3)He Won't Go
17Adele (3)My Same
18Adele (3)Don't You Remember
19Adele (3)If It Hadn't Been For Love (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)
20Adele (3)I Can't Make You Love Me (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)
Skyfall (Single) (2012)
1Adele (3)Skyfall
2Adele (3)Skyfall (Instrumental)
Skyfall (Remixes) (Single) (2011)
1Adele (3)Skyfall (Shahaf Moran Extended Remix)
RemixShahaf Moran
2Adele (3)Skyfall (Panic City Remix)
RemixPanic City
3Adele (3)Skyfall (Cameron James Extended Mix)
RemixCameron James
4Adele (3)Skyfall (Quincy Kwalae Remix)
RemixQuincy Kwalae
5Adele (3)Skyfall (Trypt Remix)
6Adele (3)Skyfall (Azedia Remix)


©&® ООО «ICE Records»
Россия, 121097, г.Москва, Большая Новодмитровская, д 48, стр. 1, кор. 3.
Лицензия МПТР России ВАФ № 77–187,

Compilation released in 2012, but on disс is shown 2007

Packaged in digipack.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Printed): 4 607313 317625
  • Barcode (Scanned): 4607313317625
  • Matrix / Runout: AR 2278



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