Flippin' BixiesSörkkä Sonic

Label:Magic Mushroom Records – MMR CD01
CD, Album
Style:Goa Trance


1Marketan Valssi
Written-ByT Bentley*
2Über Dollar
Written-ByM.Iiramo*, T. Bentley*
Written-ByH.Rinkinen*, K.Serkan*
4Peruna Is Round
Written-ByP.Hartikainen*, T.Bentley*
5Brain Damage
Written-ByH.Rinkinen*, K.Serkan*
6Ukko-Sher-Khan (Khan Moon Eclipse Mix)
RemixKhan Moon
7Räyhä Juntta
Written-ByM.Hirvi*, P.Hartikainen*
8Out Of Phase
Written-ByH.Rinkinen*, Ripa Eskolin*
Written-ByKSerkan*, M.Hirvi*

Companies, etc.



All tracks written, recorded & produced at Flippin' Bixies Sörkkä Sonic Studios ~ Helsinki


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    This CD is a great example at showing just how much money some collectors are willing to spend in order to get a CD with crap music. 118 wants???? Please, I would like to know why is this wanted by so many people. There are probably other CDs like the plethora of ambient CDs pressed in extremely low quantities Yet, only sell for about 30%-50% of the value this CD sells for.
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      The Sörkkä Sonic -studio was formed by K. Serkan, who was also a member of Smooth Underground. He was passionate about Goa and psychedelic trance music and collected together people making that kind of sound and set up a studio for them to work together. The other name for the studio was Flippin' Bixies, in which the second word is rooted in the Helsinki slang word for 'a flat' or 'home'. Both names were used interchangeably to refer to the studio, and have originally been the inventions of Heikki Rinkinen according to Timothy Bentley. The second name ended up as the artist-title of their collectively recorded album in 1996. The people mainly working at the studio were at least Serkan himself, M. Hirvi or MacMavis, Pasi 'Pentti Slayer' Hartikainen, Timothy Bentley, Niki Iiramo, Heikki 'Heba' Rinkinen, Marko Eskolin and Matti 'Datti-Matti' Pärssinen. Serkan would also host “Acid Sessions” at the studio every sunday, and a number of people would come to hang out, Tuomas 'Dj Genki' Leppilampi participated and remembers the sundays with great warmth. It should also be observed that the studio's membership had many people in common with Smooth Underground.

      The studio space had two rooms, a larger room and a smaller room with a drain which always had a bad smell. Timothy Bentley, Matti Pärssinen and Niki Iiramo worked in the 'viemäri' [drain] -room and the rest of them worked in the large room. They were running Dr. T:s Tiger-sequencer on an Atari ST and had Bass-station rack, a Roland SH-101 synthesizer, a Roland D-10 synthesizer and a Tascam Jazz 8-channel mixing desk. Rinkinen and Eskolin from the main room listed their setup as follows: A 486 PC with Cakewalk MIDI-sequencer, a Novation BassStation, a Nord lead, a Roland Juno-106, a Roland Alpha-Juno and three Roland SH-101 analog synthesizers. These were connected to a simple line-mixer, Rinkinen also comments that there wasn't too much fine-tuning on the mixing going on at those days. M. Hirvi and Hartikainen had been working the longest together and had themselves a proper 16-channel Mackie mixer.

      The rest of the set-up is unknown, but I presume quite a lot of loaning of equipment went around while each respective team had their own sequencers. The three Roland SH-101's were also featured in the cover graphics of the Sörkkä Sonic -album.
      The rent contract for the studio ended in 1996, and the album Flippin' Bixies - Sörkkä Sonic was released by K. Serkan's Magic Mushroom recordings in late 1996. This record is the first Goa/psychedelic trance album released in Finland that was written by Finnish artists. In addition, at the studio many future bands that would play a role in the Finnish psychedelic trance scene already developed into prototypical forms from mixing, matching and collaboration between the people Serkan had gathered there.
      These include: Texas Faggott, Kolmiokulmiosilmiö, Bubble Scum and Praktika.


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