Eddie Warner / Georges Teperino ‎– Strictly Rhythmical / Rhythmical Melodies

Vinyl, LP


A1 Eddie Warner Bird 2:13
A2 Eddie Warner Poppy Chimes 2:09
A3 Eddie Warner Jazzy Piano 2:00
A4 Eddie Warner Wood Choppers 2:02
A5 Eddie Warner Hippopotamus 2:25
A6 Eddie Warner Jerking Boogie 1:58
A7 Eddie Warner Aberration 2:12
A8 Eddie Warner Perpetuo Popile 2:22
B1 Georges Teperino Night Walk 2:18
B2 Georges Teperino Chasing Blues 2:13
B3 Georges Teperino Cleopatra 2:15
B4 Georges Teperino Tickling Shuffle 2:32
B5 Georges Teperino Minor Mind 2:37
B6 Georges Teperino Hey Sweetie! 2:19
B7 Georges Teperino Sentimental Flutes 2:52

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The cover of this record was the first IM label LP manufactured by the french "Imprimerie Chaumès in Vincennes".
This same printing factory will be responsible only for the covers until last number 26 of the "L'Illustration Musicale" label.
From this record on, the label started to add and use "Warner Music" near the label main name.

Regarding the manufactury of vinyls, from number 17 to 26, were manufactured by the famous French record plant factory MPO, widely still active today, denoting for the attentive listener a significant subsequent optimal upgrade in listening quality and a fully enjoyable vinyl sound durability on a "longue duree" period, that goes for 40 years and more with his partucular strong glossy surface wich do not retain any dust or scuffs: even in case of normally happening paper scuffs signs,vinyl give always a full clarity of audio pleasure.



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July 16, 2019
Poppy Chimes sounds like the Futurama theme tune sampled it, or was 'inspired' by it.