VariousJazz-Kolo / Sax Kolo

Label:Темпора – 036/02
Series:Jazz Kolo
CD, Compilation, Digipack
Style:Contemporary Jazz


1Щедрик / Shchedryk
2Autumn in the Glier School
4Ballad of the Silent Sea
5I Wish You Love
7Late Night Home Coming
8Besame Mucho
9В кругу друзей / U Koli Druziv
11For Tenor Sax Solo
14Сладкие пальчики / Sweet Fingers



"I'm so glad that Ukrainian saxophonists became the next to contribute to our Jazz-Kolo's compilation/anthology CD series. As well as it was supposed to be, this CD presents variety of styles and approaches, which can be found in Ukrainian jazz. We didn't mean to be absolutely "objective" but our goal is that all the saxophonists are different from each other, and that any listener can find music for his/her taste.
So that's another instrumental mini-anthology from Jazz-Kolo. Sax Kolo, this time, and more to come.

I'd like to thank Julia Oliynyk and Tempora Publishers, all the musicians presented, Viachek Kryshtofovych Jr., Alex Kogan, Victor Ovchinnikov, and everyone who will listen to this CD.

Igor Zakus"

(quoted from the release's polygraph)

1. Maxim Kochetov – Shchedryk (M. Leontovych), 2005

Maxim Kochetov – saxophone
Usein Bekirov – keyboards
Oleksandr Mel’nyk – bass
Sergiy Borusenko – drums
Armen Kastandian – percussion

2. Dmitry “Bobeen” Alexandrov – Autumn in the Glier School (D. Alexandrov), 2005

Dmitry “Bobeen” Alexandrov – saxophone
Illya Yeres’ko – piano
Vladimir Shabaltas – guitar
Valentin Kornienko – double bass
Alexander Lebedenko – drums

3. Oleksandr Rukomoynikov – Tolk (L. Hiseman), 2006

Oleksandr Rukomoynikov – saxophone
Serhiy Davydov – piano
Leonid Hiseman – bass
Yevgen Selezniov – drums

4. Artem Mendelenko – Ballad of the Silent Sea (N. Lebedeva), 2008

Artem Mendelenko – saxophone
Natalia Lebedeva – piano
Igor Zakus – acoustic bass
Alex Fantaev – drums

5. Igor Diachenko – I Wish You Love (Charles Trenet), 2005

Igor Diachenko – saxophone
Petro Pashkov – piano
Felix Gershkovych – double bass
Alex Fantaev – drums

6. Vitaly Ivanov – Returning (V. Ivanov), 2006

Vitaly Ivanov – saxophone
Dominik Wania – piano
Wojtek Traczuk – double bass
Bartek Staromiejski – drums

7. Bogdan Gumenuk – Late Night Home Coming (D. Kovalenko), 2008

Bogdan Gumenuk – saxophone
Dmytro Lovalenko – guitar
Illya Alabuzhyev – bass
Pavlo Galytsky – drums

8. Serhiy Tzymbal – Besame Mucho (C. Velazquez), 2001

Serhiy Tzymbal – saxophone
Ivan Davydenko – Rhodes piano
Anatoly Plotnikov – bass
Alexander Beregovsky – percussion

9. Zenoviy Kovpak – U Koli Druziv (I. Zakus), 1995

Zenoviy Kovpak – saxophone
Andriy Badiuk – guitar, keyboards
Igor Zakus – bass
Igor “Martsefal” Les’ko – drums

10.Dmytro Markiantov – Petals (R. Towner), 1999

Dmytro Markiantov – saxophone
Serhiy Davydov – keyboards

11.Yury Yaremchuk – For Tenor Sax Solo (Yu. Yaremchuk), 2007

Yury Yaremchuk – saxophone

12.Igor Chernov – Samba (I. Chernov), 2007

Igor Chernov – saxophone, keyboards
Petro Yakovchenko – trumpet

13.Ivan Bondarev – Fly (I. Bondarev), 2006

Ivan Bondarev – saxophone
Yury Shepeta – keyboards

14.Igor Rudiy – Sweet Fingers (Yu. Shepeta), 2004

Igor Rudiy – saxophone
Yury Shepeta – keyboards
Sehiy Ovsiannikov – guitar
Igor Zakus – bass

15.Kyiv Saxophone Quartet – Shchedryk (M. Leontovych), 2005

Yury Vasylevych – soprano saxophone
Mykhaylo Myrmyk – alto saxophone
Oleg Zaremsky – tenor saxophone
Serhiy Gdansky – baritone saxophone

Mastered by Oleksiy “Drozd”
Musical Producer – Igor Zakus
Executive producer – Julia Oliynyk



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