Omar S* - The Best! fan2kdj

June 24, 2018
it's really good!! house in different style but always cool.

Omar S* - The Best! pend8484

June 9, 2018
Seen Was Set is the one here, such a beauty

Omar S* - The Best! dopechatter

March 8, 2017
How does this vinyl pressing sound? Colored/clear vinyl sometimes doesn't sound the best?

Omar S* - The Best! Pistachios

July 15, 2017
you've got no worries with this one, though I know what you mean. There are also times when coloured vinyl can sound perfect. Like you, if possible, I go for black vinyl every time.

Omar S* - The Best! nilecniv

February 7, 2017
Side A is on repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat !

Omar S* - The Best! as reviewed by Mr.Liammmm

April 23, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
Coming out on vinyl (about 55 EUROS from Juno) on the 6 May. Is not bad but by the two minute clips I am not ready to fork that sort of money. But I do admit that Head'Chew Single is tempting me. Smash is also a nice track. The rest is just good okayish IMO.

Omar S* - The Best! as reviewed by mystic2975

April 22, 2016
edited over 5 years ago


Without a doubt some of Alex Smith's best work to date. And I own just about all of it. The notion that these are scraps seems foolish.

Not to mention the cast of characters that are on this album; incredible contributions. It's almost mind boggling that this guy can crank out such a consistent level of high quality work.

While Theo charged ~$55 for a 3LP, this is a 4LP. Still a bit on the pricey side, but when every track is a heater, I think its a bargain.

Omar S* - The Best! as reviewed by Mr.Fonk

April 21, 2016

Like the Levon Vincent LP: Don't believe the hype, don't pay ridiculous amounts of money for trashcan remainings that didn't make it on Maxis. Obviously this guy's testing how far he can go with the BS...

Omar S* - The Best! djkaterina

April 18, 2016
Ain't nobody like you. Strong album once again. Very musical, emotional, special. Something I can listen at home for my own listening pleasure as well as play out in a club and watch it work the floor. You're my idol! :)

Omar S* - The Best! heliosphaner

April 17, 2016

I think it's the best album by Omar-S yet. The Best!

Omar S* - The Best! conte.baldovino

April 16, 2016

he did it again! Omar's the boss ! ! ! !

Omar S* - The Best! muliwuli

April 13, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
nevermind, just saw it's a cd only release. omar, you can do whatever you want, i don't care... music speaks for itself.

Omar S* - The Best! systemD22

April 14, 2016

Vinyl is coming soon obviously. 10 words 10 words

Omar S* - The Best! Moskalus

April 13, 2016
the best the best the best the best the best

Omar S* - The Best! david10d

April 12, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
but where's the LP?

emailed FXHE and they're expecting em next month

Omar S* - The Best! smuss

April 18, 2016
Thanks for asking: this stuff is off the hook... so good!