DJ Krust* - Soul In Motion salem1977

September 21, 2016
Well that's just not true! It depends which club you went too for a start or who was playing....

But anyway 4/5 on this one simply because it's one off the only bits I've left from back in the day and if had to pick a fave it'd be 'Going Nowhere' tbh which rolls along nicely.

DJ Krust* - Soul In Motion phinx41

December 2, 2017

it is true. just listen to the records that were coming out in 1997. there was essentially no "jump up" coming out anymore, and the old jump up producers realized the style shift and began making colder, "techy-er", reeseline heavy tracks. the dj's in the clubs played new records, and therefore no dj's were playing jump up anymore, regardless of what club they were playing in. the only possible exception would have to be a throwback set. jump up pretty much died in '96.

DJ Krust* - Soul In Motion phinx41

October 30, 2014

kind of have to disagree with O_Z a bit here as when this 12" released, jump up was pretty much gone from the clubs at this point. this 12" came out approximately in june '97 (not sept 29 '97 like the page says), and at this point no dj's were really playing much jump up anymore and many of the producers who once heavily produced jump up, weren't doing it so much anymore, either. if you're curious as to how i know when this actually released: i stopped purchasing drum & bass records in june '97, and this was one of the last records i bought.

DJ Krust* - Soul In Motion as reviewed by O_Z

June 25, 2014

In an era of mostly jump up or intelligent bukemesque amen tearouts Krust came up with this amazing piece of music.
Before the millennium for me drum and bass was untouchable in terms of innovation and trying different things and this is a great example.
Very minimal sounding yet full of enough interesting sounds that only improve the stepping beats and dark bassline. Interesting use of a sample that can only be described as an 8 bit frog!?
Essential tune, forget warhead and get this.

DJ Krust* - Soul In Motion as reviewed by Ressla

May 8, 2004

In probably his most inventive work to date Krust shows his abstract side with the seminal "Soul In Motion". No sampled breaks here , the beats are crisp and the whole mood is more reminiscent of a electro/techno production than drum'n'bass.

While maintaining a lurking menace feel, this is the diametric opposite of the military hardcore of "Warhead".
Bizarrely though, the track sounds painfully slow at normal speed and has to be pitched up to + 4 before it becomes bearable listening. This is my only gripe about this otherwise excellent record.

Essential for all D'n'B collections, and will certainly be of interest to fans of Drexiya-style electro. Class.