Atrax Morgue ‎– Ripper Box

Urashima ‎– UMA 107
3 × Vinyl, LP, Reissue, Remastered
2 × CD
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered


New York Ripper
A1 Sick Mind In N.Y. (Intro) 3:38
A2 Into Your Guts 7:15
A3 Hunting For Bitches 4:08
B1 Ultimate Pleasure 1:30
B2 Twistedblood 3:45
B3 Childfucker 2:05
B4 Gein's Lunch 3:02
B5 New York Ripper (Theme) 4:06
Lesion 22
C1 Dead Perfection (Version 2) 3:40
C2 Cold Pleasure I 3:10
C3 Cold Pleasure II 3:38
C4 Border 2:52
C5 Painless 5:35
D1 Lost Control 4:20
D2 Nervestrain 3:01
D3 She Was Beautiful, Dead 3:39
D4 No-End Torture 4:53
D5 Electrocution 3:19
D6 Penetrate 2:49
E1 Once More 12:47
E2 A Quiet Night Of Muder 5:36
F1 Symphonie Morgue # 12 10:10
F2 I've No Idea What I'm Going To Do 8:30
New York Ripper / Black Slaughter
CD1-1 Sick Mind In N.Y. (Intro) 3:38
CD1-2 Into Your Guts 7:15
CD1-3 Hunting For Bitches 4:08
CD1-4 Ultimate Pleasure 1:30
CD1-5 Twistedblood 3:45
CD1-6 Childfucker 2:05
CD1-7 Gein's Lunch 3:02
CD1-8 New York Ripper (Theme) 4:06
CD1-9 Black Slaughter (Intro) 0:54
CD1-10 The Mind Of A Killer 7:48
CD1-11 Nekroskopik Examination 7:11
CD1-12 Morte 4:32
CD1-13 In Dahmer's Apartament 6:34
CD1-14 Necrosadism 7:48
CD1-15 Death For Company 5:51
CD1-16 Black Slaughter (Reprise) 0:52
Lesion 22 / Spasmosynthetics
CD2-1 Dead Pefection (Version 2) 3:40
CD2-2 Cold Pleasure I 3:10
CD2-3 Cold Pleasure II 3:38
CD2-4 Border 2:52
CD2-5 Painless 5:35
CD2-6 Lost Control 4:20
CD2-7 Nervestrain 3:01
CD2-8 She Was Beautiful, Dead 3:39
CD2-9 No-End Torture 4:53
CD2-10 Electrocution 3:19
CD2-11 Penetrate 2:49
CD2-12 Once More 12:47
CD2-13 A Quiet Night Of Murder 5:36
CD2-14 Symphonie Morgue # 12 10:10
CD2-15 I've No Idea What I'm Going To Do 8:30



New York Ripper: All tracks spitted in July 1994. Originally released on Slaughter Productions tape - SPT23
Lesion 22: Recorded between DEc. '95 and Aug. '96. Originally released on Less Than Zero tape - LTZ009
Spasmosynthetics: Tracks improvised on Halloween, 31/10/97. Originally released on Labyrinth tape - Maze 009

From the booklet: No changes of pitch or volume were made in the mastering process.

Box comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on Fedrigoni constellation black cardboard and include inside:
: three records on 140 gr pure black vinyl with total black label and black inner sleeve w/polybag padded
: three deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve with different new artwork for each title
: each single record inside box package in a clear plastic sleeve to protect from shelf wear and damage
: two professionals cd (not cd-r) that include all tracks of Lps plus all tracks from AM_Black Slaughter
: sixteen pages booklet in A5 size, with credits, replica of original tape artwork and more
: all tracks remastered for this releases
: vinyl pressed in Germany and box + cover hand made in Italy for best quality
All parts carefully assembled at Urashima headquarter and box hand numbered in 199 copies