Theo Parrish - I Can Take It sakke

December 6, 2019

On my original 2001 copy of this record, "I Can Take It" is only 10:12 long. Never had the repress, so I can't compare.

Theo Parrish - I Can Take It collections

January 12, 2019
Creating subtle yet hard-hitting club bangers must be the bravest route to traverse for the electronic production artist. But when it bangs as hard as this, nobody can deny it's quality

Theo Parrish - I Can Take It jesu83

June 8, 2015
The releases were actually separate and someone decided it was a good idea to merge them because the records looked the same (!!!). Now we have a real mess for anyone looking to buy originals.

Theo Parrish - I Can Take It danisfall

July 29, 2017
my repress artwork isnt pixelated.. . . . . . .

Theo Parrish - I Can Take It DetroitBootyBass

March 17, 2016

The Reissue/Repress isn't identical. The original was a better sounding pressing (and, yes, I've owned both) from a different plant... the reissue's artwork is a cheap, pixelated photo of the original's label.

Theo Parrish - I Can Take It inspector.godot

September 18, 2015
edited over 5 years ago

Why would anyone wish to buy the original, if the repress is identical? I really don't get it...

Theo Parrish - I Can Take It Fals

May 11, 2014
people say when you drop a stone into "I Can Take It" it never hits bottom...

That's how deep it is.

Theo Parrish - I Can Take It as reviewed by pipecock

August 11, 2005
edited over 16 years ago

For "I Can Take It", Theo brought Dwele in to redo the vocals from Recloose's "I Can't Take It". The result is possibly even better than the original. This is straight up voodoo house music, Dwele's looped scatting and plaintive proclamations of "I can't take it no more...." set the stage for twisted Rhodes chords and eventually a devastatingly deep bassline that will hammer on deep dancefloors. Theo's insane asylum for drum machines hi-hats drop in for added flavor. "Sawala Sayale" continues the voodoo vibes with a groove based entirely on nasty loops of hand claps and chanting. This is what real tribal house music sounds like.

Theo Parrish - I Can Take It Geile-Scheibe

January 13, 2012
edited over 9 years ago
gosh i have i really had this in my collection since 2001? this ep is definitely one of the deepest. forget the references to voodoo etc...
it's just damn fine deep, and spiritual minimal, yet so much is going on.