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VariousSubtle Hints

Label:Sane Records – SANE 001
Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Style:New Wave, Synth-pop, Minimal


A1Squid DiddleyAlways There
A2Chain Of CommandSome Aspects
A3Mon AmourAlways Tomorrow's Rain
A4My Pierrot DollsMy Pierrot Dolls
Recorded By [Uncredited]Ken Patten
A5Hidden PleasureBeautiful Lady
A6This Side Of ParadiseWitchcraft
A7Ad AstraA&R
B1Time StatuesStatue Of The Night
B2Picture BookSuccess
B3Ind-XIf It Happened To You
B4SynchronizationPseudo Rich
B5New Vices For The JadedFollow Careers In Modern Love
B6Art InterfaceBeneath The Calm
B7My Pierrot DollsPicture In Oils
Recorded By [Uncredited]Ken Patten

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  • Record CompanySRT – X83CUS1764


"14 Electropop Trax from "undiscovered" new bands."

Came with poster.


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Subtle Hints is to feature on Our Friends Electric on NMFM 106.6 in the coming weeks. Check out Ad Astra- Remorse or Regret.
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Edited one year ago
'Subtle Hints' is the holy grail of the electro-pop/minimal synth genre. Ever growing in popularity this brilliant and highly sought-after compilation LP is highly prized amongst collectors of rare vinyl. This unique snapshot of early 80s creativity has had many a listener question why the obvious potential within those spiral grooves was never realised? Those that have read Louis Barfe's "Where have all the good times gone? the rise and fall of the record industry" may have part of the answer the other part has always existed in Ad Astra's track (the light years ahead of its time) "A&R".

This rare compilation is proof how much music is there to discover. 'Subtle Hints' is a collection of Electropop, Post-Punk, and New Wave bands, some of them who appeared exclusively in this compilation. Most of the songs are demos but they all sound clean and pristine. Lots of hidden gems in here and some bands actually released some albums after this: Art Interface, My Pierrot Dolls. Ad Astra released a single.....I think that's about it. My point is that this compilation is great. Mon Amour "Always Tomorrow's Rain", Hidden Pleasure "Beautiful Lady", Time Statues "Statue of the Night", New Vices for the Jaded (Such a kickass name!) "Follow Careers in Modern Love", Squid Diddley "Always There", My Pierrot Dolls "My Pierrot Dolls". It's a shame when such good music is overlooked and garbage is praised on the radio or whatever. But it's out there waiting to be heard. So take that first step and look for it. Try looking for this comp on the internet seeing how it's long out of print. Most of these bands never made it big but for one moment they managed to belt out one or two songs and they came out with some fucking great tunes. Check it out!
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Does anyone have a scan of the 'poster'? Or does this refer to the two page A4 press release insert?