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Chez N Trent - Prescription Underground EP album cover

Chez N TrentPrescription Underground EP

Label:Prescription – PRES103
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Style:Deep House


Vocals [Uncredited]Ani



Side A is a mix of The Choice which came out on KMS.
Side B is the vocal mix of Morning Factory, an instrumental mix of which is found on The Grand Lodge of Luxor (Thebes) EP.

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Prescription Underground EP (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP)PrescriptionPRES103US1994
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Prescription Underground EP (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Clear Brown)PrescriptionPRES 103US1994
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Prescription Underground EP (12", 45 RPM, EP, Sampler, White Label)Rush Hour (4), PrescriptionRH RSS 20 XXX, PRES 103Netherlands2015
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Prescription Underground EP (12", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label)PrescriptionPRES103USUnknown


xza23's avatar
This record should be in any house collection, a classic!
keyaccount's avatar
the classic of the classics
scannypack's avatar
Amazing record. Repress please!!!
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For those looking for it, the version of 'choice' much sought after on this record is on the vinyl SE03, which is at the time of writing, widely available. If I've got this wrong let me now and I will remove.
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Great record...but the prices W.T.F!!! Appreciation is everything...but none of the artists get this money, so why bother paying all that money when you can get it for free on p2p sites? I think if I was the artist, and I was going to lose money, I would prefer you people get it for free on p2p sites rather than pay a fortune to some bullshit merchants playing off people's vinyl addictions. I get the addiction, I had it myself, but it's just material BS. Music is music, and the analogue quality of vinyl is practically indistinguishable from lose-less files now, and if you're a DJ, why not switch to Vinyl Scratch or Tracktor. House was always about kicking against the pricks: Is this whoarding reflex that the rip-off merchants play off in-keeping? Personally, I think it's exactly the opposite. I appreciate this site a lot as a great reference tool, but the money side irks me, especially when it doesn't go to the people that deserve it the most.
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To add to the already great reviews is that this mix of the choice appears on the intro of Dj Spun's spun out vol. 1. A great mix tape btw. Here is a link to side A:
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Edited 10 years ago
I was thinking the other day that this was maybe the first proper house record I bought, but then I remembered buying 'Jack Your Body' in '87 or whatever. I was eleven! dunt it fly?
chicago_son's avatar
The Choice used to send shivers up my spine.
When that bass kicks in on a proper system, you have met your maker...
There are several versions including one that features a vocal over this production and another more "clubby" production but it is this instrumental with the "you might even find that you're happy" line in the break that kills it.

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Edited 15 years ago
This (along with Holy Ghost Inc's 'A Walk on Air') is probably my favorite deep house record of all time. Right as the sun is about to rise, put this record on and the experience will turn into a beautiful memory right before your very eyes... deep synths, a vocal compelling you to "put your hand in my flame" that manages to be alluring without being cheesy -- it's a perfect way to end the night.