O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea DDelcone

August 23, 2018
bassline sounds like Sucker Dj's - lotta lovin ..

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea Eaten_Oedipus

January 7, 2017
anyone would know which song the b-side is based on?

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea jorisheijkant

February 2, 2017

Also sampled by Lapti around the same time in the last song of this LP: https://soundcloud.com/gost-zvuk-records/gost004

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea Black_Footpath

January 11, 2017

Magical Ring (Jean-Pierre Decerf & James Ivane) - Sight on the Sea

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea QuantumRealm

December 3, 2016
FUck man, these prices :( I really want this record it's SO GOOD

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea Persillade

October 8, 2016
Hahahaha sold for 120 euro's, thats insane. Seller must be laughing for weeks now

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea kflynt

September 19, 2016
What's your problem with people selling at high prices? Just don't buy.

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea thomas.dandjinou

September 7, 2016
From Nous'Klaer : "we won't do a repress because it are edits.. this means we can't make more or there might be issues with the original copyright holders. The prices or discogs are way too much.. I'm sorry about that but we can't do anything about it now."

Please people, don't feed the sharks.

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea thore.kayser

March 1, 2017
they can discogs block this item for sale, tho. other label are doing so in this sample vs. rights sitatuion (TTJ Edits for example)

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea 23cacti

November 29, 2016
exactly. if it's a vinyl only release (which this is), then it doesn't really matter how many they do, I bet this wouldn't sell 10K copies even if they were available.
if they did another 300, no one in the world would care and everyone who wants this would be able to get it.

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea Eti.Ba

September 23, 2016
hum, they better say that they just don't want to repress it. The Stamp edits based on Sade were repressed

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea nilecniv

August 21, 2016
To the guy selling for €350.00... You're really messed up.

O.C. (9) - Loving/Sight To Sea maxisreal

June 1, 2016

dont sleep on this one. two superb edits by the super talented oceanic, who was also part of malawi together with job jobse and luc mast (programmer of de school).