Godspeed You Black Emperor!F♯ A♯ ∞

Label:Constellation – CST 003
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
Style:Post Rock


ANervous, Sad, Poor...20:48
BBleak, Uncertain, Beautiful...17:37

Companies, etc.



The album was recorded May 1997 at the Hotel2Tango on a 16-track recorder. This initial run was limited to 500 numbered copies. The band name, album title, and image frame are debossed on the front cover. The handmade jacket is a deep purple cardstock. One of three glossy darkroom prints is glued onto the cover, whereas reissues use offset prints. The back cover includes a hand-drawn cross, catalog number, copy number (e.g. 297/500), and a stamped Constellation Records logo all in silver ink. A manila envelope with an acetone transfer on it is included. The envelope contains a Canadian penny flattened by a train, blueprint ("Faulty Schematics of Ruined Machine"), credit sheet, concert bill, and a card with purchasing information. Additionally, a silkscreen print of a locomotive with "For the Reverend Gary Davis" on the side is included. The vinyl label itself lacks any indication of what is on it, with the track titles and catalog number instead etched into the runout. The clear outer jacket sleeve has a sticker on it which reads "godspeed you black emperor! f#a#∞" in blue ink.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): CST 003-A / Nervous, Sad, Poor...
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): CST-003-B R-1 / Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful...

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F# A# ∞ (LP, Album, Reissue, Water Tower)Constellationcst003Canada1997
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F♯ A♯ ∞ (LP, Album, Reissue, Water Tower)Constellationcst003Canada1997
F♯ A♯ ∞ (LP, Album, Reissue, Road Sign)Constellationcst003Canada1997
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F# A# ∞ (LP, Album, Reissue, Water Tower)Constellationcst003Canada1997
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F# A# ∞ (LP, Album, Reissue, Water Tower. Train-Grey On Olive Green)Constellationcst003Canada1997



  • JDT1337's avatar
    Has anybody else noticed how some of these numbered copies have different handwriting on them than the others?
    • thepsyborg's avatar
      There is an absolutely stupid number of "versions" for this release, mostly varying according to the presence/absence and various colors of the different insert materials (which vary widely, randomly, and without significance). As far as I can tell, there are only five distinguishable versions, each with three cover image variants and countless insert permutations:

      84955: 1997 original hand-numbered release (out of 500) with photograph cover (all other releases have prints on the cover). Water Tower, Road Sign, and Train variants all exist, but do not have separate Discogs pages.

      Reissue; runouts: "CST-003-A ✳︎ 4070.1 Nervous, Sad, Poor..." and "CST-003-B A 4070.2 Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful..."
      (Water Tower) 3779453 "version 1", 4117512, 7598247, 8127761, 8915572, 9847040, 12416562 (not a limited edition), 15365498, 24447515
      (Road Sign) 4031284, 21472372
      (Train) 1093854

      Reissue; runouts: "CST-003-A ✳︎ Nervous, Sad, Poor..." and "CST-003-B A Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful..."
      (Water Tower) 3779453 "version 2", 4262767, 8223464, 11415780 (not a misprint), 20648284
      (Road Sign) 6770817 "variant 1"
      (Train) 8572769

      Reissue; runouts: "CST 003-A Nervous, Sad, Poor..." and "CST-003-B R-1 Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful..."
      (Water Tower) 12919511, probably 17365909
      (Road Sign) 6770817 "variant 2", 14392431
      (Train) no extant discogs release for this variant; it may or may not (but probably does) exist physically
      17365909 is supposedly a "limited edition" with a sparkly train print. I believe this to be just another of the many, many, many ink & cardstock combinations that have been used for the insert materials over the years, rather than a discrete limited release that was sold as such; if anyone can provide evidence one way or the other I would appreciate it.

      Reissue, 2018 remaster, 180g; runouts: "CST-003-A V1255538-A Nervous, sad, poor..." and "CST-003-B V1255538-B Bleak, uncertain, beautiful..."
      (Water Tower) 11945665
      (Road Sign) 11945675
      (Train) 13271532

      I believe the REDUNDANT RELEASES SHOULD BE MERGED, and the use of the "notes" field encouraged for members to indicate the presence/absence and color or variant of the various insert materials. Before actually attempting to do so, I would appreciate input from other users regarding whether to leave the cover variants as discrete discogs releases, or merge them also.
      • primitivkeller's avatar
        I love Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I love Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
        • thepsyborg's avatar
          Edited 2 years ago
          There's really only three versions of this: the numbered first 500 with the glued photograph, the every-other-reissue (it's never gone out of print) with the glued digital print, and the longer CD cut. This ABSOLUTE FARCE of generating new versions for every possible combination and permutation of inserts has gotten way out of hand and needs to stop. At absolute minimum, these should all be merged into one release per cover image for the numbered version and one for the mass release; personally, I'd favor rolling them *all* into two releases, one for the numbered and one for everything later.

          Most of the existing "versions" differ only among the following:

          > cover image (train, water tower, or road sign), and presence or absence and print color and paper color of each of the goodie-bag items from the manila envelope,
          > penny flattened by a train [US, Canadian, or missing],
          > "Faulty Schematics of Ruined Machine" blueprint [white on black or several shades of blue],
          > Credits/The Story Thus Far [black on any of NUMEROUS colors or on white]
          > REPENT! concert handbill [black on any of NUMERSOUS colors or on white]
          > Locomotive screeenprint [black on any of NUMEROUS colors or on white]
          > Constellation Records merch flyer and/or mail-order form [presence or absence]
          • sccitylhh's avatar
            Found 19/500 in Montreal. No inserts, but hell I'll take it.
            • jotabosch's avatar
              I wonder why NONE of the - at the time of writing - 22 different vinyl versions mentions that Side B ends on a locked groove.

              ...Or it doesn't??
              • Fadedsun's avatar
                Is the LP version not the same album? The tracks look entirely different. I don't want to pick this up, and have it not be the album I'm used to hearing.
                • Punkteacher's avatar
                  There are only 500 of these in existence, so how do 1581 people have this? Please check your version. Obviously more people are wrong about this than right.
                  • fonzie9's avatar
                    Someone told me Kranky released the vinyl version as a digital download. Does anyone know the whereabouts, how to get it?
                    • BinaryAstro's avatar
                      Too bad that streaming platforms only have the CD version. The vinyl is a unique experience, kind of the the director's cut of a movie (although if anything the CD is the final version).


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