Various - Cassettencombinat West-Berlin 1980 - 81 ephre

August 12, 2020
Yeah, that's not how it works, but this is a really good comp.

Various - Cassettencombinat West-Berlin 1980 - 81 as reviewed by elizabeththefirst

July 30, 2010

You can stick your Krautrock where ever it best fits it's the junction of DDR Punk, Electronics and Anarchic Musical Experimentation that matters most in terms of German Experimental/ Popular Music and this box set offers a comprehensive overview of one key label.

As important as anything by Asmus Tietchens and a hell of allot more important than a shelf full of Can albums. Highly recommended.

Various - Cassettencombinat West-Berlin 1980 - 81 thirstyneedle

January 24, 2017
As much as I am with you in prefering the more experimental side I think that you may forget that most of the artists who come in mind certainly got their inspiration from what you now judge to be useless. That doesn't make sense to me. I won't throw away my Can records, they coexist nicely with AG Geige and Schleimkeim. I threw away most of Klaus Schulze though ;)