DJ Deep - Cuts Volume 2 User00

July 10, 2017
Currently available on for 10 bucks if you're quick enough :)

DJ Deep - Cuts Volume 2 k.brown

July 20, 2017
Thanks for the reminder.
Repress is in the bag :) !

DJ Deep - Cuts Volume 2 dopamean

July 11, 2017
I was quick enough... Still had to pay through the teeth for shipping to Texas though.

DJ Deep - Cuts Volume 2 djseen1970

June 9, 2017
edited 4 months ago
As per below, I actually work with vinyl manufacturing and just spoke to one of the distributors. There's a repress coming in the next month or so... so wait and save your pennies, don't waste it on these ridiculous prices !!!

DJ Deep - Cuts Volume 2 MrFonktrain

June 1, 2017
DJ Deep today on Facebook: Thank you for all the enthusiasm on my "Cuts Vol2 ep" release on Deeply Rooted it has been out of press for just enough time for some Discogs vultures :) to ask for quite a lot of money for it. The way things work today is that Distributors won't repress a record untill they see enough "reorders" coming in from shops around the world, so if you need a copy please kindly go either to the source: or to any of your favorite stores !!!

DJ Deep - Cuts Volume 2 ceda206

April 26, 2017
This record really is top notch but how how come it went for about 13 Euros in average and now people on here are trying to sell it for crazy money? A repress would be highly appreciated!

DJ Deep - Cuts Volume 2 aarman

February 16, 2017
'Stressed' represents the best strain of techno I know. There is indeed something about the variation and rhythmical hyperstimulus that flips my switch. Then, as if you weren't wired enough, you get the potently low slung 2-step techno banger 'Steps' on the other side; a piece of secret technology engineered to demolish dancefloors world wide.