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    Richie HawtinSlices - Pioneers Of Electronic Music - Vol. I - A Documentary Film About Richie Hawtin

    Label:Electronic Beats – EB-DVD-SP001
    DVD, DVD-Video, PAL, DVD 9, Dolby Digital 2.0, Region-Code Free
    Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
    Style:Interview, Techno, Minimal


    1No ArtistA Documentary Film About Richie Hawtin1:07:00
    2No ArtistExtra Interview Parts29:00
    3CybersonikCybersonik Live Gig 19907:10
    4PlastikmanPlastique (Video)4:40


    • Artwork By [Artwork, Layout, Screendesign]Die Krieger des Lichts.brave communications -
    • CameramanPatrick Protz, Sonja Ewald, Sven Müller
    • Film Director [Direction]Holger Wick, Maren Sextro
    • Film Producer [Production & Realisation]Holger Wick
    • InterviewerMaren Sextro
    • Other [Color Correction]Sebastian Kerz
    • Other [Contributor]Amir Daiza, Brenda & Mick Hawtin, Clark Warner, Daniel Miller, Derrick May, Jason Huvaere, John Acquaviva, Karl Kowalski, Kevin Saunderson, Magdalena Chojnacka, Matthew Hawtin, Mike Banks, Mike Himes, Richie Hawtin, Scott Gordon, Sven Väth
    • Other [Production Manager, Transportation Coordinator]Timothy Price, Detroit
    • Other [Text Editor]Elke Schützhold, Maren Sextro
    • Other [Translation]Marianne Graffam, Stephan Hamacher, Yuki Iwamoto, Zoraya López
    • Other [Video Archive]Ali M. Demirel, Matthew Hawtin, Minus Records, Mute Records, Patrick Ense, Richie Hawtin, Slices
    • Other [Voice Over Recordings]Christian Wilmes (Concept AV Berlin), Mark Fischer (Media Atelier Mainz)
    • Photography [Cover Photo]Lars Borges
    • Photography [Photo Archive]Brenda & Mick Hawtin, Clark Warner, Eddie Richards, John Acquaviva, Patrick Ense, Richie Hawtin, Slim Smith, Timothy Price
    • Producer [Audio Postproduction]Mark Fischer, Peer Hoffmann
    • Video Editor [Editor]Klara Mottlova


    Produced by Sense Music & Media
    © 2006 Media Atelier GmbH
    Languages: German / English / Spanish / Japanese
    Total duration: 108 min.

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    Slices Special: Pioneers Of Electronic Music - Vol I (A Documentary Film About Richie Hawtin) (DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, DVD 9, Dolby Digital 2.0, Region-Code Free)Electronic BeatsEB-DVD-SP001Germany2006


    maroko's avatar
    Regardless of how you look at it, this is an interesting watch. In a mere 67 minute time period, plenty of footage, old private photos and recordings of parties at Detroit's old and seminal venues are shown, this is as good of a peak inside the life and career of Richie Hawtin as any we are likely to get. Featuring interviews and comments from Richie's family, Derrick May, Magda, Sven Vath and plenty others, the perspective about his musical output and body work is given from more points of view. Naturally, a vast majority of this documentary focuses on his early days, including pretty detailed descriptions about the origin of Plus 8, his earliest productions with John Acquaviva and the Plastikman boom. Personally, I enjoyed the most all the various videos from private crates, as I really didn't need another history lesson about his pivotal early output.
    His Concept series is given some space as well, although (justifiably so), nothing is covered as much as Plastikman moniker, which, keeping in mind where it brough him, might be a reasonable chioce since it is, after all, a one hour documentary. That said, I was let down by not including more depth about his FUSE productions, which in my opinion rank amongst his finest and most important contributions to electronic music. Also, I missed some insight about how he came to the idea of creating and fully developping his "DE | 9" concept, which is basically completely ignored, despite being of extremely high importance. However, one could argue that it has been left out since it was partly covered in the DVD extras section of the Transitions installment of the aforementioned series.
    Overall, this is a compulsory watch. My bet is that everyone will find something they miss in this documentary, and something they wanted to see more of, so I am no exception, but for a competent overlook of his career, I deem this a must. Covering everything from his early life, his dad's fascination with electronics, his early excursions to Detroit's parties, the difficulties he encountered while trying to gain a reputation, and how he started Plus 8 with John Acquaviva's credit cards, all the way to his current residence in Berlin - this will keep you interested throughout. There is a lot to cover and say in a little more than one hour, so naturally certain parts of his life have been left out or compressed. Despite of it all, bottom line is that I can claim I don't fell cheated after having watched this one. It may not be thought provoking or insightful, but how can it be if it was to be told in sixty seven minutes? Watch it!