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    Extreme (2), Nuno BettencourtMP3 Collection (Новая Коллекция)

    Label:Digital Records (6) – none, Tempstar Records – none
    Series:Новая Коллекция (2)
    CDr, CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release, MP3, 192 kbps
    Style:Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, AOR


    1989 - Extreme
    1Extreme (2)Little Girls
    2Extreme (2)Wind Me Up
    3Extreme (2)Kid Ego
    4Extreme (2)Watching, Waiting
    5Extreme (2)Mutha
    6Extreme (2)Teacher's Pet
    7Extreme (2)Big Boys Don't Cry
    8Extreme (2)Smoke Signals
    9Extreme (2)Flesh 'N' Blood
    10Extreme (2)Rock A Bye Bye
    11Extreme (2)Play With Me
    1990 - Pornograffitti
    12Extreme (2)Decadence Dance
    13Extreme (2)Li'l Jack Horny
    14Extreme (2)When I'm President
    15Extreme (2)Get The Funk Out
    16Extreme (2)More Than Words
    17Extreme (2)Money (In God We Trust)
    18Extreme (2)It ('s A Monster)
    19Extreme (2)Pornograffitti
    20Extreme (2)When I First Kissed You
    21Extreme (2)Suzi (Wants Her All Day What)
    22Extreme (2)He-Man Woman Hater
    23Extreme (2)Song For Love
    24Extreme (2)Hole Hearted
    1992 - 3 Sides To Every Story
    25Extreme (2)Warheads
    26Extreme (2)Rest In Peace
    27Extreme (2)Politicalamity
    28Extreme (2)Color Me Blind
    29Extreme (2)Cupid's Dead
    30Extreme (2)Peacemaker Die
    31Extreme (2)Seven Sundays
    32Extreme (2)Tragic Comic
    33Extreme (2)Our Father
    34Extreme (2)Stop The World
    35Extreme (2)God Isn't Dead
    36Extreme (2)1 Rise 'N Shine, 2 Am I Ever Gonna Change, 3 Who Cares
    1995 - Waiting For The Punchline
    37Extreme (2)There Is No God
    38Extreme (2)Cynical
    39Extreme (2)Tell Me Something I Don't Know
    40Extreme (2)Hip Today
    41Extreme (2)Naked
    42Extreme (2)Midnight Express
    43Extreme (2)Leave Me Alone
    44Extreme (2)No Respect
    45Extreme (2)Evilangelist
    46Extreme (2)Shadow Boxing
    47Extreme (2)Unconditionally
    48Extreme (2)Fair-Weather Faith
    49Extreme (2)Waiting For The Punchline
    1998 - An Accidental Collication Of Atoms (The Best Of)
    50Extreme (2)Decadence Dance
    51Extreme (2)Rest In Peace
    52Extreme (2)Kid Ego
    53Extreme (2)Get The Funk Out
    54Extreme (2)Tragic Comic
    55Extreme (2)Hip Today
    56Extreme (2)Stop The World
    57Extreme (2)More Than Words
    58Extreme (2)Cupid's Dead (Horn Mix)
    59Extreme (2)Leave Me Alone
    60Extreme (2)Play With Me
    61Extreme (2)Hole Hearted
    62Extreme (2)Am I Ever Gonna Change
    1996 - Schizophonic
    63Nuno BettencourtGravity
    64Nuno BettencourtSwollen Princess
    65Nuno BettencourtCrave
    66Nuno BettencourtWhat You Want
    67Nuno BettencourtFallen Angels
    68Nuno Bettencourt2 Weeks In Dizkneelande
    69Nuno BettencourtPursuit Of Happiness
    70Nuno BettencourtFine By Me
    71Nuno BettencourtKarmalaa
    72Nuno BettencourtConfrontation
    73Nuno BettencourtNote On The Screen Door
    74Nuno BettencourtI Wonder
    75Nuno BettencourtGot To Have You
    76Nuno BettencourtYou
    77Nuno BettencourtSevered
    1998 - Mourning Widows
    78Nuno BettencourtAll Automatic
    79Nuno BettencourtPaint The Town Red
    80Nuno BettencourtThe Temp
    81Nuno BettencourtThe Air That You Breathe
    82Nuno BettencourtI Wanna Be Your Friend
    83Nuno BettencourtHotel Asylum
    84Nuno BettencourtOver & Out
    85Nuno BettencourtLove Is A Cigarette
    86Nuno BettencourtToo Late
    87Nuno BettencourtTrue Love In The Galaxy
    88Nuno BettencourtSex In A Jar
    89Nuno BettencourtAnd The Winner Is...
    2000 - Furnished Souls For Rent
    90Nuno BettencourtFurnished Souls For Rent
    91Nuno BettencourtNo Regrets
    92Nuno BettencourtUpsidedownside
    93Nuno BettencourtMonkey Paw
    94Nuno Bettencourt667
    95Nuno BettencourtSpace
    96Nuno BettencourtThe Swing
    97Nuno BettencourtFuck You
    98Nuno BettencourtWar Paint
    99Nuno BettencourtAngerexia

    Companies, etc.


    Disc contains shell with a player, m3u playlists.

    Also on CD-ROM:
    - "Picture" folder contains a small image gallery of the band
    - "Text" folder contains lyrics of the songs (in RTF format)

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode (Printed): 4 607018 002093
    • Barcode (Scanned): 4607018002093