Blacklight (6) - Daydream / Nooks & Crammies laird6875

November 12, 2014
Paul Oakenfold opened with this track in 2 of his 'World Tour' Essential Mixes in 1999 on Radio 1, Home & Liverpool Uni I think.
At the time it was listed as Vortex - 'Vortex', but it was definitely this track. Special track indeed.

Blacklight (6) - Daydream / Nooks & Crammies Adamogreat

August 6, 2019

Hell yeah I had multiple copies of that mix. My dad found a bunch of CDs at work and the only track that worked was number one... I’m so glad that at least it was a really good song... I spent multiple years looking for this...

Blacklight (6) - Daydream / Nooks & Crammies as reviewed by zmveliger

November 14, 2012
edited over 8 years ago

In 2002, a good friend of mine insisted that I should take a few minutes to listen to his new CD: Trance Plant Session 0.02 (which is one of the best compilation I ever eared btw). He skipped the first track and...

As a DJ and music lover, I've been playing all kind of music but not much of trance. "Daydream" changed it all. After more than a decade, it's still, and by far, my favorite trance anthem. Electronic "choirs" usually sound too synthetic but it's not the case here. The effect is stunning and very haunting. That song traveled with me on many continents. Fantastic for dancing, driving, relaxing, meditating, looking at the scenery through a bus window, walking in a forest or the Sahara desert...

It's obviously not the most popular trance track around but it's a cheap ticket for a fantastic journey for your mind.