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Camille Sauvage7 Drums Concerto

Label:Mondiophone – MON 34, Crea Sound Ltd. – 46533
Vinyl, LP
Genre:Electronic, Jazz
Style:Space-Age, Abstract, Experimental


7 Drums Concerto
A1a) Le Cycle Infernal1:36
A2b) Polypheme4:21
A3c) Electrocution2:44
A4d) Les Cloches De La Mort2:33
A5e) Marche Au Néant2:12
A6Les Envahisseurs3:06
B1Knockin' Bells3:04
B4Ballet Vaudou2:16
B5Funny Seven3:05
B6Magic Timpani3:06

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Subtitle: Insolite - Unusual
Instrumentation: Percussions - Special electronic effects - Ondes Martenot - Fluegelhorn - Voices - Flutes - Harp - Clarinets - Organ - Brass choir.


ragazzodoro's profile picture
It is time to put the pieces together and with this album we can build up what I called the Roger-Nardini "Sauvage Trilogy" since an attentive listening and back cover details reading care led us to know that this record is the second step of the trilogy of the cooperation of the two French Master with another important author wich here gives his alias as main author but the entire Trilogy mentioned above can be credited fully to roger Nardini with the help of Camile sauvage alias Eric Framond , big friend of them, taking the multiple clarinettees sound duty and some additional orchestra soundings.
The first chapter of the "Sauvage trilogy" is the Mondiophone record MON 28 "Delirium tremens" and the last is the Montparnasse 90 label "Circus Parade".
I do not know what hereled to name these three records after Framond alias but here we found an output important that has three steps forward in musical panorama: anguish and terror with "Delirium Tremens", apocalyptic drumming experimentation with this one and the funny Circus relief with the latest one.

Reviewing this " 7 drums concerto " is to consider one of the best library inside Crea Sound and work of Nardini and Roger, just because we have here a programatic ensemble of 7 different drum set (clearly reported on back cover) and a wide array of devilish sound trickery from wood block to electronic sources and synths plus cymbals ,xilophones, pipes, and Temple (wood )Blocks and metallic chains ,gongs,rattles, penny whistle, pedal tympani,bells,wind chimes, tumbas and mainly multiple bass clarinettes, 2 flutes ,harp,martenot,fluegelhorn,organ electronic sounds.
So this is a program, a real big sound program fullfilled at STUDIO GANARO and this is a better trace to know what is about this record.

I would to say primarly that music here is wild and kind of exotic due to strumentation, like a mantra rite of aborigens, kind of primitive at firts sight.
But then the track follows each other with a particular own program poetry of discovering chaos and order, religion and faith.
There are some really big experimental moments of multiple jazz like noise chaos and other much more song-like atmopheric tracks.

One of the most important libray record with a personal identity wich lead us into some new music modern steps.

Still kickin' these days!