JahYuCircumfluent Spirits EP

Label:Tripedal Crow Records – TCR001
Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition
Genre:Electronic, Reggae
Style:Dub, Dubstep


A1Angkor Wat4:52
A2Forces of Nature5:20
B2Wing Beat4:53


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    JahYu, the German musician known for his stellar dub music released on the highly respected Steppas and Trigramserie, would like to extend his love for dub and dubstep music through his newly established Tripedal Crow imprint.
    This allows the producer to transport the balance of earth-shaking bass, drums and authentic melodies - a Universal Sound that is rootikal, conscious, diverse and specifically made for sound systems.As founder, JahYu aims at exhibiting his interpretation of 'Universal Sound In The Lineage Of The Sun'. The spiritual message that is embedded in each cut of the 'Circumfluent Spirits' EP signifies that music is a way to achieve inner harmony and to feel the balance in all living things.
    The Tripedal Crow symbolizes the sun in ancient Korean history and goes peacefully with Roots & Culture. To keep the message in the music and the music in the message, it contains the both Asian and Rastafarian culture rooted idea of unity. Each cut also holds the balance of the soft Yin and the hard Yang: The hard Yang tone takes the spiritual, the soft Yin tone the entertaining and appeasing part.
    'Angkor Wat' opens smoothly, whistling itself through a wistful landscape of Asian bass & organics. JahYu submits his signature sound that will compel true lovers of dub. The four elements of nature come alive in 'Forces of Nature', as listeners are engulfed in bass, love and earth-binding spiritualism. 'Karma' is equally as meditative, hypnotising dub fanatics with flutes, booming drum work and intelligent panning techniques. 'Wing Beat' closes down 'TCR001' with truly glorious dub programming, highlighting peace, unity and Korean history together.
    The first Tripedal Crow chapter released on both physical and digital format underlines forward thinking music that holds a both conscious and subliminal message. JahYu's 'Circumfluent Sprits' EP reveals this in its purest form, making 'TCR001' a release anyone should relive on a proper sound system. Experience the 'Universal Sound In The Lineage Of The Sun'.
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      5/5 one of my favorites releases of 2015/16 !! nice vibes !!


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