Richard Wahnfried - Tonwelle sevendubwarrior

August 1, 2021
to my taste Kraftwerk and those do not match the creativity of some Klaus Schulze early before 84 produktions........this one is a great- as some Schulze himself , Robert Schröder and more to dig on IC the early stuff.

Richard Wahnfried - Tonwelle MB-Daniel

January 12, 2021
edited 7 months ago
It is good to see others experimenting with the vinyl speed on the Schwing track it does actually work at 33rpm or 45rpm or something in between. Very C Santana esq guitar playing by K Wahnfried at 45rpm, said to be him of course. But of course on his next offering K Wahfriend had dropped his guitar to be keyboardist, so the mystery remains. However, Slow it down a peg and you will be fooled again. This experimental inventive side to German music started disappearing shortly after this sadly

Richard Wahnfried - Tonwelle as reviewed by Mr.strange

September 24, 2012
my favourit with the secret guitarist 'Carlos Santana' playing his best on bleu monday!
and another,if the record (KLAUS)says 45rpm this means 45rpm!you may enjoy this on other speed standarts if you like this,freedom of thinking!

Richard Wahnfried - Tonwelle as reviewed by missingchannel

January 1, 2006
edited over 16 years ago
I do not know exactly in which speed track A "Schwung" must to be played. On the label is a small 45 but I normally play it in 33rpm. In 45 the vocals are in a good tune but the beat is too fast and a bit high. In 33 the beat is on a good tempo but the vocals are in a low tune. I personally play it in 33 and pitch it up on +4%. By the way it is an ingenious track in good wahnfried manners!

Richard Wahnfried - Tonwelle voxvom

April 15, 2012
There was a typo on the label. 2012 cd reissue has two discs, one at each speed.