Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance IvanThorr

April 12, 2018
I agree with the first 2 comments. These reissues are very good, they have great sonic quality, they are very old and I think they are similar to the originals and they are accessible. Very analogical. Go ahead!
Now, the sound is not perfect because the original recording is not perfect. This must be understood by those who buy the album in vinyl version.

Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance rush4you

March 19, 2017
"Their eponymous debut album of 1984, the 2016 LP version of Dead Can Dance is a repress of the original release."
so this has to be closer to the original..sounds good.

Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance Lucidiot

March 18, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
Do not listen to the vocal minority complaining about the low quality of the 2016/2017 reissues of the Dead Can Dance albums. I have a few of them and they sound and look excellent. Faithful to original pressings (I have a couple to compare) very clean sound on the LP's themselves. If you want to own the DcD albums on vinyl, do not think twice about buying these reissues. They are very good.

Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance jdewdney

February 27, 2017
disappointing reissue - sounds SUSPICOUSLY like the CD release and not the original album in my opinion. I suspect it was cut from the digital files of the CD release...

Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance GalaxyExplorer

March 3, 2017
It's alright. I'm not an anti-digital person, but I agree, this record does not sound wonderful. Frankly it sounds better on Youtube.