Inon ZurFallout 4 (Soundtrack)

Label:Spacelab9 – SL9-2034-1-8
6 x Vinyl, LP, Blue
Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Special Edition
Genre:Electronic, Stage & Screen
Style:Score, Soundtrack, Ambient, Modern Classical, Video Game Music


A1Main Theme3:02
A2The Commonwealth4:10
A3Of Green and Gray4:46
A4Portal to the Past3:37
A6Combat Ready2:02
B1Deeper and Darker3:45
B2Wandering - The Blasted Forest, Pt. 11:29
B3Bright Calling4:58
B4Of The People, For The People5:01
B5Hope Remains4:19
C1Wandering - The Blasted Forest, Pt. 21:58
C2Predator And Prey2:06
C3War In The Wastes3:09
C4Time To Die2:13
C6Wandering - The City, Pt. 12:55
C7Rebuild, Renew6:11
D1Concrete Mysteries4:23
D2Tread Carefully4:37
D3The Infiltrator2:23
D4No Quarter2:54
D5Wandering - The City, Pt. 22:28
E1The Vigilant3:36
E2The Warlord1:43
E3Red Brick, Broken4:22
E4Lonely Walls4:16
E5Wandering - The City, Pt. 33:51
E6Regrouped, Reloaded2:06
F1V.A.T.S. Or Die2:19
F2Wandering - The Foothills, Pt. 13:52
F3Darkness Falls4:20
F4War Of Wills3:20
F5Wandering - The Foothills, Pt. 22:21
G1Only One Survives2:06
G2A Critical Chance1:57
G3Dust & Danger3:21
G4Liberty Lives3:18
G5Lost Boston3:58
G6Wandering - The Foothills, Pt. 32:27
H1Honor & Steel4:15
H2We Are Unstoppable2:05
H3Dominant Species2:01
H4Explore And Discover4:28
H5Wandering - The Glowing Sea Pt. 13:28
H6The Stars My Solace4:16
I1Imagine Utopia2:52
I2Lone Wandering4:23
I3Wandering - The Glowing Sea Pt. 22:05
I4The Last Mariner5:24
J1Echoes Of The Dead2:07
J2Enough Is Enough2:17
J3Wandering - The Coast, Pt. 11:54
J4Humanity's Hope3:05
J5Endless Ocean, Endless Dreams5:33
K1No Voices, No Cries2:12
K2Wandering - The Coast, Pt. 23:56
K3Covert Action3:33
K4Rise And Prevail2:14
K5No More Sails4:19
L1Wandering - The Coast, Pt. 33:33
L2In This Together4:46
L3Still Standing4:02
L4Science & Secrecy3:57
L5Fallout 4 Main Theme ('Spinner' Mix)2:49


Limited to 3,000 copies.

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
New Submission
Fallout 4 Special Edition Vinyl Soundtrack (LP, Album, Picture Disc)Spacelab9SL9-2032-1-0US2016
New Submission
Fallout 4 (Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack) (Box Set, Album, Limited Edition, Special Edition, 6×LP, Nuka Cherry)Spacelab9SL9-2034-1-8US2019
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Fallout 4 (Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack) (Box Set, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, 6×LP, Nuka Cola Quantum)Spacelab9SL9-2034-1-8US2019
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Fallout 4 (Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack) (Box Set, Album, Limited Edition, Special Edition, 6×LP, Orange / White Swirl)Spacelab9SL9-2034-1-8US2019


  • jm11744's avatar
    Just got this (blue vinyl). Listening to it now. Definitely not the worst record I've ever heard. There is some annoying surface noise and pops in certain quiet parts that are annoying. Still, not a bad release.
    • roshon55901's avatar
      Edited 4 years ago
      Spacelab9 has represses live right now as well as the Bethesda site
      • FLauridsen's avatar
        Spacelab9 have confirmed a repress of this for 2019, so don't pay flipper prices unless you really want the first pressing.
        • Dark-Lucifer's avatar
          Edited 4 years ago
          One of the coolest designed vinyls I have ever seen. The quality of the vinyl sound is pretty meh. The music itself is ok. To be honest I think the Fallout 3 soundtrack was a lot more interesting and diverse. Many of the tracks here sound similar or are not that special anymore. I would discard half of the tracks as filler material. Bit disappointing to be honest. Still a very solid and fitting soundtrack never the less.
          • peterbourbon's avatar
            Really bad sound quality (muffled, no trebles, very pale) - and permanent annoying clicks and pops. Just bad luck or really one of the worst pressings I heard so far this year?



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